“Hi, I’m the new”: To fold the cost

“Hi, I’m the new”: To fold the cost


If you have a new job, you certainly celebrate this event – both with friends and family as well as our new colleagues. The cost, therefore the first tete-a-tete with future colleagues as plays a major role. This is a welcome ritual that holds a firm place in many companies. All the more reason for you to prepare perfectly to your upcoming debut. Man finally wants to make a good impression.

The right time to purchase

No one will expect you on the first day that you celebrate your debut with the colleagues and superiors. It is perfectly legitimate for a certain time to let pass, in which you get used to your new work situation.However, you should not too long to wait to conceive as an official team member.

In most cases, the cost celebration takes place a few days after the start of the new jobs. If you take the new job, for example, on a Monday, the following Thursday is the perfect time to celebrate your debut.

The Note to wait until the trial period is over and you are a permanent team member, however, has proven itself in practice always to be inappropriate – after all, it is the goal of a debut celebration that you and your colleagues each other “sniff” to meet people ,

Important: Choose a date, are as many colleagues in the office at the. Your debut had its effect, for example, if the majority of employees Friday before making Feierabend and only then celebrate your debut.

The time frame

When finding a suitable date there is of course always depends on how long the acquisition is to last. Here the motto is: Brevity is the soul of wit. No one, neither you nor your colleagues, and certainly not the boss will be interested to sacrifice the precious work for a protracted lunch break.

Worse still is for many the idea of the time that takes the small celebration in claim dranzuhängen rear and therefore to postpone the closing time.

If you plan your purchase, then you should time high of around 30 minutes have in view. Longer the introductions usually should not take. If you want to do everything correctly, you speak from the duration of the small events in advance with your supervisor so that he knows what he has to adapt or can.

Who should attend the small ceremony?

If you have a suitable date found, it is next to put all colleagues that were to participate in a small ceremony. While it is normal in small companies, involve the entire team, it is sufficient in medium and large, when you invite your department.

Look here definitely to be exhaustive and specify no (reason) from.To build a good rapport with your colleagues from the outset, we recommend speaking the invitations personally. Although a round-mail is convenient and time-saving, but also extremely impersonal.

Important: Put whatever your boss and / or immediate supervisor on notice that you are planning to celebrate your debut. It is good office-tone, even the leadership in integrating such a social event.

Where will it take the Deuce?

The easiest way is of course, if the office space offer the possibility of holding a small celebration during the lunch break or after office hours. It is important that the cost off the jobs takes place – one part of health and safety and on the other hand from atmospheric reasons.

Tip: Do not be afraid not to ask a colleague, which location is common for a small cost in the office.Perhaps can be used to yes also conference and meeting rooms. In summer, it is conceivable to relocate the event outside.

provide food and drinks

celebrate debut does not mean only, all colleagues and the boss to gather in one place and make small talk.Here is an entertainment in the form of various food and drink is always expected.

The offer should be, of course, well thought out in advance and have one quality above all: variance. Anyone offering a snack and a drink, is not only stingy, but also tactless. One can not require everyone to something specific to eat and drink after all.

If you want to score points with our new colleagues and the boss, make a small but fine selection of different food and drinks together. The classics are beyond doubt:

  • coffee and cake
  • Sandwiches / sandwiches
  • fruit and vegetables
  • Mineral water and soft drinks

Not only monotony, but also an exaggerated selection may incorrectly arrive at their colleagues. Who heavy artillery ascends in the form of a huge buffet at cost, fast acting pretentious and overbearing. The middle ground is here clearly the best.

Important: vegans and vegetarians in our society are no longer exotic, but become quite normal.Make sure however that even people with other eating habits find something on your debut celebration. It should finally be discriminated against nobody. If you have no interest to read the secrets of veganism, you can easily put together a lush fruit basket. Keep in mind that the fruit offered are really suitable as finger food and serve the eating of any spills.

Preparing Mini Pitch

The culinary supply is secured, Smalltalk topics were prepared, colleagues and boss were informed about the time and place. Is there anything else, what to look for when perfect start?

Of course! You have to remember, to imagine the new team! So that does not end in a lengthy monologue, but also time for dialogue remains, it is useful if you prepare and practice a kind of short mini-pitch in advance. This has the advantage that you know exactly what you want to say – and what is not. Pitches are always restricted to the essentials. Focus So (for example) to the following aspects:

  • name
  • Older
  • Location + origin
  • previous job or studies
  • Wishes for their future careers in the new company

It also makes a good impression when you invite after your idea to send you a few questions. That signaled openness and the desire to be accepted and integrated by the group.

5 Cost-No Gos

Now that you know what you need to consider all the perfect start in the new job, it will finally go to the absolute No Gos during the introductory round. In order to circumvent any faux pas of victory.

  • Alcohol: No matter how sworn a team and no matter how easy the boss, alcohol does not have to look at a Einstands celebration. This applies both to the low percentage beer mix and the obligatory glass of sparkling wine. The issue of alcohol in combination with the work is a very sensitive – and not only when it comes to your debut in the new company.
  • Denunciations: It has further already mentioned earlier in this post – the culinary offerings at cost, although varied, but never exaggerated. If you’re thinking of inviting the whole team to eat, which is perhaps generous, but anything other than goal-oriented. In the debut ceremony is about to become familiar with the new colleagues and known to present and not to prove that you have a thick wallet.The motto “capex” definitely applies here.
  • A mere adjunct to behavior: If you are coming as a new entry in a company, of course once all eyes be on you – especially when you celebrate your debut. It is normal that you do in a situation like a good figure and your new colleagues “like” want. An excepted behavior is here but absolutely misplaced. If you want to be accepted as a team member, you need genuine from the outset and be yourself. Everything else is just masquerade.
  • Silence: They are more the type “Stiller observers” who likes to portray itself in the background and can affect the situation on itself? Well, then you should be prepared to briefly lay this behavior, at least during their mounting depth. Here, it is namely to be present and to come into loose conversation with our new colleagues and the boss. If you specify it to be a more restrained and perhaps introvert, then that’s perfectly okay. Here again reaches the previous point. You should never claim to be something or someone or you are not.
  • About Down Behavior: The antidote to “silent observer” is the type who talks without commas and prefer stands permanently at the center. You guessed it perhaps: This behavior is completely inappropriate for your purchase. You should not just use the event to introduce themselves to themselves but also to meet other people in the company. Ask questions, listen carefully and convey that you might be interested in your counterpart.

When starting a new job the cost plays a central role. What is your experience with the casual get together with new colleagues? Perhaps you have a good tip that you want to pass on to other readers? Leave us a comment!