Everyone is a fresher when he starts out and only gradually climbs up the ladder of experience to emerge as an old hand. So while it is very easy to write a fresher resume, you must remember that it is this document that would ultimately persuade an employer to give you a chance at a job that you want to do, but have no experience yet to recommend you. Therefore, you have to take special care how you present the information in your resume to help you win the confidence of your prospective employer.

The Format

Follow a very basic format. However, do not forget to use a design that pleases the eye; so, instead of writing long descriptive paragraphs, write in points and use bullet or numbers to make an impact.

Freshers Resumes

First, give the details of your

  1. Name
  2. Postal Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. Email address

The next section tells of your academic and technical (if any) qualifications and therefore, as a fresher, you must present this information to your prospective employers in a manner that would be most advantageous to you.

So, under the main heading “Education”, create a table that giving you the year of passing your exams. academic qualification in an ascending manner name of the school/college/university you have passed from the year of passing your results.

  • academic qualification in an ascending manner
  • name of the school/college/university you have passed from
  • the year of passing
  • your results

Freshers Resumes

If you are still waiting for the results of your last appeared examination to come out, then mention the year of appearing for that examination and in place of results, mention it is still awaited. Follow this table with a summary of your academic experience highlighting the highest you have achieved. If applicable, then create a sub-heading under which you can list your technical qualifications and cite the degree or diploma you have acquired for acquiring the skills.

The subsequent sections of your resume should give a list of your special interests and also of the co-curricular activities you took up along with your studies. In this section, you can mention the quiz contests and the debate, singing, recitation, drawing etc competitions you participated in, the school plays you acted in, and also your achievements in the sports and games you may have took an interest in. Taking part in workshops and seminars organized or endorsed by the school/college/university can also feature in this segment of your resume.

Freshers Resumes

So, if you took up any social awareness campaign as a student or as a member of your locality in drives like planting trees, visiting old-age homes, blood donation, educating slum children, adults etc such experience you can write down under the “Voluntary Work” section.

The most optional part of your resume would be the mention of any odd summer jobs or internships you may have ever taken up. However, since you are a fresher, such experiences are not mandatory and you must remember that it is never a disadvantage if you don’t have them.

Finally, in the conclusion mention a declaration that all the information you have given in your resume is accurate to the best of your knowledge and sign your name.