You may be an owner of the business house and are seeking good employees to employ at your various locations or offices. Or you may be an unemployed person or you may be searching for a better position for you in a corporate office or business house. In both cases you need the help of an employment agency. An employment agency saves a lot of your time, money and resources in lieu of a small fee.

Employment agencies have expertise in finding suitable employees for every industry or business. These may help you a lot in job hunt or for searching eligible employees for your firm. Some times they may provide you a great employee on whom you may be proud. If you want to employ some one for a particular job in your office or company, you will have to do a lot of work for the purpose.

"Employment Agencies" The Boon for Employees and Employers

You will have to do much time consuming tasks such as giving ads in local or national dailies for your requirement, screening all the applications, sorting some suitable applications from them, sending call letters to them, then taking written tests and interviews. Then you will have to verify the backgrounds of suitable candidates. This whole process may be much lengthy, complicated, time consuming and expensive to you.

On the other hand employment agencies have vast database of candidates who have been pre-interviewed. They have reliable candidates available with them in their contact list for all kind of jobs according to your requirement.

"Employment Agencies" The Boon for Employees and Employers

So it is always a good bargain to pay a small fee to an employment agency for such a tedious task. There are much rare chances that an unsuitable candidate is sent to you on their recommendation.

If you are an unemployed or are in search of better opportunity then the present job, then also you need services of an employment agency. You will need to register with them and have to submit your resume giving full details of your academic qualifications, experience and details of the work projects you handled in the past. When the employment agency is contacted by an employer for the position that matches your profile, they will inform you immediately to contact the employer.

"Employment Agencies" The Boon for Employees and Employers

You now do not need to submit your resume or profile to the many offices, or beg for the jobs or mail your resumes for many positions advertised in the daily news papers. You do not have to wait restlessly for a phone call from any employer. Interview fear is the thing of the past now because a good employment agency will provide you training on interview skills and communication skills.

Now you have the option to accept or reject the job offer which is suggested by the employment agency.

Employment agency is responsible for making available a job which is suitable for you in terms of location, pay perks and future career opportunities depending upon your academic qualifications and work experience. You may opt for part time job or high paying permanent job according to your needs.