Most applicants are already familiar with resumes, but only a few of them are aware that there is another piece of paper that a job finder must include in submitting his or her documents to a company.

Before being called for an interview, a job seeker must initially present a resume cover letter together with a resume. What is this for?

A resume cover letter, as the term implies, is a letter addressed to the concerned employer that contains a summary of your resume in paragraph form.

Easy Resume Cover Letter Writing

This is an indirect way of asking for the employer’s permission in applying for a certain position. When your documents are handed to the human resources department, this paper will usually be placed on the top; which indicates that it might be read first by their personnel.

Employers are impressed when a hopeful bears in mind to incorporate a resume cover letter with their curriculum vitae as this becomes the means of formal yet roundabout communication of the job seeker to the human resources personnel.

Easy Resume Cover Letter Writing

Just like words being spoken, resume cover letter should be short yet complete. A long letter will bore and tire the employers at the same time, and this might make your chances for a scheduled interview impossible.

In order for your resume cover letter to be diminutive yet inclusive, write it in a direct manner. Tell the employer first on how you knew that they are hiring for the position that you want.

Then say something about your previous work but do not be specific since this will also be reflected in your resume. Inform them about your skills that may come in handy once they hire you.

Easy Resume Cover Letter Writing

Your educational attainment can be omitted from the letter unless you are a fresh graduate with no work experience.

Last but not the least, do not forget to incorporate the vital parts of a letter like the date the letter was written, the company’s name and address, the greetings and the salutations. Also, insert your name and contact information as your signature.

When you follow all these tips, it will be a sure shot that you will be asked by your desired company to come over for a job interview.