To career success, let your hotel manager resume do the talking. Management is a broad field of knowledge and expertise. Obviously, the word “manager” comes in different “packages” depending upon what type of business establishment you’re into. In the hotel business, a manager should possess, most notably, efficient organizational and analytical skills from multi-tasking down to delegation of tasks. On top of above par services to hotel guests, you need to have excellent interpersonal communication skills to develop rapport in order to generate significant repeat business with them. Keep in mind that the best advertisement is word of mouth.

Hotel Manager Resumes

There is really no single convention on how to make a resume that can be in conformity on all types. You need to dig deeper to create a great job-specific resume to showcase your track record and what you can “bring to the table” to your potential employer. You only have 30 seconds at the most to make a good impression of yourself, so don’t miss the opportunity. Indeed, how would you sell yourself? Consider these guidelines:

  1. Resume Template
  2. Contact Information
  3. Full Name
  4. Campus and Permanent Addresses
  5. Telephone Number(s)
  6. E-Mail Address


Hotel Manager Resumes

You need to list any amount of education that you have received in the past. Begin with your most recent degree and continue down the line, using the format that is provided below:

Name of Institution, City, and State
Degree, Major, and Year Awarded
Grade Point Average of Degree

Special Skills:
The next second part of your resume should include the special skills; organization memberships; certifications and honors received, if there are any; but don’t spell out everything.

Reflecting Your Expertise in Your Resume
Presentation: Give a summary, not just objective. Fill in all the details to sell yourself but no more. Make significant information stand out so that an employer can easily glance over it. Use short bulleted list for added emphasis, especially for your achievements and what you’ve done above and beyond.

Tone: Don’t write in a pompous, arrogant, or self-serving manner. Present yourself in the best light; that is, being honest and accurate with what you’re stating.

Brevity: Focus on your target and don’t over write. Keep it clean and simple. Be mindful of poor writing — typos, misspellings, verb tenses, mixed and butchered sentences. Avoid huge paragraphs, for this will not single you out as different, better, and more capable.

Hotel Manager Resumes

Lead with experience, not education. Employers need to know quickly what you’ve accomplished and what you can do. Match employer’s needs with your skills. Enumerate activities relative to self-improvement efforts, such as continuing education and the position sought after.

List your accomplishments and not just responsibilities. Don’t just tell employers what you did; spell out the outcome of any problem-solving abilities.

Successes are quantifiable. It’s either you penetrated a market or not, or either you were the best performer or you weren’t. Showing who you are, what your ground is, how you relate to others, and how you affect change inside an organization is arduous on paper.

An employer often anticipates more and sometimes accomplishments do not always suffice, but make your resume as your most important marketing tool.