Nowadays it is not uncommon to apply for jobs or internships within Europe. On the contrary, a semester abroad during their studies, an internship abroad or a job abroad significant upgrade not only one’s own biography, but these sites may be in other ways quite very sexy.

The application procedure for such sites is compared to an application within the country but usually much more demanding. If one examines, for example, only the usual build a CV in the EU countries, one comes relatively quickly to important differences which should be considered when applying.

Furthermore, the European gained apprenticeships and diplomas not per se comparable. An interesting way to counteract these differences, therefore may the Euro Pass CV.

Because whether we are talking about a semester abroad or a new job within the EU: The Euro pass CV now belongs increasingly to apply, as this may help compensate for differences and to make applications throughout Europe understandable and comparable.

Previously templates in 26 languages for the EuroPass CV, which is very similar to conventional CV, available, the candidates can help when writing your CV. The forms needed for the Euro Pass CV are quite quick and easy to find on the Internet.

However, the Euro pass CV itself is only part of a “Euro Pass Application”, the total of

  • the EuroPass CV
  • the Euro Language Passport
  • the Euro Certificate Supplements
  • the Euro-Diploma Supplement
  • and the Euro mobility pass

may exist.

The Europass CV provides the process with respect to the structure and Stuktur, a standardized overview of the individual stations and educating a candidate. Moreover, the Euro pass Curriculum Vitae provides an overview of the additional commitment, special knowledge and interests.

The Euro Language Passport is the breakdown of language skills of a candidate. The relevant categories are “understanding”, “Talk” and “write”. Each of the three categories includes a self-assessment of the state of knowledge on the basis of matching European levels.

It is also possible to specify acquired diplomas and certificates in connection with the respective languages and to underpin the knowledge thus for applicants.

The Euro Certificate Supplement shall thereby enable a comparison of vocational training, as these are not comparable across Europe readily. The EuroPass Certificate Supplements are required and issued by an official institution.

The Euro Pass Diploma Supplement contrast to permit a comparison of different university degrees. Also this application document must be completed and issued by one of the competent institutions.

The Euro pass Mobility serves as documentation of skills and competencies which candidates could aneigenen during a learning stay in another European country is.

Analog of the two documents cited above, must be completed and issued also the Euro pass Mobility by an official institution.

Find out for EuroPass CV

Find out for EuroPass CV
All parts of the euro passport application, which can be filled in by the candidate, are online, for example, under, accessible.

After filling out the standardized templates the resulting documents can either be downloaded or sent as an e-mail. query against the EuroPass Curriculum Vitae addition to personal information, the education, the training routes and professional experience.

In addition, candidates can present their personal skills and interests in detail. In EuroPass CV which language skills are broken down in particular detail, whereby the receiver of the application can make a more detailed picture of the language skills of a candidate himself. In addition, the language skills of different candidates can be compared better with each other through this extended representation.

The communicative and organizational skills in Euro Pass CV are relatively exposed significantly example. To complete the candidate image (for example, memberships in clubs) can be specified in a separate section of the resume with “additional information” further interests or activities.

Although there is a fairly standardized document at EuroPass CV, so this should be content to meet the needs of the company or the organization to which the application should be directed, coordinated.

Instructions for completing the EuroPass CV

Instructions for completing the European Pass CV
The Europass Curriculum Vitae can be completed easily online using an editor. It is helpful here when it already has all relevant for the CV data at hand.

If you make it out of time or other reasons not to fill out the document, you can store as PDF it on your own PC. Caching is useful when creating the EuroPass CV is interrupted or canceled, this should be but again completed at a later date with the online editor.

By downloading as a PDF you can resume the upload again later and edit.

More useful assistance for completing and editing the Euro curriculum vitae in addition to the aforementioned on-line editor to the website of “European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training” (CEDEFOP) to find.

Watch video Europass CV: Showcase your skills.