The hot wire – To convince in the telephone application

The hot wire – To convince in the telephone application

The telephone application is increasingly at the center of large and small businesses, because they must be carried out inexpensively on both sides and with comparatively little effort. They spared the long journey and costs so just for the candidate even less time.

Basically, a distinction must be over the phone application, if you already studied the first contact for potential new boss on the phone or if it is a telephone interview as part of the selection process.

In the first case you have to convince the potential employer the first contact on the phone so far, that the continuation of the application procedure appears promising for both sides. In the second variant the company is usually in front of at least a written or an online application, so does the potential employer first information on the candidate to which it can specifically cater.

In any case, a telephone application is not a cause for alarm, but as with any application applies: Good preparation is half the battle.

What part of the preparation?

If, during a telephone conversation actually the first contact with the prospective supervisor or the human resources manager, a good preparation is especially important. In this case, the first hurdle is already, this person to convince of its own qualifications, otherwise information, the Company received for candidates at this stage not yet available.

Therefore, one must ensure that the contact person has time to talk, otherwise it is advisable to arrange a separate telephone appointment. Additional preparations for this first meeting also heard his own career to design every qualifications concisely.

Based on the qualifications of the parties will decide whether the candidate is ever interesting.

Also, one should be well informed about the company, a list of information that you want to query itself is just as helpful. The standard questions include “What can you do?”, “What do you want?”, “Why do you want to apply?” – And on exactly these questions must keep ready a meaningful answer! and simultaneously signaled that question interest – Finally, a technical issue that relates to the position when it determines additional information to the desired location helps.

In a phone interview , it is a little easier, here is good preparation everything. Such interview is conducted rarely unannounced, usually the companies make a firm date by which they contact the candidates.

Even then, the preparation for the standard questions of the most important building block, also should be at home at a keep ready all the documents that may be important for the company: Resume, key points to answers to standard questions and information about the operation itself are necessarily so.

How confident on the phone?

On the phone, it may be particularly difficult to convince the interlocutor. With questions you lead every conversation, and the control is therefore possible.

Is no surprise that the motto “Who asks leads!”. Some key issues in advance will help formulate, once you no longer know what to do. Making calls while standing gives the voice more space, also it is important to speak clearly and to formulate.

A quiet breathing and accurate answers appear on the phone very convincing that one can advance even learn and practice. In general, it is helpful to run through the call in advance once, because that gives more security.

What should be avoided?

Each interview should be conducted without any time pressure. At the agreed time you should be achievable, noise in the background is very annoying and should be avoided. Paper and pencil are important helpers for short notes.

What about the advantages and disadvantages?

The biggest advantages are clearly the saving of costs and time for both sides. Among the disadvantages, however, include the fact that the employee is perhaps misinformed and perhaps is not a decision maker.This is especially true when it is a call center that performs the talks.

Also language skills can be a disadvantage when applying abroad. A conversation on the phone in a foreign language can result for both parties to misunderstandings.

Conclusion: Cheap, fast and a good start

A telephone interview or an application on the phone is a good start, they save both sides time and money.However, this is just only the first contact, the candidate’s interesting, is followed by a personal interview.With good preparation, you can, however, also convincing on the phone, thus gaining a good impression, how professional the targeted company works even on the phone.