Help desk personnel is imperative for any industry. The people who look after help desk are often looked upon as “mission control”. Help desk people need to be extremely polite and well knowledgeable when it comes to interacting with people, and guiding them.

Help desk resume key words:

  1. Polite Behaviour
  2. Well mannered
  3. Knowledgeable

Help desk resume characteristics:

  1. Vast experience
  2. Courteous demeanour
  3. Good feedback from your previous employers
  4. Different sectors of business

Help Desk Resumes

Help desk resume format:
The format needs to be extremely legible and simple. This is the first requirement that will bring prospective employers close enough to read your resume’s substance. The following format is recommended for a helpdesk resume:

  • Introduction
  • Factual details
  • Work Experience
  • Academic Background
  • Interests
  • Conclusion

The introduction must comprise of the applicant’s aim and desire, coupled with the experience that he or she has held. This should not be more than 2-3 lines and it will give an idea of your ambition and working psychology to your employer.

Help Desk Resumes

Factual information must comprise of the following information:

  1. Full name of the candidate
  2. Permanent place of residence
  3. Age, Date of Birth
  4. Email Address
  5. Contact numbers

Work Experience:
If you have worked across different sectors of any industry, it could well work out as a positive for you. Employers look out for candidates who are well versed in training sessions of different industry segments, and are willing to learn more as they evaluate themselves to the same job profile but a different sector. Help desk employees should be well spoken, and immaculate in their presentation. Mention the different companies that you have worked with and highlight your strength after describing your job profile. You need to depict your readiness in learning more and equipping your self in tailor made sector knowledge and other training sessions.

Help Desk Resumes

Academic Background
Most of the employers are looking out for candidates who hail from good educational background. Mention your academic background in the crispest manner. State the name of your school, college or institution and the degree that you have earned along with the year in which you have passed out. If you have scored exceptionally good percentage then mention the same. This information looks good and easy to read when done in a tabular format. Pay attention to these presentation details. Also mention your extra curricular activities and any achievements during your school or college days.

Conclude your helpdesk resume with at least two references. These can ideally be your previous employers. Also, remember that most of the employers conduct a background (professional) check on their prospective employees. So make sure that your references have some good feedback to give about you and your working ability. State a declaration that the information that you have mentioned herewith is true to your knowledge. Sign the resume and mention the place as well as the date- this helps in determining how updated your resume is. It is good for your own records too.