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This contract serves as a template for a short-term employment , ie an employment relationship which a maximum of 70 days per year ( see on 70 day regulation ) and will not be exercised professionally.

Similar to the Petty paid employment ( ” 450-Euro-mini job “) is also exempt Short term employment by the Social Security. In the short-term employment but must regularly payroll taxes be discharged ( see Short-term employment: Wage Tax Calculator ).

You as an employer must be aware that the workers employment unprofessional executes because the status of short term workers then is questioned and thus incur social as in a regular employment relationship. For professionalism run can give you our page onemployment relationship / professionalism run help.

The Short-term employment is a temporary employment represents. For this reason, the contract must have been signed before the start of work in writing and it must contain the basic limitation.


Disclaimer: The model contract and the information on this page for information purposes only and does not replace consultation with a lawyer. There is no guarantee for the accuracy.

Employment Current employment in the wording

Treaty on a short-term employment

Between ________________________________________________ (Name and address of employer)

– Hereinafter referred to as “employer” –

( Possibly .: represented by ______________________________________)

– Hereinafter referred to as “employer” –


Mr / Ms ________________________________________________ living ________________________________________________

– Hereinafter “employees / -in” called –

The following are closed:

§ 1 start of employment / activity

Worker is recruited with effect from the ______ [Starts] as support at _______________ [activity] in __________ [place].

§ 2 termination of employment

The employment relationship ends on ______ [Job End], without the need for an express termination.

§ 3 working

Working time is an average of __ hours per day. You can, however, change it as required and is billed based on the actual hours worked.

§ 4 breaks

The regular daily break is:

  • 0-6 hours of daily work: no break
  • 6-9 hours daily working time: 30 min break
  • 9-10 hours daily working time: 45 min break

and is not paid.

§ 5 Vacation

The employee is due to the temporary on [working days] days of activity are not entitled to holidays.

§ 6 Remuneration

The employee receives a remuneration of [hourly rate] Euro gross per hour and is paid until the end of the month to an employer be termed account.

§ 7 Working prevention

In case of illness or other reasons caused absence from work the employee must inform the employer immediately. For incapacity due to illness the employer has submitted a medical certificate from the first day of incapacity.

§ 8 Confidentiality

The workers of all operational matters, which have become known to him in the frame or on the occasion of his activity in the company, after leaving, remain silent.

§ 9 status in current employment

The employee is employed as a short term workers. He assured however, that he has his current professional status [as a student or trainee] specified correctly and he in particular not seeking employment, education seeking or is on parental leave.

In addition, the worker has been insured, to have exercised no short-term employment in the running calendar year, by the border exceed three months or 70 working days.

He further assured that this limit is not exceeded by the present employment relationship. If the employees exceed this 70 working days or have his professional status incorrectly specified, fall for this application regularly to social security. The employee is liable in this case for both the employee’s and employer’s contributions (in total about 42% of gross wages).

§ 10 Maturity / forfeiture

The Parties have claims arising from employment within three months (or six months) make of their due date in writing and sue in case of rejection by the opposite side within a further three months.

Otherwise they go out. For tort claims it remains in legal terms.

§ 11 Additional agreements



§ 12 Contract changes and ancillary agreements

Changes, additions and ancillary agreements must be in writing; this also applies to the cancellation of the written form itself.

If any provision of this contract be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.

The employee agrees to make the employer immediately of changes in personal circumstances such as marital status, number of children, address, message.


Place and date

_________________________ _________________________

Signature employer Signature employee / -in

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Mini jobs and seasonal jobs

For marginal employment (mini-jobs) as well as for short-term employment (seasonal jobs) social security and tax Special rules apply.
Mini jobs and seasonal jobs must be registered with the Minijob Centre. You receive the registration and deregistration and contribution statements and receives the flat-rate charges.

I. Minor employment (mini-jobs)


Social security and income tax


The income limit for temporary employment is monthly since 1.1.2013 to € 450. The previously applicable time limit of 15 hours per week is dropped completely.
The employer must pay it to the mini-job headquarters Bundesknappschaft for each MiniJobber overall deliveries. These are currently based on the salary

  • 15% pension,
  • 13% health,
  • 2% Pausch tax (including church tax and solidarity surcharge) unless is charged per tax card,
  • optionally 0.7% levy U1 to compensate the employer expenses in case of sickness (only for companies with regularly not more than 30 workers) and
  • 0.14% levy U2 to compensate the employer for maternity expenses.
  • 0,15 % Insolvenzgeldumlage

So overall duties of a maximum of 30.99% of earnings to the Minijob Centre must be dissipated. In mini-jobbers who have private health insurance, the lump-sum contribution applicable to health insurance.


pension Insurance
For the workers of the mini job is limited to social insurance. From 1.1.2013 there is a compulsory insurance in the statutory pension for MiniJobber. By paying a relatively low own contribution for pension contribution of workers acquire full pension rights from the pension.

