Safety and Disaster Management have started featuring on the top priority of security agencies that are in turn hired by so many companies. It has been a field that was long ignored by professionals, but recently a lot of companies have started considering safety above everything else. Protection of employees, and safe guarding different resources in a company is paramount for a company now, and rightly so.

Hiring fire fighting personnel is also one of the topmost priorities for a company in today’s date as it is the basic requirement when it comes to safety.

Firefighter Resumes

Firefighter Resumes Key Words:

  1. Fire fighting skills
  2. Certified course and training
  3. Vast experience
  4. Responsible

Fire Fighter Resume Format:
Fire fighting skills are extremely practical; you cannot bring out the same spirit in your resume. But then you need to convey the same element in your resume – something that will make the employer take notice of your resume. Employers are looking for people who are well educated and sufficiently educated in their field of fire fighting.

Firefighter Resumes

Your format must be easy to decipher:

  • Factual details
  • Work Experience
  • Academic Background
  • Interests
  • Conclusion

Your factual details must comprise of your full name, your permanent place of residence, contact numbers and email address. You need to mention the total number of experience in terms of years in the field of fire fighting. The factual details need to be correct as the prospective employer will contact you for a personal interview.

In the recent times, employers are on the lookout for educated and well skilled fire fighters. So in case if you have a good track of academic qualifications, mention the same in your resume as well. Also highlight your fire training course details and the year in which you earned the respective degree.

Firefighter Resumes

Work Experience:
Mention in detail about your work experience with different companies. The bigger the experience, the better are your chances in getting an interview call. So make sure that you outline everything that your job profile consisted of. The name of the company and the tenure of the same will be your sub-title under Work Experience, and then go on to describe the various tasks that you performed in that particular job category. Highlight your strengths and capabilities that the previous working profile has brought inside you. Your working experience and track record must bring out your maturity towards fire fighting. The employer needs to feel that you are responsible towards your field.

State your last drawn salary as well as your expected salary. This figure must match your experience, skill and expertise in the field of safety management.

You need to conclude the resume with a small mention of your interests that comprise your free time. This will give an impression about your nature and personality to your prospective employers. Your resume must also mention some of your references- at least two of them. These references must be of your previous employers and they should have something good to say about your work and capability.