Full speed to a career: are marathoners successful?

Full speed to a career: Are marathoners successful?


Ready, Set, Go! These three magic words follow 42.195 km and in many cases also a brilliant career. As coincidence in any case it does not look to experts, the favorite sport of many executives and successful entrepreneurs of Marathon. Helps ie physical endurance during career Sprint?


The Olympic event is a mass phenomenon

With its 42,195 kilometers of marathon is the longest Olympic event at a distance. But professional athletes and carved success wood Olympians is the sport for a long time no longer reserved. The marathon is increasingly becoming a mass phenomenon. While it just gave 78 marathon events in Germany in 1999, this number has now almost tripled.

200 marathons in 2013 to an estimated 80.62 million inhabitants in Germany – does not sound like much?This may be. But the marathon is part of more and more people everyday life. However, this need not be the full distance or, in official events. Especially the half marathon is in German society more and more popular and many executives and successful entrepreneurs go this hobby after. But you also know that increasing responsibility usually accompanied by a higher weekly working hours. To attend official marathons since remains only a little time. So it is not the raw numbers that are meaningful at these statistics, but its clearly recognizable trend: Interest in the hobby “Marathon” is rising rapidly on. But why?

The Marathon: Training for body and mind

That exercise for health and happiness is important, remains controversial. But it is precisely the marathon is not just for an effective cardiovascular training. The positive effects of this sport on the mental faculties and mental well-being may this not be underestimated. And it is not only the distributed through the effort endorphins, to which we want to allude here. The aim is to Černý is the chance and unwind after a long day at the office, even outside the profession to go above and beyond its borders, and so long to more self-confidence and composure to find. Here, the Marathon plays a very special role. Endorphins pour namely in football or Zumba. More self-confidence you get then maybe by the tumbling kilos and the slowly emerging Sixpack. The marathon, however, can still much more to be paid.

Marathon runners are recommended for the upper echelons

42.195 km do not hang just so from the state back. It is a challenge that requires dedication and a lot of perseverance. Setting goals and then also be able to achieve, is one of the key ingredients for professional success. The goal may be already defined in the marathon, the time necessary to achieve single-mindedness, however, comes from the rotor itself. So if you now beginning to train for a marathon, you have to admit, as a rule at the beginning that you are somehow unsportsmanlike as previously thought.What are you going to do? You divide your big goal “Marathon” in numerous smaller intermediate objectives. Also an important lesson for your career. We could ever continue so this list. The Marathon promotes namely numerous other personality traits and soft skills that are not only welcome in German boardrooms, but often even demanded compulsory:

  • toughness
  • endurance
  • industriousness
  • discipline
  • Determination
  • Staying power
  • continuity
  • motivation
  • fighting spirit
  • willpower
  • ability to motivate
  • inner satisfaction
  • self-reflection
  • cognitive abilities
  • creativity
  • etc.

The very word “marathon”, in one application, for example, under the heading hobbies , work wonders. Marathon runners have a stone in the board for many HR managers and executives. Probably also because many of them even pursue the hobby and every marathon runner will tell you: connects this sport!

Everything Humbug? Facts and figures about Marathon

Do not believe us? Then be amazed: Just once every 600 German runs in his life ever a marathon. In the upper echelons of the German DAX-enterprises, an otherwise:

And this can be measured not only in kilometers but even the content:

  • 33 percent of Germans earn 3,000 euros or more per month
  • 44.6 percent of casual joggers earn 3,000 euros or more per month
  • 47.4 per cent of regular joggers earn 3,000 euros or more per month

A phenomenon that is observed not only in Germany. A study conducted in Canada study shows that recreational athletes after approximately eight to twelve years to achieve significantly better income than their unsportsmanlike colleagues – and up to 20 percent. These figures of Marathon can already almost no longer be regarded only as an unpaid leisure activity, but as a long term lucrative side income. Our conclusion for Marathon is therefore:

Career Push? Yes! Revenue Push? Yes! Push for your health and wellbeing? Yes!

Love Non runners: Why wait?

Let now the marathon fever infected and overcome your weaker self. You will see as soon as you tackle the new hobby would soon your colleagues or friends with me in the project “Marathon”. Together it makes not only more fun, your followers will also help you to overcome the motivation holes and not only, but to go beyond your limits – but please always with reason and consideration for your body. You’ll see: Besides all the positive effects you will mainly develop more self-confidence and serenity. Perhaps this is indeed the secret of success of the marathon runner. Learn we will probably never in its entirety. That a marathon can be a real push for your career, health and private life but is likely to be controversial, given the facts. In this sense, we say, “Ready, Set, Go!” . Let us know if and when you have reached your destination 42.195 km.