Due to various reasons, it is not often feasible for everyone to climb up the ladder of academic qualifications. So, instead of looking for some more degrees and acquiring some more set of skills, one has to go out in the world stage looking for jobs, immediately after passing out from High School. Now if you are one such soul, looking to get hired by someone on the basis of the brownie points you have scored only till High School, your resume becomes that one important document which you need to create with care and present with confidence so as to make the cut.

High School Resumes

High School Resumes Format

The main feature of High School resumes is that they are low on work experience department as well as in the educational expertise section. However, the ideal High School resume is not about how much information you can squeeze in, but about how you present them. And for this, you have to make an attractive and eye-catching formatted presentation of your data in a very clear and concise manner without indulging in repetition or misrepresentation. Remember that an honest account of your accomplishments along with proper reference will go a long way in making you a valued employee in the eyes of your prospective employer.

Begin with the basics. Give your full personal information, like

  1. Name
  2. DoB
  3. Contact information (postal address, phone number, email address)

High School Resumes


Next comes the education section. Mention the name of the institution you passed from, the year of your passing and don’t forget to mention any particular achievements in your brief academic career. Any award that you have received, any appreciation you have earned, any distinction you have scored could be the highlight of your academic accomplishments that you write in this section.

Also make it a point to highlight your areas of interest in the “Special Interest” section. The advantage lies in that it can help you to land up a job even without too much education or work history. For example, if you are planning to work as a reporter in a newspaper, your mention of an interest in movies and theater, can help you get hired to report on such events.

Once you have done this, the section that is most important and you must lay much emphasis on is the work related section. This like the previous section might not have too much to say about. In this portion of your resume you mention all the summer jobs or part-time jobs or internships you ever took up.

High School Resumes

In a bullet format, highlight the role you played in the jobs, the responsibility that you carried out with application and dedication, and the recognition and appreciation you received from your erstwhile employers. And remember to cite references which act as a good recommendation by people who had once valued you as an employee and hence are now prepared to give you a good name.

Finally, sign your resume with a pledge to satisfy your prospective employer with your work that you promise to do with diligence and honesty if selected.