Today, companies require an application that was created with the computer in most cases.

Here, the CV can be in tabular form particularly well on the computer, for example by means of a word processor, create. Occasionally, however, before nevertheless that the personnel managers explicitly require a handwritten resume.

This may be particularly the case if it is the job is a job in which the handwriting of the candidate plays a particularly important role.

Although the handwriting of the candidates is to be used at a grafologischen reports to learn using the typeface learn about the characteristics of the candidates, a handwritten CV is required.

If a handwritten resume specifically requested, so makes an application, most likely, only makes sense if the application actually a handwritten CV will be attached.

Otherwise the danger is that the application is already pre-screened, because they do not meet the requirements formulated, very large.

In the event that a handwritten CV is not explicitly requested, so the created using a word processing program curriculum vitae is required in most cases.

As a handwritten resume should be constructed

Handwritten resume

In principle, a handwritten CV is structured exactly like a computer written curriculum vitae.

However, the applicant omitted to the tabular form. A handwritten CV is generally written as a continuous text. It is on the left edge of the white sheet of paper to have so much space that it can be punched later without the font is damaged.

For the right edge nor should a minimum distance of 2.5 cm remain. Next, the paper may not be lined. To facilitate the writing in clean, straight lines onto plain, a lined sheet of paper can be placed.

The paper used should be of high quality and have an appropriate thickness. To write a fountain pen with blue ink should be used, since this combination usually has a positive effect on the appearance of the resume.

Tip 1: Do not use correction fluid, rule out nothing.

A handwritten resume must be written without errors or proofing – otherwise, the application likely no chance.

Tip 2: The CV should be proofread and corrected after the completion of a second, at best, even by a third person.

Tip 3: A handwritten CV should never be written by a stranger!

What is in a handwritten resume?

A handwritten CV’s content is not significantly different constructed as a typical, CV. Such a resume should show all important personal data included and describe the existing stations in terms of occupation, education and training in writing and in still relatively coarse but focused trains.

be started handwritten CVs with name, address, birthday and birthplace. This information then follow the information regarding the education and vocational training.

Depending on the age of the applicant is here either relatively widely reported (in the event that it is to find more of a smaller number of stages in life so far, as is the case for example with students) or streamlined (with CVs with many stations and a long and extensive professional experience).

Then follows the career path. Importantly, despite the written form no gaps arise. Should there be time gaps occur, so this should be explained.

At the end of the handwritten resume hobbies, special skills and special knowledge can be described. Also special advanced training courses are to be mentioned, if they are interesting and relevant to the job.

Finally, a hand-written CV should be signed by the candidate, so that it makes a clean and neat impression on the reader.

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