As the employee liable to insurance only pays the difference between the flat-rate employer contribution to the pension scheme of 15% and the applicable general contribution rate for pension insurance (2013: 18.9%), ie 3.9% currently.

This co-payment of the employee retains the employer an the pay and charged him with the flat rate charges to the Minijob Centre.


exemption option


The employee may be exempted by written request to the employer of the pension obligation. Then only pays the employer the flat-rate contribution to the pension of 15%. But as a result of the employee earns no full entitlements from the pension.

The exemption may be declared only for the future and in the case of practicing several minor employment only uniform for all occupations. Although the evidence law employers are not obliged to inform their employees on the possibility of exemption from compulsory insurance, this is recommended.



income tax


Instead of the flat rate of income tax can also be an income tax deduction will be carried out after tax card. This is useful when a worker has incurred no income tax because the exemption threshold is not exceeded.


Exceeds the remuneration, the limit of 450 €, the employer must complete the employer’s contribution to social security totaling zzt. about 20% charged; the employee portion of the social climbing contrast linearly from about 4% at € 450.01 up to the full contribution of about 20% at 850 €.

The calculation of the employee’s share in this slide zone is complicated. Contact for detailed questions is the Minijob Centre. Taxation is in this area pay after tax card.


Transitional arrangements


MiniJobber who received their marginal employment before 1.1.2013, remain free pension insurance. but you can do without the pension freedom and increase the contribution to pension insurance.

If the wages increased to an amount between € 400.01 and 450 € per month, is also produced before 1.1.2013 begun minor employment pension insurance. However, the employee may be exempted from compulsory insurance.


Workers who have already achieved before 1.1.2013 a regular salary between € 400.01 and € 450.00, remain grds. insurance for a transitional period until 31.12.2014 by the recent Gleitzonenregelung in all branches of social security.

However, you may be exempted from compulsory insurance in the unemployment, health and nursing care. An exemption from the compulsory pension insurance is possible only after the 31.12.2014.


For more information about the exemptions and transitional arrangements can be found on the website of Minijob Centre.
example 1
Retail Franz Müller has set for a few hours a week housewife Maria Mayer as a cashier. He pays her € 350 monthly. In addition, Ms. Mayer holds no other pursuits. Mrs Mayer’s family insured under the statutory health insurance.

She shares Mr Müller in writing that it desires an exemption from compulsory pension insurance.
For retailers Franz Müller to monthly fees in the amount of € 108.46 (30.99% of 350 €) arise.


Retail Müller must transfer to the Minijob Centre global fees in the amount of € 108.46. Ms. Mayer has to pay any levies.


example 2


Facts as in Example 1, but Ms. Mayer is no application for exemption from compulsory pension insurance.


For retailers Müller arise again flat-rate charges in the amount of € 108.46 (30.99% of 350 €). Ms. Mayer has a contribution to Rentenversicherunsbeitrag amount of 13.65 € afford (3.9% of 350 €).

Retail Müller reserves woman A Mayers own contribution to the pension contribution from their wages and transfer this amount and lump-sum taxes to the Minijob Centre, a total of € 108.46 + € 13.65 = € 122.11.


In both examples, Mr. Müller has to note the following due dates:
due dates
The total social security contribution and the flat-rate charges for marginal workers are due no later than the third last business day of the month in which the employment is exercised, has been exercised or deemed to be exercised in expected amount of contribution debt.

Any remaining fee is due to the third last business day of the following month.

On this date also a possible overpayment is compensated.
accident insurance
In addition to the notification for Minijob Centre as a unified collection point, there is a registration and contribution obligation of statutory accident insurance. The accident insurance contributions borne by the employer alone.

The notification to the competent professional association is not made through Minijob Centre, but must be made by the employer.


Several occupations
The employee may in addition to its social security preoccupation a Minijob tax and exert social insurance contributions. Each additional mini job is added together with the main activity and is thus tax and social insurance.
Similarly, several marginal jobs of a worker in the commercial sector as well as in private households aggregated (not expected to short-term employment, s. II.).

If the limit of 450 € is exceeded arises social security and income tax liability for each individual employment.


