The curriculum is the heart of every application. By observing a few basic rules or a good template or pattern used can easily write a resume, the recruiter impressed.

The CV (also: “curriculum vitae” or simply “CV”) can be done in the application some wrong – but also a lot correctly. Basically: The CV should logically be clearly and consistently.

Moreover, a personal touch in the design be useful to contrast with the resume of the plurality of the other candidates. Use can use a template or pattern or just be creative.

But beware: the conservative, the industry, the more economical one should deal in the life with colors and design elements.

A bad example of a resume

On the top left (click to enlarge) you can find the resume of Laura, who wants to apply for the training as a photographer. Laura is a year removed from high school.

During an internship could already get a taste of the work processes of a photo studio, they also completed a photography course and successfully participated in a photo competition. Nevertheless, her resume is not just as a sample template.

How to make a good curriculum vitae: the most common mistakes