Finance is universally considered to be the life blood of any business. People who are well versed in this field are paid highly for their advisory services all across the industries. All across the industry sectors, employers need financial services and exclusive financial advisory. There has always been a high demand for financial wizards across all segments of the economic activity.

For a comprehensive resume, you need to mention all spheres of your experience, backed with a strong academic background that depicts your strength in finance.

Financial Resumes

Here are the few characteristics of a Finance Resume:

  1. Strong skills in numbers
  2. Good background of finance
  3. Vast experience in specialised segments of industry
  4. Good exposure of finance

Financial Resumes Format:
The format needs to be legible and appealing to read. Since the resume is going to be filled with a lot of technical details, it is necessary for the format to be easy to register to the mind. The following format is desirable:

  • Factual details
  • Work Experience
  • Achievements
  • Academic Background
  • Interests
  • Conclusion

Financial Resumes

The factual details should comprise of the following information:

  1. Full name of the candidate
  2. Permanent Address
  3. Age, Date of Birth
  4. Email Address
  5. Contact numbers
  6. Total number of work experience

Work Experience:
Your work experience will be the focus of the resume. Make sure you mention every assignment that you have handled in your track record. The name of the organisation along with the tenure in that particular company should also be mentioned. Describe in detail about the various departments with which you used to coordinate. This is important as it sheds more light on your skills of interaction and the level of multi tasking and coordinating with different departments of the company.

Apart from the work experience you need to mention the achievements that you have earned all through your financial career record. If this was in collaboration with a team then be honest and mention the same.

Financial Resumes

Academic Background:
Your academic background is important in determining your expertise in the realm of finance. Most of the employers would desire an MBA in Finance, or a CFA course, or some diploma in finance. Mention the name of the institute and your college as well as the year in which you were awarded that degree certificate.

Your employers should know something about your personality. For a post in the top management of a company, employers are on the look out for people who are affable and at the same time are pleasant. You need to mention some of your interests beside work and finance so that employers can have an idea about your nature.

Conclude the resume with at least three references and their contacts. In case if you cannot state them in the resume then state that you can provide the names and contact numbers of the references on request. These references should have worked closely with you and must have something good to say about your professionalism.