employee motivation

I recently spoke with a young high-tech entrepreneurs. He complained about his staff. They would not think for themselves, are not motivated, but wanted ever more money. He rolled his eyes and asked me depressed:

“I just want motivated employees.
Is that too much to ask?”

No it is not. It is a truism, but only with motivated employees, you can be successful in the long term. As a business owner or manager you characterize the employee motivation in your company – but otherwise perhaps than you think.

You can buy employee motivation?

In the short term, yes, but it is dangerous. Money may be attractive, but it motivated unsustainable!

Please do not misunderstand me. If your employees pay too little content, then demotivateyour staff! But the reverse works only in exceptional cases: Figures on average more content, leads by no means to ensure that your employees would be long lasting more motivated.

The crux of bonus payments

Some believe that they with bonus systems motivation of your employees speak to and control. A bonus will be paid if employees perform a specific service. – Strange. Why entrepreneurs do that? For providing this service, the staff has yet committed in his employment contract and the company pays him for his salary, right?

If you want to attract money, then you assume the staff that he was working not full. They believe a part of his power he has you on. That is why you pay him as only 80%. By Asked promised bonus payment of 20% at the end of the year you want to close this gap in his work performance, he has not given his performance.

Reinhard K. Sprenger , this type of bonus payment aptly called distrust tee (from his readable book ” Mythos Motivation “). With such kind of bonuses you suspect your employees, not to be willing to perform. A trusting relationship is not. Is it motivating?

So what motivates employees?

With the motivation of employees is such a thing. What motivates employees?

In general terms I understand Motivation:
The power of our psyche that drives our behavior and controls!

Therefore, motivation is the motivation for a particular practice of a man. The motivation research distinguishes between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation.

Extrinsische Motivation

If you hold a donkey a carrot in front of the nose, is the extrinsic motivation. The donkeys you motivate for continued operation and carry loads.

How to motivate employees

Transferred to the corporate world: just replace the carrot with the prospect of a bonus, a bonus or a promotion. Already motivate extrinsically.

By the way: if your employees threaten punishment, motivate and extrinsically, for example:

“Mr. Miller, if you do not arrive on time from now on at 7am to work, then there’s a warning!”

Whether reward or punishment: In the extrinsic motivation is coming to something from the outside. Pointedly: a extrinsically motivated employees say:

“I do it because I have to do it, or else…”

Intrinsic motivation

Does someone on the other hand an action from around the act itself sake , it is intrinsically motivated. The activity makes him either just fun, he takes it as a useful exercise or she presents an interesting challenge for him is.

An intrinsically motivated employees say:

“I do it because I want to do it!”

Extrinsic motivation focused

The prospect of reward as well as the avoidance of punishment are always situational. By extrinsic motivation to reach focus. However, extrinsic motivation is effective only as long as the reward is held out or forced exerted. If you attract extrinsically, your employees do not work because of the thing!

If an employee is however intrinsically motivated, not controlled from outside influences are needed. If you value creativity, responsibility and reliability, then you need people who are intrinsically motivated.

Extrinsic motivation paralyzes creativity

The prospect of reward or punishment is then – and only then – motivating and meaningful if

  • Routine tasks are to be processed according to simple rules.
  • A clear objective is specified.
  • the way there is clearly described and understandable.

A typical example is the assembly-line work in the chord. It works well to motivate employees extrinsically for such tasks.

For tasks, however,

  • that are not routine
  • require reflection
  • where the approach is unclear
  • require creativity

does not help extrinsic motivation. It works even counter-productive. The prospect of reward or punishment will only cause that the employees focus focuses on this reward or punishment. The focus should but on the creativity lie.

Need Recognizes Anomalies, creative staff, do not put it under pressure. Pressure paralyzes creativity, whether. In negative form as punishment or in positive form as a reward

what motivates employees
what motivates employees

What is the motivation I need in my business?

In normal everyday business intrinsic and extrinsic motivation adjacent act. However, the higher the proportion of intrinsic motivation the better.

Why? Most tasks in a company are not merely routine tasks more. Most pure routine tasks are now long running machines. Therefore, you need people who can think for themselves:

  • Employees who use your expensive machine tool.
    Or you can specify which each handle, so they know exactly how they have to operate the machine?
  • Employees who are for you the customer.
    The but should not sell for bending and breaking as many of your products. The to your customers so take care that the buy back later at you.
  • Employees in the development department.
    If the are not creative and develop new products, which will offer your business then soon?

How to keep employees motivated intrinsically?

Daniel H. Pink has brought it in my opinion well to the point. He says that intrinsically motivated employees distinguishes the following:

  • Desire for autonomy
    you want to work on a task independently with the highest possible degree of freedom.
  • Pursuit of championship
    you want to grow on a task. You always want to be better in a for her important and significant thing.
  • Sense
    What must make sense to make it. You want to support with what they do, something greater than themselves.

Daniel H. Pink explains in this video humorously the findings of research on motivation extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. Not to be missed! Unfortunately, in the English language.

What does that mean for you as an entrepreneur?