Employment Law


Regular time employees are part-time and are entitled to vacation, sick leave and holidays, as well as special services (eg Christmas and holiday pay). For them, the statutory periods of notice and the dismissal protection rules apply.


II. Current employment (seasonal jobs)
Deferred tax law differ from those in the Social Security Law!
social insurance
As a temporary employment previously considered an activity that agreements or the type of employment to a maximum of 2 months or – was limited to a total of 50 working days within a calendar year – in less than five working days a week.

Effective 1.1.2015 be considered for social freedom time limit is extended: As a temporary employment means work that lasts longer than 3 months or 70 working days per calendar year.

This regulation applies only until 31.12.2018.
In examining whether the periods of 3 months or 70 working days are exceeded, the times of several successive short-term mini-jobs are aggregated regardless of the level of earnings it achieved.

This applies even if the individual activities are exercised for different employers. It must be examined in each case at the start of a new job, whether these – exceeds the authoritative time limit – together with the applied already in the current calendar year short-term employment of the employee.
As long as the activity is not exercised professionally, it comes in short mini-jobs – unlike the minor € 450 Mini jobs – on the amount of income not to. Job Fair employment will inter alia be exercised if it is not of economic importance.

It should not therefore be determined solely for securing the livelihood and standards. Professionalism run is not available eg when the short-term Minijob exerted next to a main activity or, for example, housewives, aged pensioners, students.
If an employment relationship beyond one year, or it is applied by a framework agreement from the outset to annual repetitions, there is no short-term employment; This also applies if a year to a maximum of 70 working days working. If there is a short-term employment, this is subject to social security for employers and employees. There are also no fixed contributions for the employer.

This is true even if the short-term employment is exercised in addition to social security preoccupation or minor employment. However, the employer must pay a total of 0.94% allocations to compensate the employer expenses for sickness and maternity and the individual contribution to the responsible insurer and the insolvency benefit contributions amounting to 0.15%.

However, the levy contribution to compensate the employer expenses for sickness in the amount of 0.7% does not apply to an employment of not more than four weeks, or for companies with regularly more than 30 workers.The short-term employment is to register with the Minijob Centre.

accident insurance
Even the short-term employees is insured by operation of law in the statutory accident insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases. The contributions for this insurance must be paid by the employer to the responsible professional association.
income tax
The wages of a short-term employment is fully subject to wage tax. It is the usual tax deduction method on the tax card or there is the possibility that wage tax – without proof of tax card – with a general rate of 25% of wages raise (conditions pertaining to a taxation:

the employee is occasionally at the employer, not regularly recurrently employed and the period of employment may not exceed 18 continuous working days;

also must not exceed the average wage during the period of employment for € 62 per working day and € 12 per hour of work; employment at an unpredictable time is immediately required, eliminates the limitation of wages on an average of 62 € per working day).
In addition, the solidarity surcharge are (5.5% of the income tax amount) and any applicable church tax (in Hessen 7 or 9% of the income tax amount) due.
Even for short-term employees, the employer must keep a payroll account.
Since the rules are complex and complicated as before, you should consult your tax advisor.

Employment agencies

Best european employment agencies

1 Randstad Holding
Netherlands company specializing in recruitment
2 SOLCOM – The largest recruitment agency in Germany
Our regular customers include major corporations BMW, Bosch, Alcatel, group Hugo Boss, one of the largest insurance companies AXA, book of Bertelsmann company, and another three dozen companies, related to a major German business. SOLCOM is a monopolist in the field of recruitment in communications and project management.
3 European Staff Recruitment – European international recruitment agency
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5 Global Career Company
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6 Aupair For Kids – Au-Pair-agency in Germany, the Munich
agency intermediary for the Au-pair family unit in Germany. We help the Au-pair from Russia and CIS countries to find a suitable German family in any city in Germany.Our service for the Au-pair is absolutely free.
7 Baltic Recruitment & Translations
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8 Au-pair Agency “Alice
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agency for employment in Ireland. It provides a job to work, where necessary knowledge of Russian and other languages.
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agency in employment in Latvia, Great Britain, Holland and Greece.
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Employment is offered exclusively to citizens of the new EU countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Malta.
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, our agency is working since 2000 under license number 1520060106. We provide employment services abroad and a set of candidates for work in the courts of the largest cruise companies in the world.
We will help you get a job abroad, in accordance with your expectations, experience and knowledge.
13 European international recruitment agency
recruitment of domestic staff in the Russian-speaking and mixed families in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and other countries, as well as in the VIP family in Russia and CIS countries.


