The trick to writing a great engineer resume is to focus on your strong technical skills and make the verbiage engaging and impressive. At the same time, it must be entirely truthful, without any exaggeration of your skills and experience.

You want to catch the attention of the recruiter, manager, or human resources person screening resumes, but you never want to put anything down that you can’t back up with action.

To highlight your skills properly in such a technically specific field, add a section to your resume called Technical Expertise. In here, you can highlight your relevant fields of experience, as well as technologies you specialize in.

Engineer Resume – The Trick to Great Engineering Resumes

Certifications and concrete goals are important as well. They show prospective employers what you’ve learned and where you want to go. Having several certifications in your field highlights the important fact that you are engaged in continuing education.

One thing that can set your engineer resume apart from others is having perfect grammar and spelling, and a well-developed writing style. If writing isn’t your forte, it is certainly worth taking a basic resume writing course.

You’d be surprised at the numbers of resumes that are submitted with blatant spelling errors, bad formatting, and grammar that makes sentences unreadable. Unfortunately, this is especially true in technical fields, where even brilliant engineers and scientists have failed to develop basic writing skills. Boning up on yours can set you apart.

Engineer Resume – The Trick to Great Engineering Resumes

After you have gone through your technical skills, be sure to have another section of relevant skills. This is where you mention your people skills. You should also have a section for employment history. Unless you are straight out of college, you don’t need to go into detail about the summer jobs you held in high school and college.

Keep your engineer resume to one page in length, unless you are applying for an upper management position. If you would like to highlight particular cases you have worked on in more detail to showcase your skills, mention in your cover letter that you have case studies available upon request. This can be an impressive feature.