This article deals with the resume signature or with the question whether a sign CV should be how and where to sign a CV and with which writing instrument of the CV with a signature should be provided.

Tip: See directly from a template, how and where you can sign your CV: how to write cv

Things to consider when resume Signature

The curriculum is an important document in the application process. It shows the previous stops on the life of a candidate and illustrates the for recruiters interesting candidate profile.

Thus, the resume is firstly a personal document of the applicant, on the other, an important decision basis for the staff responsible for the selection of applicants. False information in your CV may therefore cause recruiters make a decision that they would have otherwise not taken.

Documents of this kind are usually signed to confirm / affirm that the information in the document is correct. In addition, a signature gives a document such as the CV a more personal touch.

Thus, if you sign the CV?

Nevertheless, today it is very difficult to make a definitive statement about whether it is essential to sign a resume. While you can often read that a CV from the input-mentioned reasons, it should be signed, however, must be read the same way that companies often place little value that a resume is signed.

At least one missing signature often no knock-out criterion. The electronic application forms have often unable to sign the CV. Should, if possible so to sign, the resume? Yes!

Even if a non-signed CV often is not a KO criterion, so you do as a candidate probably less wrong when you take the few minutes (or even seconds only) time and the resume simply signs.

How and where you should sign the CV?

Good curriculum vitae. The Resume SignatureThe CV should be signed by the last mentioned in the CV station at the very end. Frequently, they are mentioning the proposal, the place and date on the left to place and the signature on the right side.

Due to the mostly left-aligned arrangement of the other elements of the curriculum vitae, but also to place the signature on the left side of the sheet is also conceivable.

In electronic applications (for example, via e-mail, which the resume is added to the Angang as a PDF file), you can not sign, is often recommended to scan the signature and paste it into the document.

Which writer for resume signature?

It is advisable to sign with blue ink to resume with a pen. To see signatures usually from the purest. should refrain from it, however fineliners or even pencils – during a Fineliners may be smearing, a pencil is suitable in any way for the signature of a document!

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