Find all information and examples for creating a successful resume.
The curriculum is currently being done in tabular form and may be in chronological order, to be chronological, but differentiated according to scholastic and professional career (American form) or.

Autobiography (also referred to as CV) should be concise, but complete all the parts are included.

For each application, a separate curriculum vitae should be created, which is adapted to the company and the relevant vacancy.

Therefore, it is not advisable to strictly adhere to the templates, as well as in the cover letter .In particular, for applicants with a wide aufgestelltem job description should be provided.

Content for a best CV

Regardless of which option to choose circuit in preparation Content resume is a vital and important for success. The following points should be aware of, and are:

  • Full name
    Please enter a valid first and last name. If the second name on their ID cards, so you have to indicate this is not necessary if you do not want.
  • Date and place of birth
    , date of birth is in the resume is an important component, the birthplace and less. Your age is the basis of date of birth, of course, it determines that it may be advantageous or disadvantageous, depending.
  • Marital status, children are
    also important to ensure that their children, if you have one. Although children in many professions rather negative factor today, the display is also in your best interest.
  • Nationality
    Citizenship, you always need to specify an existing one. Do you have dual nationality, so the two of you specify.
  • The training period
    shows indication of the training period, whether it be your gaps in your resume available.
  • School type and location of the school
    What are the public schools, where they attended the relevant general only regional application. For national applications, it is often not so important to colleges and universities, we arrive at the port.
  • School
    here is crucial always her last school, resist your current level of education.
Professional education
  • The period of study
    indicating the training period is carried out in the months and years ahead. Indication to date simply do not generally necessary.
  • Title
    always indicate the exact academic titles. Especially with short applications without submitting certificates only as a guarantee that no confusion does not come from other similar-sounding professions employer.
  • Operating or education school
    training quality often even after the training company or college. The well-known brand and solid companies, tend to be more useful than the unknown.
  • College
    After completion of the curriculum is the next largest, and often in the past, the final name for the majority of the deputy level.
  • The training period
    can be seen here, if you were so-called “eternal student”. However, it is no longer relevant as a few decades ago in a statement today.
  • Specialty or research focus
    here should be displayed as a rule only the main specialty in interdisciplinary programs, but also indicates additional useful space.
  • I visited University
    University can be positive or negative, depending on how the extent deemed appropriate the college programs.
  • Academic degree
    name of your full power. Note the final assessment in the application summary is not absolutely necessary.
An experience
  • Period
    when where professional experience gathered? It can be all kinds of labor relations, including internship.
  • Profession
    work you performed? Many people can become blurred over the years, eventually finds that employment contract.
  • Companies and the place
    is not the address of the employer appropriate, an indication of the full company name and the company headquarters is enough.
  • Activity
    Professions performed really does not say much, but nothing about the actual activities of the company. Here you can specify their responsibilities and area of responsibility.
Additional qualifications
  • Internship (period of activity, name and location)
  • Semester abroad (period, country, city and university)
  • social activity
Specific knowledge and skills
  • Foreign languages (level of skill – basic knowledge of, well, free, native language)
  • Computer skills
  • Driver’s license
  • developments
Military and civilian
  • Military and civilian has been abolished in Germany 2011th Nevertheless, there are certainly a lot of people who have completed their military or community service in different duration. This point must be installed separately or put in chronological order or chronological version versus at the appropriate time.
  • I enjoy
    the view is not necessarily transfer to resume. Separate candidate This decision is made even. Someone mentioned hobbies on his resume, thus showing, perhaps, that it is intact social life. Of course, the nature of the hobby can be reversed may cause negative associations, for example, dangerous or time-consuming hobby.
  • Notes gaps and abroad
    Many young people today are going for a long time abroad. Such gaps are not exceptional, but very often, nor negative, but rather positive assessment today. However, they certainly need to be named and explained, that “different” approach.
Place, date and signature
  • And finally, the location and the current date is always set. This is often a source of errors, for example, if the resume is not set on a particular job. If you apply by mail will also find a personal signature is needed.

Application photo on a CV

Photo on the passport can be attached to a number of biographical personal data, preferably with photo corners, when it is sent by mail.