Do not concern yourself so much with how you can motivate your employees. Look instead mainly that you do not de-motivate your employees.

  • Not scrimping you in paying. Pay your staff adequately and fairly.
  • Be consistent and predictable.
  • Do not try to micro-manager! Enter your employees freedom and run with goals and confidence.
  • Support your employees in their further development , to become better in their effort.
  • Answer the question, why it is worthwhile to work in your company.

Employee motivation: 5 tips to keep employees motivated

how to keep employees motivated

To motivate employees art is to press the right lever for every employee. To increase the performance of your employees and they ultimately bring to motivate yourself, you should know the needs of your employees, set clear goals, find the right degree of praise and develop a transparent and possibly individual reward system.

Here you will learn how to keep employees motivated in 5 steps.

1. Show interest in order to motivate your employees

Each employee works differently. Has one of your employees no pleasure in his work, the most amazing gifts and rewards not help him. Does he need the other hand a lot of freedom to unfold at work, you should never permanently put pressure on him.
The private situation may affect the work: For example, a single employee be permanently stressed because they daily with the challenge faced looks to get a job, children and the home under one roof. So somebody can do as a boss the greatest gift when you give him more flexibility in working time.

Therefore: Get to know your employees properly.Talk regularly with your employees and show interest in their personal situation. This not only creates trust and a good relationship, but also helps you to motivate the staff and “extract” the best of him.

2. Motivate your employees with clear objectives

Whether you want to attract only one employee or a whole team: Arrange with all employees with clear annual targets and tell him,

  • what you expect from him,
  • which points you still deem in need of optimization and
  • which he can expect to meet the objectives.

In this way, each employee has their own hands to secure a bonus or other incentive. The targets should also be available depending on the position and ability of the employee to bring its strengths to use and compensate for its weaknesses.

Give him therefore in agreement and one or the other more difficult project, where it can grow and the challenges him. Even challenges are much more common a way to motivate the employees, as most bosses believe.

3. Motivate your employees with praise

A word of praise from the lips of heads can be worth more than monetary gifts for some employees more. Even if it does not match your nature or hold down the tasks your staff for not particularly difficult: Think into it in your employees and be thankful that they relieve you of work.

Therefore, you should employees who have achieved very good performance, have placed by a few words of praise the appropriate recognition and appreciation. This is especially true with new employees who do not have the sense of your needs or the processes in your company.

But beware: Praise only when the employee has actually made one thing particularly well. Otherwise, your praise is not quickly taken seriously or even perceived as ridiculous. Keep in mind that some people pay more attention in the form of praise and recognition need than others.

Especially expression you give your praise when you say it in the environment of other colleagues or employees. This gives your employees the impression that you stand behind him and are proud of him.

Conversely, you should also tell your employees, if something did not go well, to give them the opportunity to do better. Such information should – if possible – not out loud bell. This shows that you are at your employees, even if he sometimes makes a mistake.

4. Provide a transparent reward system

Competition is good for business – it is said like. this is even welcome, especially in sales. But rivalries between colleagues also have a downside, which should consider when rewarding the boss. Opaque reward systems ensure namely the opposite of frustration and demotivation instead of motivation.

The employees are suddenly no longer as a team with each other, but against each other. Knowledge is not passed, the working climate deteriorates and the positive effect of reward fizzles.

To keep your employees happy, you should put in a transparent distribution mechanisms specific value. Therefore always plug the main principles and criteria on the subject of reward from clear to cushion future reference, why one or another colleague receives a much greater reward.

The rating scale should always only depend on whether and how the individual has achieved its objectives.Alternatively, you can assign team bonuses.

Both have advantages and disadvantages. For Team awards the most engagiertenund motivated employees may feel disadvantaged in relation to the lazy fellow when all the same reward received.

For single premium, the shy and often lower-paid colleagues treated quickly unjust if a comparable colleague brings out more Extras only because of his negotiating skills feel. therefore always consider even with your reward system team cohesion. If the good, there is nothing against Team premiums.

But which model you choose: Be total always fair and transparent especially in your behavior.

5. Create custom rewards for your employees

Salary increases are nice, but they often quickly forgotten. For fast the employees get used to the new amount in their account. The result is that the thus achieved motivation ebbs soon again.

If you want to keep your employees at the bar, you should consider how to increase the motivation of each employee. Some options:

  • flexible working hours
  • the granting of training programs or seminars (especially at higher qualified staff)
  • Coupons for special events (eg. B. tickets for the football championship or -WM, musicals or opera) may be well received. Such events, which release emotions usually remain long in the memory stick and make long-term for increased motivation.
  • Has a team mastered a project with flying colors, you can also think about a team trip to a special event. For this further strengthens the cohesion among employees and have thus killed two birds with one stone.

You can also get to decide what kind of reward they desire your employees. But beware: Extras should not lead to a race among employees, but only impetus.

Any type of reward or motivation has its effect. When an employee more when other less. It is important (as often happens) that the mix is right. Nobody wants only coupons as a reward, but sometimes a raise.