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Diversity Management

Diversity management means to constructively use the social diversity for the benefit of all, that is to combat discrimination and social exclusion and equal opportunities fordern.Ein company benefits from different types and characters when they use their strengths, skills and know-how.
Diversity management means that employers do not close candidates and employees of different origins, gender and age. For heterogeneous groups have diverse properties, the company should make to benefit.

For a company to succeed, its employees must work together well. The team structure, however, can be destroyed by the discrimination or exclusion of individuals or groups. However, this will not only be borne by the individual, but also, indirectly, to the detriment of the whole company.

To what groups is at stake?

Diversity management goes back to the grassroots movement from the United States of America.There in the 1960s, the women and the civil rights movement have acted together against discrimination.

Basically it is about each group and minority that is discriminated against or can be. Particularly the focus of diversity management are minorities, the basis of …

  • gender
  • Older
  • Ethnic group
  • disability
  • Appearance
  • lifestyle
  • sexual Orientation
  • Religion

… are discriminated against and excluded.

Not only tolerating but actively promote

Various studies show that a candidate with a foreign name with equivalent qualifications significantly fewer referrals for an interview will receive as a deutschnamiger competitor. This contradicts the diversity management.

Diversity management does not mean that the parties concerned are merely tolerated, but that they are consciously promoted professionally.

This offer is for a business opportunity to benefit from the special knowledge of minorities, such as language skills or a deep understanding of the culture of the country of a business partner, which in particular international companies coming to Good.

Diversity management provides opportunities for the company

If companies exclude individual minorities, they close themselves their potential and personal strengths. The team structure and the working atmosphere in a company usually are better where the employees feel comfortable. In corporate life practiced diversity management ultimately increases the motivation and the work performance of employees.

However, if employees have to meet an ideal type, they are concentrated and not develop their potential. Openness in a company on the other hand promotes employee creativity and a positive side aspect also the company’s image

Diversity – more diverse, creative and successful work

Diversity - more diverse, creative and successful work

Diversity is at this time a much used buzzword has landed in the personnel departments. But what exactly does it mean to live a diversity within the company?
And what are the benefits to employers and employees? Of course, everyone is different: origin, age, sex, religion, education, degree, family, experience abroad, etc. This diversity is in fact available, why not work with it and use it consciously?

Diversity - Teamwork without borders

Companies promote diversity

The term diversity reflects the principle of individual differences. A company that works with a diversity management, this diversity is not only tolerated, but encourages them specifically.

This also includes a high appreciation of all employees. Any discrimination is taboo.The employees should be able to develop freely and to include their personal experiences in the professional life.

But given it introduced a corporate culture in which employees tolerant and respectful to each other. That should be firmly anchored in the corporate philosophy and also lived. For example, a Diversity Manager appointed or Diversity Guidelines are written.

More and more companies also undertake by signing the ” Diversity Charter ” to profess recognition, appreciation and integration of diversity.

Advantages through diversity management for employers and employees

Entrepreneurs are hoping that active Diversity Management productive work results. They assume that different people consider different aspects and contribute. Work results are influenced by the viewpoints and expanded. The result, it benefits from the fact that one thing from different sides is illuminated.

Employees benefit from the fact that they learn from each other and they each extend through the collaboration their horizons.

Even Klaus Nathusius, Honorary Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Kassel calls mixed teams.

He says: ” It takes people with very different experience backgrounds. This is extremely undervalued. Founding teams are too often put together incredibly amateurish. There is often the founding team of people, of which one might assume it would be clones. No sign of heterogeneity . ”

How important it is for companies to have a diverse workforce, the following example shows: Busy owned as Americans, which facilitates access to the American market. With employees from different backgrounds they can authentically occur in the various target areas.

The employees are aware of the wishes and needs of their fellow countrymen and master the finer details of the language, which is extremely important in the communication with customers and business partners. Through their social experience they are able to know other ideas, other ways of thinking and perhaps even other approaches when working and problem solving.

Conclusion on Diversity

Diversity brings to an advantage for individual employees, because everyone is valued and can learn a lot from their colleagues. And secondly, the companies benefit because it exposes the potential of employees and thus the success of the company beneficial.

It also encourages employers attractiveness: Eer not interested in working in a place, which is characterized by tolerance and respect? Just!


“Diverse teams are more creative and find better solutions”

"Diverse teams are more creative and find better solutions"

Uta Menges, Diversity Leader of IBM in Germany, explains in an interview with us why IBM has signed the Diversity Charter, as IBM ensures diversity in the workforce, and the benefits of a lived diversity management both companies and customers.

Conclusion on DiversityHello Mrs. Menges, the diversity management scored in many companies for increased consideration, and also the federal government strongly advocates.Please describe us what diversity management is.

Diversity Management stands for the successful management of workforce diversity. There are different dimensions of diversity such as gender, disability, cultural background, age or sexual identity that make each person unique.

This management tool is used on the one hand, to engage in the context of social responsibility for equal opportunities, but also offers clear business benefits and is even more and more necessary to a company to thrive.

Since when the topic is currently on for you?

IBM has formulated a written company policy on equal treatment in the year 1953rd Today we have a worldwide diversity strategy. Over time, have gradually moved to the different dimensions of diversity in the social spotlight. In Germany, for example, currently by the law on registered partnership.

IBM Germany has also conceived by top companies Diversity Charter with signed. Why You agree with this charter?

The signatories are committed to creating a work environment that is free of prejudice and exclusion. Or in other words: We recognize the different talents in the workforce and integrate them in order finally to promote. In addition, we reserve already in the settings the diversity in mind and want to attract talent from all groups of the population for us.

What promises to IBM Germany from diversity management in the internal work process?

The successful integration of all employees through an open corporate culture increases the binding to us as an employer. In addition, the satisfaction and staff motivation increases. This example shows once again that also efficiency gains and cost reductions are possible in addition to the important social aspect.

Diverse teams are also creative and come to better solutions. This ultimately benefits our customers to the best, to their needs, we can respond better.

What escapes Companies In your opinion, if this the diversity management give no special attention?

Companies can not afford not to take into account the potential of different groups of employees it.a company can positively differentiate itself from other line through diversity measures.

How do you implement the objectives of the Charter of Diversity to work in practice?

We intend to increase the proportion of women among new hires continuously. In the human resources development, there are also a number of programs to promote, for example, women and prepare them for leadership positions.

In addition, we are talking topics such as homosexuality internal newsletter or Intranet. But even outside of IBM, we want to promote diversity and participate in conferences and networks.

If there is also a risk that some companies diversity management write image reasons on the flag, but it did not really live?

Diversity, like any corporate culture grow with substance. So it may be that companies are at different stages of development.

They are involved as part of a European higher education program in collaboration with the Freie Universität Berlin for visually impaired people. How sees this cooperation take?

We have entered into with the FU in December 2009 an “Academic Partnership”. This is a Europe-wide diversity program of IBM to support projects for people with disabilities at universities.

A working group at the Institute for computer science develops a computer reader to compensate for visual impairment. This is supported by IBM, so that student assistants may be employed. Another aspect is the expansion of internship offers for students with disabilities at IBM.

Our collaboration we celebrate with a kick-off event at the Free University. We present the project and want to encourage students with disabilities for internships to promote. Students can get on the date insight into the activities at IBM, ask questions and socialize.

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