Already at the thought of an upcoming job interview is increased with many candidates the pulse rate and start the hands to sweat. Much hope is placed in this event, and this is accompanied by a large pressure.

In some cases, the stress of the candidates is again greater when not only the conversation with the recruiter is used to determine the suitability of an applicant. Einstellungstest found especially with large employers and will help in selecting the best candidate. What is a useful and beneficial means of Persona coupler layer, the excitement of candidates increases even further – can they must also offer a chance to stand out from the competition …

Setting test: You can expect

A placement test is designed to test applicants again put through its paces and the image that is created by the submitted application documents and the conversation with the HR round, and complete. Here companies are different before, sometimes a separate appointment will be scheduled so that interview and aptitude test held separately.

For other employers candidates will face during the interview with questions – this will fall but made considerably shorter than separate setting tests scheduled for a longer period be.

All recruitment tests, however, have in common that you query the candidates in various areas. They are aimed at the qualities and skills, which can not be so easily determined in a pure conversation .

Although this can be a lot of reports, however, the setting test provides certainty where the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate actually are. At the end of hope for recruiters to find out who brings the best conditions and thus is particularly well suited for the position.

What tasks do you have to expect in a recruitment test can not be exactly predicted . For different and individual are the requirements that companies to their employees and thus also the questions that are asked of HR managers to assess the skills of potential new employees. Nevertheless, there are some areas and types of tasks that can be found again and again:

Dealing with numbers

Math is not for everyone a favorite discipline, but recruitment tests almost always go on this one ability. In many industries, it is important mathematical understanding to bring along and be able to deal well with pay. Before the cold sweat breaks out.

You do not need a math degree to answer the classic questions of aptitude tests . Also you need to memorize any formulas mental calculation, percentage calculation, rule of three and invoices, in which you will appreciate the result, you can in this area of meet recruitment test.


Concentrated work is often vital to the success of a company, which is why the ability to concentrate is tested repeatedly in setting tests. Often it is in the tasks about how much you can remember and then reproduce correctly.

Thus, for example a list of different terms are specified, are provided to the following questions. Another classic are images of different shapes or different areas that you need to memorize. In the second step, it is important to remember this in order to answer questions.

Logical thinking

For a variety of information to filter out the most important statements and arrive at the end to the right conclusion – logical thinking is in professional life a demand capacity and plays a role in many aptitude tests. In connection with the understanding of numbers at this point like rows of numbers presented, which should be continued logically.

General knowledge

The general education is often not directly related to the activity in a job, but many aptitude tests still go a to this area. For example, are questions about politics, history or geography asked to assess the level of knowledge of an applicant can.

foreign languages

If a foreign language required for a job, this capability is queried likely also in the employment test. In addition to vocabulary it comes to this, especially on the proper grammar . So you should be prepared to recognize or to conjugate verbs different times.

Setting Test: Tips to convince the test

Basically, you should not go with fear in an employment test . Here applies as well as during the actual interview: A little nervousness is normal and shows that you really is something on the site and you do everything to get the job.

Too much excitement has a negative effect, however, and may reduce the chances of their own in the worst case. However, there are some simple tips that can help you to make a good impression in the employment test and to confirm the good impression you have left hopefully in other interview again.

Prepare yourself in any case it before

Not always setting test are announced in advance. That makes it easier for candidates, although very difficult, but nevertheless, you should prepare for the possibility of a test. The Internet contains many examples that you can use to simulate recruitment tests and possible tasks and practice .

At the same time you should also learn about current issues. Often one feels already feeling the preparation in actual employment test safer . Therefore, the practice shows in every case paid, even if not exactly the objects are queried to which you have prepared.

⇒ Do not fall into unnecessary stress

Test situations are certainly not the best idea. Not Do not madden, even if you do not know every question and the matching answer: Still applies to the aptitude test. That is a goal of many tests. The candidate should be put under pressure , in order to assess how to deal with the situation. Personaler pay not just for the answers, but also to you personally. Who looks panicked and is on the verge of a nervous breakdown , will not go unnoticed. Do not let the stress too much se zoom, but stay further concentrated and professionally.

⇒ Avoid careless

Avoidable Mistakes are especially annoying and are usually the lack of attention and concentration. Edit each task carefully and not place just premature to say firmly . Gladly be incorporated in setting tests on smaller cases to determine whether the applicant noticed this. Careful study applies not only to the question, but also for the answers. Here, a little word can make the difference, which is often overlooked. However, the order can be rotated.

⇒ Pay attention to the time

Besides all the care always an eye should be thrown at the time. In order to show on the one hand, the necessary self-organization, it needs to complete a given task in a given time and cut down on the other side of the stress for themselves, which are exposed to all the candidates, the one just before the end yet Volume who are unsolved tasks before it. This may sound simple, but it can also mean to see that on a question may not answer white and initially occupied with other tasks in which to get faster.