A teacher resume should be concise and to the point. You should also provide enough evidence that you will be a good teacher. It is your aim to sell yourself to the principal by sharing any experiences you have had with children or teens.

Also, if you have any “real world” experiences in the content area that you are teaching, it is a great idea to include that.

Free Resume Examples for Teachers

If you are an entry-level teacher, you will only need a one-page resume to share your education, skills, qualifications, etc. However, if you have more than two years of experience, you may need more than one page to explain everything.

This is one profession where it is okay to go over one page, but not more than two. Two pages might be necessary to adequately express your experiences and involvement in classroom.

This article will provide you with free resume examples of items you should include in your teacher resume.

Free Resume Examples for Teachers

There are four required parts in a teacher resume:

Identification – You need to list your name, addresses, phone numbers, and email address. To make your name stand out, it is a good idea to have it in a larger print (3-4 sizes larger than the rest of the text).

Certification – Make sure you include your certification and any endorsements that you have received, and the date.

Teaching Experience – This is a great place to describe your experiences in the classroom. Most principals like to read about your classroom management approaches, teaching methods, experience you have had with special needs students, and how you maintain contact with parents. Make sure you include your job title, the location of the job, and when.

Related Experience – If you have any experience (paid or unpaid) that relates to your teaching experience, or that will help you be a better teacher, this is where you should list these items. Include job title, the location of the job, and when.

The remaining part of your teacher resume can include other items as well. Follow the rest of these free resume examples to help you choose what aspects would work best in your resume.

Work experience that is not teaching related. Most principals are only interested in your teaching experience, but if you have additional skills and abilities that come from other experience, it may be a good idea to include them.

Free Resume Examples for Teachers

Career Objectives are also another optional feature. Since you will go through a series of job application requirements, principals already know what you are trying to obtain.

If you have impressive honors or awards related to teaching you can also list them in a new category.

If you have fluency or proficiency in a foreign language, or other special skills you should also list them.

Professional development is also a great aspect to add. It shows the principal that you are willing to improve yourself. You can include workshops, seminars, etc. that you have attended.

Professional memberships and associations that you belong to can also be listed.

Hopefully, these free resume examples of what you should include in your teacher resume benefits your goal in creating an effective resume.