After months of job hunting, and losing jobs to less qualified candidates, you realize maybe your resume is the problem. Your savings is dwindling but you know you need help.

Don’t worry, there are many ways to get free resume help. Whether you’re working, in school, or between jobs, your options are not limited. We will explore your options here.

As usual these days, there are hundreds of websites devoted to resume advice. Some may be relevant and some may not. If you have the time, you can find the perfect format to use and advice on wording.

Free Resume Help

You may also want to check out employment related chat rooms. There may be advice from other job seekers that may help you.

If you don’t feel confident re-writing your resume yourself, there are people you can go to. Find a headhunter or temporary agency in your field. These are professionals in the hiring process and will give you candid advice on wording a resume.

They can even help you tailor it for a specific job or company. Some recruiters will even re-write it for you. In addition to help, you will suddenly have more people looking for the right job for you. This does not cost you, as the company will receive a commission from the hiring firm.

It may also be helpful to stop by your local unemployment office. There are counselors available to assist in the job search process who will be able to review your resume and make suggestions for improvements. Some agencies also have job postings to fill and may have a match for you.

Free Resume Help

If you are working and feel comfortable speaking with someone in management, ask what your company looks for when reviewing resumes.

This can be done under the guise of an acquaintance looking for a job or simply hoping for a promotion. Most companies look for specific traits evident in resumes, regardless of the employment level.

Any student should take the time to visit a guidance counselor. This person can be invaluable in helping with your resume as well as recommending companies most likely to hire you.

Free Resume Help

Some companies look directly to schools for their hiring pools and there may be postings in your counselor’s office.

Speak with those you know in the field your hunting. Find out if the companies they work for are hiring and what they’re looking for in a candidate.

Those with jobs they love may help you by explaining how they landed their perfect jobs.

You now have many more options for free resume help. Include as many as you can for the chance at employment bliss. The perfect job is out there.