Increasingly, the picture is located in the annex and on the cover sheet when the application includes a cover sheet.

The gaps in your CV

Important in this context is that the autobiography is no gap. If you still have gaps in your resume, you have to be honest and not try to HR decision-makers to cheat.

At the latest during the interview or at a later professional life this deception disclosed.

Development of biographies – from the typewriter to the computer

The CV application has changed in recent years, as well as most all applications folder, which means that it is not the only way to create a resume. 25 years ago, a summary was made mostly by hand, 15 years ago, typewriters were then standard and today production takes place almost exclusively on the PC.

Handwriting is made on a gross basis exists today, but sporadically in some professions.

In general, however, it is only for the interpretation of the manuscript because it is not intended that the identity of conclusions can be drawn.

Biographical with typewriter is no longer used today, but again and again we see – especially in older people without computer affinity – resumes that are produced using a typewriter application.

We wish you every success in your application!

Whether changing schools, application for a study or applying for an education or a job – usually everyone comes in his life once the question ” How do I write a CV? On”.

This paper deals mainly with the basic procedure for writing a resume and should answer the following questions:

  • What should I do before I can start writing?
  • About what I should worry even before writing me?
  • How to write a resume?
  • What should I think definitely before I send the CV?

Things you should do before writing

So you do not forget anything while writing, it is advisable to first all the documents that you have earned in his previous life, gather up and structure. for example, school records, internship certificates, certificates exerted summer jobs or job references for the resume relevant documents.

Also certificates and certificates on further developments or language skills are very interesting and important, depending on the application.

Compiling and structuring these documents before writing the resume only saves time, because you do not have to dig into folders during writing, the other one is occupied even before writing again intensively with the recent personal career.

In structuring the documents should also try to prioritize which documents could be especially important for successful application and which might testify rather little about their own skills.

Some thoughts before writing

After now all the interesting documents exist and sturkturiert, it is advisable to worry about that, as one might present themselves and their skills in his resume and possibly should.

Especially when applying for a training place or employment, the content of the resume to the appropriate vacancy should fit and be appropriate to them. For this, it is helpful to first make clear to which candidate profile examines a company. This can for example be derived from the job announcement.

A search on the Internet can also be instructive, because may be found there information on the characteristics and skills that should a candidate in a particular profession or for an apprenticeship.

A visit to the company’s website is not an error: There you can make as a candidate a picture of how a company sees itself and adapt their profile on the Company’s profile. The following pages of the website of a company can be particularly interesting:

  • “About us”
  • Corporate Philosophy
  • Company History

Even the slogan of a company often expresses, on what a company values.

Best Cv format

The most common today to form on the day of the resume is the curriculum vitae.

Characteristic of this type of resume is, as the name suggests, tabular structure (for a better illustration may worthwhile to look at the provided CV templates). Basically it is the CV to a two-column table: The left column is the period in which it has exercised an activity entered.In the right column, the type of activity is even entered.

The activities are grouped under headings. For example, can be found under the heading “Experience” all previous stages of his professional life.

Similarly, can be found under the heading “education” all stations that have been through during his school career. While it is still okay for students because of their generally short life to supervisors, list the primary school, one should refrain to lead the Elementary School in resume after the completion of training or studies sooner.

The activities are being sorted chronologically. For shorter lives, these Rules may still be chronologically ascending, ie past the longest activity is above and all subsequent activities are approaching the presence of. Widely used is the present day, however, the American curriculum vitae is also particularly suitable for longer CVs.

In this, the activities are in reverse chronological order / listed backwards, ie the last activity performed standing up. At the beginning of a CV are always the personal data of the applicant to find. These are presented in tabular form in the rule.

At what to think?

In principle, the complete application should have a uniform layout. For a uniform appearance cover, cover letter and resume should have a consistent style.

Next, one should not forget to supply a copy of degrees, certificates and certificates of attendance, because one should what are adduced in the resume, can prove even with a corresponding document. Also do not forget to sign the CV you.

