It is often said that a driver is the person on whom a lot of lives depend. When on road, there are a lot of things that are put to test for a driver. Good and efficient drivers have always been in demand and will continue in being so. The demand for sophisticated, well learned and educated drivers is high. Most employers look upon their driver as an individual who is highly reliable and trust worthy.

Since driving is very much a practical work, you need to have a resume that depicts your skill in the right shade. In other words if you are a driver then your resume must be complementary to your ease and expertise on road.

Drivers Resume

Drivers Resume Key words:

  1. Extremely hardworking
  2. Punctual
  3. Efficient
  4. Honest
  5. Vast experience
  6. Alert, single tracked mind

It is important to have such a resume that will make the prospective employer want to meet you to test your driving skills. But the first step is highlighting your strengths and capabilities in your resume.

Drivers Resume Format

Drivers Resume

The format needs to be simple, and easy to read, in the following manner:

  1. Factual details
  2. Academic Background
  3. Work Experience
  4. Interests
  5. Undertaking

The factual details will comprise of your full name, your date of birth & age, your permanent residence, preferred job location, contact numbers and email address (if any). Needless to say, this information needs to be correct. Keep updating your resume in case if there is a change in either of this information.

Since there is a good demand for educated drivers, you may as well consider mentioning your schooling and college background. If you have had some degree or qualification, then mention the same. Mention the name of your school, college or institution, and the subsequent year of passing out. Also mention the name of the driving school that you have been trained under.

Drivers Resume

Your work experience would comprise of the people for which you have worked for in the past. Mention your hours of working and the places that you have been to. Your experience is the most important way of highlighting your expertise and ease on the road. An employer needs to feel safe and confident with you as his or her driver. Your resume must assure him of the same.

Mention the salary that you were paid in your last assignment, and the salary that you expect. This figure must be justified. You can mention your interests and hobbies too, as this will enable your prospective employer to have an idea about you and your personality.

Also mention about three of your references or professional contacts. These people must be the ones who have employed you and worked with. They should also have some positive feedback to say about you. Your driving school instructor can also work as your reference. Conclude your resume with a declaration stating that the information that you have provided is true to the best of your knowledge.