Gossiping at work: How do you handle that

Backbiting, gossiping, explain facts – there are many euphemisms for an event, which can be found in almost every office: colleagues talk about each other – and not always positive. No matter where you look, everywhere are gossiping on the agenda. What “informative exchange of news” is the one of, can be for other crucial test. Not every employee is clear therefore that is blasphemed in the office, there’s no tomorrow. We’ll tell you in this post, what you can do, when, once again there is an acute blasphemous alarm.

Why is blasphemy at all that bad?

Gossiping we encounter not only in the office but everywhere in life. “We blaspheme not, we note,” is probably the most popular excuse when someone is caught, how he does another (absent) person bad.About others to blaspheme, is in our nature. It helps us to feel better and sometimes superior. At the same time it is a kind of valve, the pent-up frustration discharges controlled and leads that we relax. Also shared backbiting creates an extremely strong bond. Why are gossiping so always portrayed as something bad?

Simple: Because not everything that is said, also corresponds to the truth. Backbiting is an excellent tool of word of mouth. Calls that start with “already Did you hear?” Begin, based rarely primary sources. Instead, here reaches the “Chinese whispers” principle . Someone hears a story, she continues and twisted it (not even on purpose!) A few facts. The next one who gets to hear the story, they turn engages on different and spread it even less in truth further. And so on.

There are also always people who spread deliberately false facts to harm a colleague so. This form of blasphemy is not only extremely sneaky, but can also lead to serious consequences. Spreading false information that cause another person harm is, in legal-German as character assassination called – and in extreme cases even a criminal offense. In any case, backbiting lead in a big way to a warning by the supervisor.

When does blaspheme bullying?

Be honest: Every one of us has ever (or more times) blasphemed – and all without feeling guilty. Small gossiping are simply part. Not only women, but men love to discuss Third and thereby possibly to blaspheme a little. That’s okay, as long as nobody takes damage and everything takes place in moderation.

Backbiting can to, in extreme cases, however, bullying is. A clear definition of where backbiting ends and where bullying starts, there is no course. The boundaries are blurred and so must always be resolved in each case whether it has been a harmless backbiting or malicious attack. Generally it can be said that whenever talk of bullying is when the gossiping aim deliberately to (in whatever form) to harm another person.

The dimensions of the blasphemous attacks and their frequency numbers tell you what “not okay” and what is not is completely justifiable. It has at this point not sure once again pointed out in full that bullying is not only bad for working atmosphere, but can also cause great psychological problems in those affected.

What to do if the fellow ever blaspheme?

As mentioned above, there are blaspheming colleagues in almost every office. Who the illustrious “We only fixed” group does not want to join, must follow the snappy conversations usually implied – not to say: to go through.

Particularly annoying: they’re everywhere! At the water cooler, in the smoking island, toilet, even directly in the workplace is often blasphemed relentlessly, like crazy.

Not only highly sensitive people, but also many other people, seeing in the constant backbiting often a great burden. Anyone that does not want to permanently suspend, should necessarily be. Read a few tips that will tell you how you can deal with blasphemous colleagues.

Open appeal: Open communication is always, not only in terms of gossiping, the best way of resolving conflicts . Make the blasphemous colleagues directly and tell them that you feel disturbed by the talks – one part of content, on the other hand but also in terms of the volume.

Stalling: The Coworker at the next table you want to engage in conversation about the love life of XY? In such a situation you should be friendly, but clear signal that you are not interested in an exchange of this kind. Phrases like “I do not think it belongs to the office.” Or “What makes XY in his spare time, we really now goes to nothing.”

Here are very effective. If you still want to do a bit more clearly your position, you can also use “? We paid the boss for work or for backbiting” reply. This your counterpart is again clearly pointed out that his behavior is absolutely unacceptable.

Confrontation: you get with that colleagues whispering and gossip about you? In this case, it is no way to combat the same with the same. More powerful it if you just ask the blasphemers, if there were any problems, and if you might want to just talk about it is. You can be sure that such a direct confrontation not only confusion but also leaves an impression.

Make problems public: Of course you have as employees always have the opportunity to contact your supervisor if you disturb something. If you remind petzen this problem solution in the case of gossiping too attached, you can also go the following way: wait until the next meeting and get the opportunity to publicly raise the issue in the large group. In this way, must not directly addressed or feel betrayed and yet you have the possibility your anger to vent.

Tip: Do not dare to take the floor during a meeting? Then you can alternatively write an open letter and this (optional anonymous) stapled to the bulletin board. This procedure is much more discreet and will nonetheless ensure that some employees reconsider their behavior and perhaps even change.

Who goeth about colleagues because they blaspheme without commas, is not a bit better, but embarks on exactly the same level. Add to this that backbiting is considered highly unprofessional and is generally always backfire on you.

If you interfere with something that you should respond always open and do not spread under their breath. Gossiping have in the professional environment simply lost nothing – not least because someone who can like and much blasphemes at this time not provide convincing results.

“But who does not mitlästert, is not among them and runs fast danger, even to be a victim,” now thinks maybe one or the other. If so, a few of your colleagues should seriously ask if their behavior is really grown up or not rather pretty childish.

Whoever blasphemes like, can do in his spare time – in the office, such a communication over lack is in order. Let yourself be tempted never to blaspheme, – regardless of whether this is a countermeasure or the attempt to belong, is.

What is your experience with the subject “gossiping at work”? Find it normal and harmless, that is whispering about other or you see it as a big problem? We look forward to sharing it with you.