Downshifting - back off a passage in Job

Downshifting is the idea to turn the job into a lower gear. A not so old proverb says: “We spend money, which we have not, for products that we do not need, to impress people we do not like.” And in order to finance this consumption, we need to work.Downshifting is an alternative model to this situation. Through a simpler life can be the credit culture deal and find the meaning of life beyond the career. Professional success is just not a sign of personal success, finally remains, especially in the higher positions less time for personal matters.

Downshifting - back off a passage in Job

More and more executives get their lost leisure over Downshifting zurück.Das but does not mean the complete withdrawal from the labor force. It is still under construction and consumed, but to a lesser extent.So it has nothing to do with an ascetic lifestyle, proponents are still living in makeshift huts in the forest.
Downshifting is rather an alternative way of life, although not completely breaks with the company.

Downshifting by less work or a lower position

The simplest means in Downshifting is to work less . Instead of regular 40 hour week is z. B. a 80 percent-point feasible. The day has thereby offer more and your goals appear much closer. It does not matter whether you go to the gym, volunteer work or a private project is attacking.Downshifting does not pretend what to do, but is more time available to even more things outside of work to machen.Wer uses the time “for themselves”, liberates new energies from which new power can be drawn.

An alternative would be a lower position . Who bears a lot of responsibility, works in most cases much and possibly even taking work home. Downshifting reduces high workloads and thus also reduces stress.

However, you should you be aware that Downshifting is still quite unusual in the world of work.Maybe meet a chief with incomprehension when you burst into his office tomorrow and make request only four working days for you. A transition in a job switch back may not be suitable for everyone. However, for new parents, it is definitely an alternative to to take care of their child. And for good reasons, most supervisors are also susceptible.

Tips for-felt Downshifting

Especially at the beginning of the career Downshifting is not always useful. No boss will like to hear when the newly hired trainee screams for less work. Some would understandably partout not waive a portion of the salary. Therefore, here are some tips together to have more time for themselves and still give full throttle at work. , Downshifting light ‘, so to speak.

  1. Setting priorities – Imagine the question of what you want to achieve. How can you achieve it?Do you need this support? Rather than pursue many objectives at the same time, it is better to concentrate on one or two.
  2. Once you have your priorities, you need to scrutinize . Is it really your own or play external factors play a greater role than you want to admit you? If appropriate, new targets need to be set.
  3. Important of unimportant work separate . Perhaps it is indeed delegate one or another task.
  4. Decluttering – The New Year cleaning can take place in the middle also. All that is not needed, is missing. Point. The rule of thumb is: What more than one year has not been used by you, you no longer need all probability also. So the workplace is simple and new projects can be realized quickly. Disorder in the workplace is an absolute time-waster and increases the stress at work.
  5. Also sometimes drift – In all of the objectives and priorities you can calmly take breaks. They are important in order to gain new strength and to develop original ideas. Thereafter, the work is easier on the hand.

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