“Yihaaaa, I finally graduated!”

So, is a typical exclamation point after the person who graduates garbed in the mantle of the certificate in hand.

After the last few days slogging burning midnight and preparation for the test, he finally arrived at that time – yes, welcome to the real world. You are now eligible to enter the labor market and start looking for your first career.

She speaks from personal experience, the work should be available a multitude of opportunities for you to learn about the interaction between people and work, and even more to learn in the four walls in the classroom, it can not not be used in the workplace. Then open your eyes and heart to the world around you.

Today, the team of candidates to enable them to benefit from greater choice as regards the type of work that can be applied. Like many ideas and dreams May be in the choice of courses you have chosen to study, it is also important that you work at your first career in the hunt.

Before going to ‘classified’ pages of the newspaper careerstreet.com or visit the website, it is a good idea to take some time to understand the meaning of “work”. The concept of work is sometimes interpreted as a hard lifestyle. “I want to buy a car, pay my house, my career and never stop working again!” It is somewhat ironic that we can not wait to be transferred to work for adults. So we started to work as a regular weekly and try to enjoy the expectations of unemployed weekend. And after several years, we begin to plan our appeal. Well, young graduates, work in May not always be easy, but it is definitely part of my life, you learn the value accountability, the value of performance and value of human dignity. These values, your universities who do not learn. Getting the right perspective of ‘Work’ helps you work on the realization of these values a career only one salary, and we hope that will later be promoted and more pay.

The First Career Hunting

Therefore, when preparing your mindset to learn these values to his first career:

The value of responsibility

You are a professional or help you develop a sense of responsibility. Although we learn some extent the responsibility for our family and in schools or universities, where you can learn that the workshop. career descriptions, defining roles, expectations, deadlines – all of the positive pressure on us. If you meet the requirements, or you lose your career. Therefore, your work force to accept challenges, which are responsible adulthood.

Value for

What is this exercise? It is a feeling of satisfaction that your hard work finally bring you joy. Just as you have completed your graduate training, and because you have a sense of accomplishment that contributes to building trust and confidence for your next task – your first career. Although your duties and tasks, will increase the complexity of your past success and performance vary, you can work with. Learn the joy of good work.

Value of dignity

Dignity means self-esteem. It is important that we meet our day and pleasant activities. Hard work or work to help establish the dignity of us who are committed. If you’re done, it is a framework that follows the market with precision, or teacher, which makes it well-established paper or accounts, the balance of May for human dignity. Therefore, choose your first career and be committed, and you want fruit.

How can you project itself is a good candidate for your future employer? Remember that you are fresh graduates with little or no experience. A quick scan through the newspapers easily tell us that most careers require a degree of practical experience of the candidates. Yes, what are your chances of getting a career? Well, there are places in professional societies employment opportunities for graduates in the fields of accounting, taxation, secretarial or legal line. You can try management trainee position where you will be trained in various aspects of society.

Value of dignity

Here are some suggestions to help you be competitive in the labor market:

CV basic minimum

According to human resources, expertise, the list of candidates for an interview can be a difficult task. This can be either good luck or with a power-packed, letter draws attention to you, it will be closer to success! Yes, if you write this masterpiece?

Keep your resume short and concise. Write your resume in English, simple statement of basic information, such as personal information of students and joint activities. A letter of dismissal from the teacher will be an advantage. A four-page A4 printing of the letter it later would be nice. Send a copy of the certificate, the request to do so.

Do your homework

In today’s competitive global economic situation and conditions of employment, candidates must own day of the nation’s vision 2020 and changes in policies and the ongoing evaluation of the performance of business in society through the Write-ups in the document.

If you are invited for an interview, make a quick investigation into the company through its Web site, you have an advantage over other candidates with your knowledge of the industry.

Interviewing skills

Give yourself time to prepare for a conversation, it means it is 15 minutes before the day of the event. This is to give you enough time to complete the application form.

Interviewing skills

May have wanted to know more about you in these areas, so be prepared:

  • The personal history
  • Education
  • Five years of career goals
  • Other skills such as computing and knowledge in other languages

Work on your English skills, both orally and in writing, because most transactions and communications are conducted in that language.

See your figure

Position for me is more important than education, money, relationships, activities, skills or talents. Taking breaks or society and, therefore, employers are seeking workers with the right attitude. Our position is our most important asset, and is based on a survey of American consultant to the hotel staff in the selection of the largest U.S. companies about why they fired an employee whose results were interesting and stress the importance of the company’s disability (30%) and attitude problem (52%), the order of dishonesty and lies, negative attitudes, lack of motivation, communication problem, An inability to follow instructions.

It is a position that makes the difference. Impress the interviewer with your positive attributes.

Never give up

Be prepared to work to gain experience, even if it is your preference for this work. Opportunities honor, discipline and work pressure, as playing a key role in training, growth and maturity process.

When you secure your first career, remember that past experience, we learn in the crucible of work is often transferred to other parts of life.