USA employment services

USA employment services

  1. 1. 52 Limited
  2. 2. Adams & Associates
  3. 3. ADD Staffing
  4. 4. The Advanced Group of Companies
  5. 5. Allegiance Staffing*
  6. 6. Aquent
  7. 7. Attack!
  8. 8. Berks & Beyond Employment Services, Inc.
  9. 9. CompHealth Allied Staffing
  10. 10. CompHealth Locum Tenens
  11. 11. Delta Locum Tenens
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  13. 13. EdgeLink
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  15. 15. Employment Trends
  16. 16. Express Employment Professionals
  17. 17. GDH Consulting
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  19. 19. Helpmates Staffing Services
  20. 20. Hire Dynamics

Employment Agencies East Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus)

Employment Agencies East Europe ROSPERSONAL – international recruitment agency
| Russia Moscow
Professional organization, one of the largest staffing and educational agents with offices in 32 cities in Russia and abroad since 2001.Member of the World Youth Student Educational Confederation WYSETC, international educational organizations ICEF and educational agent of E112, accredited by the Australian Government.

The work – seasonal, temporary and permanent jobs abroad for workers, students, graduates, professionals, teachers and researchers under contract in the United Kingdom, Australia , Canada, USA and New Zealand as part of a youth cultural exchange and professional immigration programs.

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Full range of services for the selection of university and faculty, assistance in obtaining all the documents, meeting and resettlement in a place of learning.

On March 15, 2010 will come into effect a program of free registration of pupils and students in foreign educational institutions. Internship – professional paid and unpaid internships in companies, hotels and farms in Australia and the US companies, the UK, China, France and Canada for periods ranging from 4 up to 18 months. Obtain a certificate of passage of international standard internship.

Employment Agencies Russia International recruitment agency
| Russia, Barnaul
Jobs, internships, study abroad. Seasonal, temporary and permanent work for students, graduates, professionals in the US contract, France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, including the most popular summer student program Work & Travel USA, as well as prospective employment on cruise ships USA.

Employment Agencies Ukraine Active Business Group
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Recruiting company “Active Business Group” provides services for search and evaluation of personnel for the Ukrainian and foreign companies, who understand that the end result of the company depends, first of all, from a close-knit and professional team.
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Agency “Intertrudkomplekt” assisting in job placement abroad, in the design of Schengen visas, the United States, India, the passports of the Russian Federation, immigration services, assistance in obtaining a residence permit, and Russia and the European Union citizenship, work permits in Russia for foreign citizens, the notification of the arrival in the Russian Federation .

Jetexpo Recruitment Agency
| Belarus, Minsk
UE “Dzhetekspo” offers legal employment abroad. “Dzhetekspo” The company has contracts on cooperation with employers of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Finland, registered in the Committee on RB migration.
The company “Dzhetekspo” employs overseas qualified professionals, young people aged 18 to 30 years and offers seasonal farm work for full-time students.
The company “Dzhetekspo” provides advice on immigration matters.


Employment opportunities

A career in the EU has many perspectives

The European institutions provide interested and qualified candidates from various fields to a wide range of employment opportunities in Brussels and other places.

Staff / means to be in the European Commission or another European institution to actively participate in the design process of the European Union. This requires specialist qualifications a high degree of willingness and ability to communicate across cultures. It applies to work every day in complex issues with members of all EU member states – an interesting challenge with attractive payment.

Employment opportunities A career in the EU has many perspectives

The entry into the civil service in the EU is the existence of a selection competition, the so-called concours, ahead. Competitive examinations are offered for both professionals as well as for candidates with professional experience.

The open-ended activity than EU raceway official guarantees job security and may include filling management positions. For further information see the external link, opens in new windowEuropean Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) .

Temporary posts for time officials are mainly advertised in subordinate authorities.EPSO published the tender on its website.

Contract staff (CAST) working in various functional groups. You may also have speakers activities. The agreements are also limited, usually with a total period of employment of up to six years. Especially with EU agencies, a contract of employment (after temporary extensions) go into a permanent contract.
Applications must be made to work as a contract staff member on an expression of interest (CAST) on the EPSO website .

Employees of the public service have the (ENS) Seconded National Expertseconded by their home authority to the EU institutions. It involves temporary employment of at least 6 months to 2 years (with renewal options) for an advertised specialized activity. The sending agency must assume the continued payment of remuneration / the content.

The tenders for time officers and National experts see the International job pool of the Foreign Ministry:

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