How do you handle awkward moments

Impeccable manners, a good appearance and the correct handling of work colleagues often determine the success or non-success in the business world. Mitlästern is taboo and “ladies first” is also wrong.

How do you handle awkward momentsIn daily contact with business clients and colleagues, at fairs or business – everywhere are perfect manners rigueur. Success depends not only on the individual performance, but also of good manners.


The main points that need to be considered:



“It does not matter who came first or who is older. The lower-ranking raises the higher rank before, “says Christine Stoll, Knigge expert from Zurich. However, an exception for business meetings: There, the people greet first, who know each other.

Forgot name

“What was once your name?”, Looks unprofessional. Better you should stand to have forgotten the name and charming ask: “I can not think your name just one, you can help me?”


Praise everyone is happy. But when you slide it into Salacious, do quickly discredited. In the business world and in the workplace, it is as a boss and employees better to praise the professional achievements or the team ability to make the statements about a good figure or the new dress.

The sound of music

none is criticized in the business like. Therefore, pay attention to the content and the emphasis on the expressed criticism when you rebuke your business partners. Push Your opinion of best by starting sentences like “I believe” instead of “You can not do”.

Women first?

Loud and clear NO. “Ladies first” does not apply in the business world, says Stoll. If a door is to open, leaves the lower-ranking proceed to higher rank and holds the door for him.


“Most Swiss are very upset when you waste their precious time,” says Stoll. Those who come to work on time or meetings, shows respect and decency. Bosses who show by their tardiness, they can afford to be late, should visit an etiquette course itself according to Stoll.

Friendships on Facebook

What to do if the business partner with Facebook sends you a friend request? “One must also ignore such a request,” says etiquette expert Stoll. “However, one should, however, kindly re-write that one uses Facebook for private purposes only. Not to be rude, you should instead to aprofessional network point,” says Stoll. Another possibility would be to accept the friend request and make the settings so that the person gets to see private photos of the last bachelor party does not have access.

small talk

Avoid at small talk conversations about religion and family problems.Criticism is the Smalltalk inappropriate, be positive in everything you say.In informal conversations it comes to getting to know and a positive atmosphere for discussion.

Not blaspheme

With gossip extreme caution is advised. “I’m always very careful when someone makes fun of the weaknesses of others funny. Then I think that this person sooner or later about me blaspheme, “says Stoll.

Saying goodbye

Many people do not realize it, when you are bored her counterpart at receptions or corporate events. Knigge expert Stoll advises “the interlocutor with another to couple or want to see someone with whom they need to speak absolutely.”