Heat in the office: How much skin can withstand the workplace?

Heat in the office: How much skin can withstand the workplace?

Temperatures rise and fall with them the cases. What is a common practice in construction and also in most trades holds little potential for conflict, makes the office for plenty of conversation and even explosive. Because it is not always welcome, if the colleague suddenly appear in summer outfits and present plenty of bare skin. But how much freedom of movement is actually allowed and when the tolerance limit is reached?

Other offices, other customs

What is where at what temperatures allowed, of course can not be described lump sum. The general dress code is different in almost every office. While the issue in the company X plays no role at all, it is hotly debated in company Y and always provides open clashes. Generally, the more unconventional and “younger” the company (keyword: Startups), the less important is the dress code. In traditional industries, such as financial and legal services, the outfit should be chosen, however the morning wisely.

Fact: A hot summer is not a reason to throw all unsolicited existing rules on the pile and set their own. Even if it is hot outside, it should inside the office continues to go professional and “businesslike”. That is just as well, to adhere to the dress code in force – although this is not just summer.

The Top 10 Fashion sins workplace

While it happens very stylish and fashionable at moderate temperatures in most offices, enticing warm temperatures to experiment, and thereby possibly also in one or two blunders to occur. We want to prevent them, by imagining you here the top 10 summer fashion sins workplace. Imitation is by no means recommended!

  1. Flip Flops: alone the clapping sound of airy rubber shoes in the hallway causing many colleagues of nightmares. Flipflops belong exclusively to the beach and in no way to the office – and even not in the elegant variant.
  2. Sunglasses: What is extremely practical outdoors should quickly disappear inside the offices in the handbag or briefcase. Sunglasses do not belong here on the nose and not loosely tucked into the hair. This look should remain free time reserved.
  3. Tops: Tops are a no-go in the office, if they clear the view of the bra. Therefore: Do not pull on backless or spaghetti straps tops the workplace and access rather go back to classical models with wide straps.
  4. Bauchfrei: Whether intentionally or unintentionally – belly tops have absolutely no place in the office.
  5. Sandals (for men): Men in sandals (and “best” even white socks)? In the office an absolute fashion faux pas. Women may present their feet may – if this maintains and sandals are elegant.
  6. Miniskirts: Although women can afford, should skirts in the office always (also in summer) go at least to the knee. Particularly scarce models are just too sexy and draw from male colleagues too.
  7. White Suits: White is the trend color of the summer – but should be enjoyed by the lords of creation with caution. White suits remember still too much to crooners and movie stars from the 1980s and are therefore absolute No Gos office.
  8. Plunging Neckline: Even if a deep neckline may well look good, it is in the office misplaced. Here the same applies as with miniskirts: Too sexy and too much distraction potential.
  9. Shorts: Bare legs in the office can be generally classified as rather difficult. Both women and men should always think twice if a pant is the right choice. In most cases the answer is no.
  10. Hats and Caps: Although headgear are quite reasonable in strong sunlight, they should be removed once you enter the office. This is true for almost all closed spaces.

Tights: Yes or no?

Many women like to wear in the office costumes consisting of a blazer and a mostly knee-length skirt. The outfit is according to the occasion, put together quickly and can also be worn in the summer – when the question “Tights: yes or no?” Was released. As we mentioned earlier in this article, are bare legs in the office rather frowned upon and not worry rare for whispering in the kitchenette.

Therefore, our recommendation is: Carry on hot days a flesh-colored tights. If this has a low ON-value, it is usually easy on the skin and ensures that the legs still gotten fresh air.

Tip: If you want the tights-question out of the way entirely, you can also wear simple floor-length dresses, jumpsuits or light fabric pants. These garments cover the legs and yet allow good air supply.

Shirts: Short or long?

While the women’s tights for headache makes to men who are subject to the dress code to ask if it’s okay to wear short-sleeved shirts in the office. Fashion experts advise, always prefer to resort to the long shirt and roll up the sleeves under circumstances . Keep in mind, however: Once rolled up, are afterwards crumpled sleeves. If an important meeting or business is pending, which can provide for embarrassing moments.

7 tips from the heat in the office

To sum at this point together short: Even though the temperatures are summery, bare skin in most offices is not welcome. But what can you do to be still somewhat cool and not get a heat stroke at work? We have put together seven tips for you.

Tip # 1: Light fabrics, wide cut

Airy does not always necessarily mean to show much skin. There are countless garments – for example, linen blazer, slim shirts, long pants and airy blouses – which counteract the heat stroke and may nevertheless be regarded as suitable for the office.

Tip # 2: Drink a lot

Not only in the office, but also more generally applies: Make the summer especially careful enough to drink a lot. That you succeed best when a glass stand on the desk and immediately fill this again with water or unsweetened tea if it was drunk. Important: Iced taste the drinks of course best, but you do not believe that you give your body so that the maximum of freshness. Cold liquids cranks namely to the heat production in the body and ensure that you sweat. Also, the circuit can be drawn from an ice-cold drink affected – simply because the temperature discrepancy is too large. Paradoxical as it may sound, but lukewarm tea is the best refreshment on hot days.

Tip # 3: Cold water

A very simple tip to heat in the office is the refreshment with cold water. Proceed to a water tap and let the cool water flow through the wrists. The face, and especially the temples will thank you for a little refreshment. If you suffer from prolonged heat waves and / or swollen feet, it also can be helpful to imagine a bowl of cold water under the desk and cool their feet in it. Ask your supervisor but necessarily, if that is allowed before.

Tip # 4: Fan

If the office is not equipped with air conditioning, a valve gate is an absolute must. When buying it, that the model does not make too much noise and possible refreshes the whole room. Under certain circumstances, it may also be useful to provide a smaller fan directly to the desktop.

Tip # 5: Light dishes

Apart from the fact that most people anyway have little hunger in extreme heat, you should always make sure to take the lightest possible and well digestible foods to be. Perfect are salads, fruit and raw vegetables. Avoid however extremely hot and heavy meat dishes and heavy desserts in the cafeteria. This straining the circulation too much and provide additional sweats.

Tip # 6: Early work start

If it is possible, you should try in the summer to go as early as possible to the office. In the early morning hours, it is still relatively cool and concentrate on work. In addition, then stays in the afternoon time for a trip to the lake.

Tip # 7: cross ventilation

Ventilation is good cross ventilation is better. This means that you open at least two windows in the office that are, at best, over and produce a draft. This freshens the air and ensures a gentle breeze. But be careful! When cross-ventilation, it can happen quickly, you get a train.

In summer it can be in the office quite strenuous and sweaty. If summery outfits are frowned upon or generally not permitted, it is important to be creative and to refresh yourself in other ways. How do you manage to keep cool in the summer? We look forward to your tips in the comments.