Technology resumes should obviously show an applicant’s technical skills. When creating your resume, to accomplish this, you should add an additional section titled, “Technical Summary,” or, “Technical Expertise.”

You can then break this category done into subcategories, so an employer can quickly see what abilities you have.

You are in luck if you are creating a technology position because it is a really simple format. Example resumes can also help you understand what you need to include in your resume. It is a good idea to think of your potential employer and what you think they would want to hear when you begin your resume.

Example Resumes for Technology Positions

When you include information about qualifications and where they were acquired, give a brief explanation of the courses you took, the institute, and also what you achieved.

This can be included in a separate section as well. When an employer knows that you have been apart of various projects or other professional development, they will know that you take your career seriously.

Example resumes for technology positions will usually have some of these skills listed. If they are applicable to you, you should also include them in your resume: technical certifications, hardware, operating systems, networking/protocols, programming/languages, Web applications, and database applications.

Example Resumes for Technology Positions

Technology resumes can often be really dry. To lighten it up a little bit, you should highlight some of your other skills in a career summary. It is essential to remember that resumes should only be as long as possible to display your abilities and accomplishments, and should never go over a page.

When you highlight your achievements in the career summary that you report how your performance benefited the organization. For example, maybe your initiatives enhanced efficiency, saved money, or created faster work. You should focus on the most extraordinary technical projects and accomplishments.

Example Resumes for Technology Positions

Most example resumes will also include keywords that target on a specific job description or experience. In technology fields, it is usually specific programs or applications.

It is also a great idea to format your experiences in reverse chronological order. You shouldn’t include a section like hobbies or interests at all in this type of resume.