Don’t be overwhelmed when it comes time to create a resume from scratch. There are so many resources available to help you come up with all the right wording. First, however, it’s important to understand how a basic resume is structured.

The heading of the resume is simply who you are – it includes your name, address, email address, and phone number. All of your contact information should be there.

How to Create a Resume Without Getting Overwhelmed

(And while you’re thinking of it, make sure all phone numbers have professional sounding voice mail messages! Now is not the time for your three-year-old to be saying, “Leave a message for Mommy!”)

The objective is a simple statement of what you want. For instance, “A front-desk position in a large hotel,” or “A position managing the information technology department in a mid-sized company.” Keep it brief, but professional.

How to Create a Resume Without Getting Overwhelmed

Next should be your skills. These are skills relevant to the job, like computer knowledge, customer service track record, people skills, etc.

The next section is your employment history, in reverse chronological order, with a brief statement of your responsibilities, which should show a progression towards your objective.

Lastly, include your educational background. Here is a short example of what it might look like when you create a resume:

2244 1st Avenue, #23
Chicago, Illinois XXXXX
555-555-5555 (h) 555-555-5555 (c)


A position as an administrative assistant in a technology company.


  • Extensive computer knowledge in both Mac and PC. Highly adept in Microsoft Office, including advanced knowledge of Word and Excel.
  • Typing speed: 85 wpm
  • Highly organized and proficient with paperwork.
  • Able multitasker and professional in manner.
  • Accounting and financial knowledge.

Employment History

COMPANY A (2005 – present), Receptionist
Responsible for answering phones, greeting visitor, and directing office traffic, as well as assisting with administrative duties for all departments as necessary.

COMPANY B (2004 – 2005), Sales Associate
Assisted customers in garment selection, ran point-of-sale terminal, and assisted with closing duties on a regular basis. Began training new associates in 2005.

Local Community College, BS, Accounting – Projected graduation date of May 2010
Central High School, Honors program, May 2004

Take your time when you create a resume, and please don’t sell yourself short! Now is the time to show the world the great things you’ve done, and the great things you can do.

How to Create a Resume Without Getting Overwhelmed

How to Create a Resume Without Getting Overwhelmed