Flirting at workFlirting at work is widespread. Finally, every third marriage is linked at the workplace. Complicating’s only when one of the two is already married.

Flirt at company event?

An office flirting is indeed exciting, but also brings a lot of problems.

Permanent grin and a generally positive mood suggest most attention to amorous feelings. One is motivated, floats of printer copier and has prepared a kind word and a smile for everyone. Each yellow note, the impatient flashes at the bottom of the screen, the pulse rises. Eager is written back from a shy flirtation is letter-sex.

Rendevous in the water cooler

Flirting in the office is a welcome change from the dreary desk everyday.Suddenly even routine work almost automatically done. Finally, the beloved is already waiting in the water cooler and would be well on the flirting as you.

Secret passion

If at all the e-mail passion and frequent coffee breaks, the real work will not lie, no problem. Difficult Moment happens when the concentration goes flutes or if it is one of the two partners is the supervisor. Even more difficult will it be if the supervisor is married.

Flirt at company event?

Who too much drinking at the Christmas party a glass of wine and wakes up with a bad conscience the next morning, must preserve the nerves.Just ignore the curious glances of colleagues.

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Bloopers end

Resume should not as a Liasion but. For desert words, tears, or at least an embarrassing end are normally programmed. The best solution can equal it alone. And who can not leave the flirting all warnings in defiance of the will focus on equal status.

«All good things come to an end»

If from the harmless flirting an affair, a real love affair could develop it.However, in most cases it does not work in the long run not, at least if the two fresh lovers work on different hierarchical levels.

Changing jobs?

At some point one is the secrecy before colleagues sorry. The tryst at lunchtime become routine and actually you would be quite happy if you could concentrate in peace on its work again. By then it is high time to end the affair. Most often it is the woman the victims: it is one that is transferred to another department, announces on its own or even lose the job.