Graphic Designers are often credited for imaging and brand building activity. Their need is felt in across different sectors of business. It is important to have excellent graphic designers that could transform an image of a product into a brand’s identity.

Graphic Designer Resumes

To have a good graphic designer resume, you need to mention the following key words:

Graphic Designer Resume Resume Key Words:

  • Creativity
  • Responsibility
  • Skills
  • Good knowledge about graphic imaging
  • Vast experience

Graphic Resume Format:

  1. Introduction
  2. Academic Background
  3. Skills, Awards, Achievements
  4. Work Experience
  5. Conclusion

The introduction should comprise of your total experience in the field of graphic imaging, and also of your future aim. This will give a clear idea to your prospective employer about your ambitions and he will see you in the same light if you could be a good advantage in the company. After the two or three line introduction, proceed to give factual information about yourself. This will be details like your name, residential address, email address, age, total number of work experience, and contact numbers. Needless to say, this information needs to be extremely updated and accurate.

Graphic Designer Resumes

Academic Track Record for Graphics Designer Resume:
Academic background is a key to a good resume. You need to highlight the entire timeline of your academic journey, right from school to your institution. Mention the years along side the degrees that you have earned from different institutions. A diploma or a major in designing or graphic imagery will be desirable in your resume. A strong knowledge of your craft should be prominent in your academic background.

Mention the awards and other recognition that you may have received in your college years or during your internship. If your professional life also boasts of such awards and achievements then go on record in the resume. You will be required to show case these certificates if you are called for a personal interview.

Work experience for Banking Resume:
Work experience is another category that the employers will have a detailed eye on, after your educational background. You need to state the names of all the employers with which you have worked. You must specify the details of the work profile handled by you in all these companies. Mention the name of the company and the time that you have spent with them as the subtitle and then describe your job profile in detail. Number them as per the ascending order- i.e. the first company you worked in till the current organisation.

Graphic Designer Resumes

State the salary that you are currently drawing in the present organisation and then mention the remuneration you are looking at in case if you are selected for the job. This needs to be a justified figure. Most of the companies reject the candidates in case if it’s a superficial amount they are demanding. If you are open for negotiation then mention the same.

Conclude your resume with at least two references- i.e. people with whom you have worked previously and who have been impressed by your skills of graphic designing and imagery. This will be required for your professional background check.