Although there seems to be no consensus more on this subject now, you can probably make rather less wrong if you simply sign the CV with a filler.

CV student

Not only at the end of the course students have a work written in a rule a CV for your application: During his studies there may be different situations that require writing a resume.

Here, a curriculum vitae is usually desired by the recipient format. Regarding thestructure can therefore reflect a conventional resume.

Depending on the situation, it may be useful, however, even here, the own resume content targeted adapt. Below are three possible cases that can make writing a resume is required as a student.

CV as part of applying for a part-time job

The study provides an important basis for the future life – but also the daily maintenance, the textbooks and seminar trips must be paid.

Alternatively, a part-time job or a job as a student but often use this in order to gain practical experience and to pave the entry into the professional world early on. Budding academics therefore often apply for a part-time job.

Basically, you should look at your resume as a student that you cite as many relevant characteristics in relation to the advertised position. So Mention those qualifications that can help you in the exercise of the activity – avoid the other hand, however, the list of all courses and lectures that you visited during your studies, although, however, are for the intended work is not important.

Which of your skills and knowledge for the desired location are relevant, you can often read out already from the associated job posting. Here usually find both the representation of the profile, which should have a candidate, as well as covered by the office activities.

CV as part of the application for an internship

Throughout your academic training, it is further possible that you have to sooner or later apply for an internship. For example, could be an integral part of your studies a compulsory internship or an internship. But a voluntary internship could be of interest to you.

If you are applying as a student for an internship, run on your resume your studies first as “recent” station and then move anti chronologically backward in time.

Leadership should this all university and school qualifications that are related to each internship thematically close and thus are relevant for the assessment of your suitability. Also, you can extend the station of your studies in your resume to highlight particularly relevant knowledge and skills that you have acquired as a student as part of your previous studies, with 3-5 bullet points.

Following this station then followed by other sections, which may also contain information about your previous professional and practical experience, as well as other stages of your previous training.

A section on “Special Skills” also offers you the opportunity to highlight some of the other skills. In relation to the scope of the life course has a length of one to two A4 pages is common in most cases.

CV as part of the application as a graduate to find a job

When you have finished your studies, you will apply a rule to a suitable vacancy. Here, you should be careful to create a balanced CV that allows the recipient of your application can obtain an overview of your relevant professional skills.

Furthermore, you can in your CV in a smaller section also details about hobbies and volunteer activities make (See also: hobbies in your resume). However, this part of the curriculum vitae should not be too extensive and not occupy too much space. For the prospective employer they are important as an employee and as a human being.

The perfect CVTherefore try to convey a positive, but authentic picture of yourself.

The CV is the lifeblood of every application file. But what is the perfect resume and what belongs force follows in?

With a well prepared CV you arouse the interest of recruiters and have the chance to be invited for an interview So you gain an impression of how the resume should be constructed, that we’ve created a template for the perfect CV:

Personal data in your CV

After the heading “CV” or “Curriculum Vitae” the basic details follow the person: name, address, telephone and e-mail contact, age, marital status.A serious, but most of all likeable photo you should top right (or left is possible) attach.

Professional Experience

After the personal information the professional experiences follow. These are listed in reverse chronology: the latest professional experience at the top so. It is best to listen to, as in our example , a few key points about your activities in the respective companies. Thus, the personnel manager can get an accurate picture regarding your professional experience.


Again, in reverse order chronolgischer. In an extraordinarily good grade, you can specify this in the CV. Otherwise, you can omit this information safely. If you have edited a theme in your training, which is immensely important for the new job, execute it here briefly.


In the language skills it is necessary to differentiate accurately. You might even have to distinguish between speaking and writing. In English, this may not necessarily be the case. But in the French language falls most writing much more difficult than speaking.

Special Abilities

You can highlight skills that you particularly distinguished or are for your new job is important. For example may be the special computer skills.Imagine for once themselves the question – why am I the or the right for this job?


At the end of the resume you perform on your hobbies that support the positive impression of the personnel managers at best. Please read ourdetailed article , what hobbies you better not mention in your resume.


References enter course liked on request during the interview. The CV is therefore sufficient to note: “On request”.