Group work: The 4 most important rules for efficient learning group

Group work

Many shun group work and learning groups because they experience this as inefficient or tough. An error. Knowing that hovers just between our ears is too uncertain. Clear means group work more effort. Of course I can do alone to read more pages at a desk, more reps. But only if I can really apply the knowledge and communicate it, it is useful to me.

Study groups have also an important motivation function: It is evident that one is not alone with his questions and problems. Are the other just haphazard, it is equal to better me! Even your self-discipline will be strengthened, because the regular meetings encouraged to stay tuned. On bad days, you will be swept away, the next time you drive the theme itself actively promoted.

Ultimately, it is not bad if you ever verquatscht a learning session. That’s part of it.Sometimes the energy is just out. The variety is good, one is among colleagues, laughing together and discuss a few things at a Pizza.

Through group work to success

Rules of thumb for efficient learning groups

So we go faster. About four learning partner lowers the discipline in the group work.Tardiness is annoying for all. Agreed clear rules: Who is more than five minutes late, should all other spendieren drinks (will help). Who repeatedly felt the group process is staying because he has not been prepared or too late is, is there! An alternative betrayed me students from Passau: They meet on Saturdays for breakfast, so each time has einzutrudeln. Intermediate rolls and honey jokes are made, discussed problems and weggetröstet uncertainties. Emotional everyone is on the track, when it starts at 11am.

So you focused. Works are all there, it is helpful if someone really has gone after two hours. He will have ants in and pushing for productive work. Clear goals (number of pages, chapters, sub-topics) are self-evident.

So you are satisfied. Often one has a bad conscience, because you can never prepare so intense as you would like. But teamwork is exactly there to work out difficult content. You’d much waste time trying to understand something alone, which goes together easily. Depending on the subject, the meeting is a puzzle same, in which the understanding of parts are borne by all. Especially in the horror subjects (math, statistics, formal logic, etc.) everyone understood another part and can complement each other. Is something absolutely not within a certain time solvable, the response falls to teachers no longer difficult: What several people after intensive attempt not understand must be better explained!

So you’re more productive. Of course you can divide topics – a lecture and the others make inquiries. It is better, however, if everyone has already dealt with the material.Interest, understanding and remembering to rise after a few minutes of preparation noticeably! Working in groups, it makes a tremendous difference whether I “How to read efficiently?”, Let start working together the participants to a specific question, z. B. or students ask, in ten minutes to write down before so many ideas and examples as possible , The results of the presentation will be significantly better grip and innovative.

Reflects your operation: It may take a few meetings until a team is well right!

Loneliness is best enjoyed in threes: learning groups

The various forms of learning groups

Study groups are an all-round way: With them knowledge be used to query, develop content, answer questions, share read difficult passages, prepare presentations or just give feedback.

Group work - forms of learning groups


Two study groups are ideal for visits, to talk through concepts, and intensive work on a specific project or text.This is the best form of coaching, z. B. if one explains the other a missed or difficult subject.

Three study groups shed some dynamics into play and are ideal for brainstorming and creative processes. It may be an even lean back and listen or help the other two, if they are deadlocked.


A fourth makes sense particularly when the contents are complex or were not understood. Eight eyes and ears are now times more! Additionally, one can form small teams of two to deepen, it is flexible.


Group work is also Creativity Booster: Everyone has to perceive and process a different kind, information. There are analytical and detailed and holistic thinking styles, some are paying versed other creative. Some activities fall to a lighter, any stores other aspects. This gives new perspectives.

Especially when By speaking of thoughts or an outline – the spontaneous questions will assist you in thinking. If I have problems of my dissertation worked with my girlfriend, she looks at me then always guiltily with big doe eyes, because they “do not contribute content” could. Far – alone telling helps me to recognize logical fractures, missing information and new approaches.

Group work – how it works!

How do I find my study group?

Often it is recommended not to learn with friends, because you distract yourself.That’s bullshit, because with strangers directs you just as quickly. So why not combine business with pleasure? But what if you do not know anyone in the course?Well, but the unverfänglichste and best way to address people! From my learning partners the best friends have become. Who cramming together, celebrating together well.

Also for presentations and project work applies: Find people who you do not have to run after all the time. We wanted at school less around the notes, we just wanted to make crazy and beautiful project work and wall newspapers. This intrinsic motivation usually also high marks for us jumped out. So search people who really like to meet the tasks! As later in life you have here tactics a bit and find the “right people”.

Even by those who can not necessarily suffer, one can learn a lot. I once learned aware with the biggest freaks, nerds and stuff from my semester and can abschauen a lot to me. The biggest in my eyes babblers showed me z. B. how quickly achieved with little effort a useful result. The more intensive contacts you tend to your fellow students, the more you learn by themselves even the soft-skill factor is not without. MBA programs often share conscious people of different thinking styles and views into groups to generate conflicts. Everyone must learn to deal with other characters so – necessary for success in the job!