Why is the black suit for respectability and competence? How many colors should be combined with each maximum? The expert Corinne dust Tips and reveals which tie pattern let appear dynamically.

Grey mouse or it may be something more colorful?

Geometric patterns on the tie act dynamically.

The fact that the business attire is kept rather dark, has a very simple as well as practical background.

Once Upon a time …

Earlier than was still heated with coal and not the washing and dry cleaners had, as now, the clothes were evening brushed. You had to worry for garment wear and therefore chose in cities – as where precisely also the transactions were carried out – dark colors. This was anthracite, blue in summer, about a lighter gray.

Black suit stands for competence?

Nowadays there are still those colors for competence, seriousness and formality, although the dark suit has lost with a white shirt and tie to the economic crisis a large loss of image. Bright colors were once reserved for the nobility and associated with power. People of lower social level was prescribed the color of clothing. They had to wear dark, impure colors.

Colors make people

With the depletion of the aristocracy and the rise of the bourgeoisie, the company and their clothes changed. Brown also belonged to the color of the poor, as this was the untreated cotton. The dyeing of textiles is practiced industrially since the industrial revolution and so the use of color has changed completely. The question was once just not what color I like and what is fashion, but: what can I afford?

Today hardly regulations

Grey mouse or it may be something more colorful?

The contrast between dark and bright costume shirt lends respectability.

Whether male or female, so today we are strongly influenced by fashion and have barely clear rules as regards the choice of color in business suits. So it is quite possible to wear a brown or black suit depending on the industry and occupation. The latter is very popular with women.

Start with gray or dark blue

Wear little suits or are just on building your basic wardrobe starting anthracite and dark blue. Black recommended, for instance as a more elegant variant evening.

Extratipps in Sachen Business-Outfit
Dark suit / costume with white or light blue shirt / blouse is classic and seems trustworthy.
Below bright dark above, has the look alike roam the face and emphasize the spoken word.
Below darkness symbolizes our roots and acts steadfast.
Geometric patterns (eg tie) act dynamically.
The greater the contrast in the clothing more communicative and competent affects you.
No more than 3 uni colors help.


Grey mouse or it may be something more colorful?* Corinne dust is considered an expert in the field of “occurrence in the modern working and living environment.” She is the owner of the company ONE in Zurich, works as a coach and conducts seminars to style and communication issues.