Headhunter? What is it and what I do with it?

Headhunter looking for employees

Headhunter is one of those words that are in the world of work on everyone’s lips. But although it is possible to answer what is a Headhunter what his duties are and how we should get in touch with them, hardly anyone really. In principle it is nothing more than a personnel consultant, but in a special form. Since this is however not a protected job title, each Headhunter differs in its areas of responsibility from each other. Grob can be said that he is responsible for the acquisition of highly skilled managers and professionals. He works either directly in the respective companies or appointed as advisor of this. This can have different reasons: either the company “conventional” in the receive applications has so far been unsuccessful, or it wants to keep recruiting discreet.

The activities of Headhunters

An exact demarcation of the activities of the relevant Headhunters do not exist. However, the most important areas of responsibility as follows can be summarized:

  • personnel search
  • Consulting services (eg contracts, remuneration or personnel development)
  • Recruiting through channels such as Internet, newspapers, social media etc.
  • Direct Search, speak, enticing the employees of competing companies

The latter brings us at once to the point at which the headhunter for “normal people” are interesting. For these are indeed often in search of numerous contacts, to build up a comprehensive index can. Only executives have a chance? No, this stereotype is vacated for a long time out of the way.

speculative application When Headhunter? Yes!

Therefore, can actually be crowned with success speculative applications to one or more headhunters.Especially for specialists in popular fields, even without management responsibility. To lose it finally gives nothing.

So who is actually looking for a new job, which should be introduced once directly with the headhunters of his choice. Hence contacts could give to you through the “normal” never would zoom Application Process. That must be a new job is not equal. But new contacts alone often lead to new opportunities and solve an upward spiral.

The numbers speak for themselves: over 80,000 points a year are occupied by the recruiters. The number of incoming unsolicited applications has more than quadrupled since 2,001th What was once unthinkable, is now commonplace.

There is one exception, however: With young professionals and graduates most headhunters can not do much. Only smaller and specialized in a niche sector agencies also take occasional professionals with in her file on. Try it here once your luck.

How do you recognize the seriousness of a recruiter?

Unfortunately, there is among the recruiters the odd black sheep. The results are based on the fact that in theory any headhunters or recruiters may call, regardless of his education or professional qualification.Who falls for a dubious offer, can put his career in jeopardy under certain circumstances. Caution is advised. But what you now recognize the serious and unserious Headhunter in bulk?

  • Transparency: Who does not mention his name, is not available on the web or may show no detectable references, should fall directly from the grid. Ask for the names of the consultants and the client and perform a Seriositätscheck.
  • Cold calling: If you are easily attacked with a phone call, maybe even at work, is definitely caution attached. You can check whether the caller has deliberately chosen you as a person and explain yourself, if necessary, a conversation in another frame ready. Not more! Ask. Ask to be as a person, your resume or other information that could be the headhunters have (eg from the Internet) and would, if he targeted appeals Otherwise, there is probably a random call from a dodgy consultant.
  • Inferiority of position offered: When the headhunter you do not want to betray the same to which point in which company it is, but the offer is to be treated with caution. It might be the case that a change would mean no Karrierefort- but regress or that it is the embellishment of an inferior place.The recruiter should ask where you want to go, what are your professional goals and aspirations for the future. Otherwise, it seems neither to your well-being yet to be that of the principal really interested and is only on the commission from.

All in all, you have to trust your gut feeling and approach with caution on the matter. There is no explicit criteria for distinguishing between good and bad headhunters. However, you can check the registration of the Association of Recruiters BDU, because that guarantees at least make some of strict professional ethics.About 50 companies are currently listed here.

This is how an application at Headhunter from

If you have finally found a trustworthy and specialized in your industry headhunter, it comes to the creation of speculative applications .

And this looks quite different than an application for the recruitment process of the advertised post. Because the recruitment consultant is not interested, with all necessary documents to obtain directly a comprehensive application you usually.

For this he simply lack the time. Rather, it is common to a short application to send a cover letter and two pages CV including a photo. Even if you consider personally printed on paper application as beautiful and tactile, it is now generally preferred the application via e-mail submitted or online form directly on the website of Recruiters.

Nevertheless, there are exceptions that a complete application portfolio choice. Inform myself from your application just briefly about the practices of the respective service provider.

Anyway, we wish you much success.