Ways how to motivate staff in your company

How to motivate staff

Keep staff motivated – so it is possible!

Motivated employees are with the biggest asset of a company. But it also includes the most difficult to find motivated employees and to motivate staff.

If somebody would ask me what would be the biggest motivation factors as employee in a company for me, then I would – without thinking big – answer:

  • The work itself has to delight me.
  • The working environment must be pleasant.
  • The content must match.

If these three points, I would like to work in this company. But when I think about it longer, come to some:


If I for what I do, no acceptance and confirmation  would get lost a large part of the motivation to me very quickly get, then.

We humans crave now time for recognition. And that begins in infancy and continues without interruption until old age continues.

If a manager knows how to distribute recognition correctly , he has in his staff already had a large stone in the board.


Well, enthusiasm is the ultimate. Whoever manages to inspire its employees to the cause and for the company’s goals, who won in any case.

Because enthusiasm is one of the biggest motivating factors that can only be conveyed, if you yourself enthusiastic about the thing.

Given me always falls the quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, a:

If you want to build a ship,
do not drum up people together
to collect wood,
prepare tools,
assign them tasks
and divide the work,
but rather teach them to long
for the endless immensity of the sea!

Transparency and honesty

Employees have strong antennas that often cover up and tried disinformation are aligned. If I, as an employee would feel that I am aware of key information is withheld – and not just once – would not just leave the my motivation level to skyrocket.

The sharing of relevant information is important. And not just between supervisors and employees, but also among staff.

Clear COMPETENCES and task assignment

Also important for me: The competencies and tasks must clearly allocated be. So I have to know exactly what I have to do, and what I or who can do something else.

Only when the competencies for each clearly are and everyone knows what is required of him, uncertainties and the resulting demotivation occur not on.

Fulfil promises

Met promises are always possible to be observed. A promise that is not respected, is a breach of trust . Once there will be times when there is a valid reason. In contrast, if more often, the motivation level drops quickly.

I once had a boss who has repeatedly made promises and commitments and it respected the least.This was a huge breach of faith with his staff, with whom he also some lost its leadership authority has. Another minus point on the motivation scale.

These are the most important for me motivating factors.

Praise and recognition – the Turbo for motivated staff

A study conducted in USA study brought to light that the USA workers miss praise and recognition. According to this study the reported even 61% of respondents.

That motivated staff a capital for a successful company are, I have written here already often. But it can not be stated often enough.

If you praise your employees and appreciate their contributions, have you ever created the best conditions for motivated staff.

But praise is not quite so simple. If you do not do it right, which can among employees lead to “jealousies” and consequently to a poor working environment.

How to do it correctly:

  1. About Bring the praise always personal , so do not transmit through a third person.
  2. Praise possible in private . Although the recipient the praise to others is worth even more often, this can lead in the colleague to discord. Here it is important, however, to decide from case to case.
  3. Do not praise too often . It should not be taken for granted. Praise should always be earned and not degenerate into a “cliché”.
  4. My praise shall be honest , not fake. Otherwise you will forfeit credibility.
  5. Distribute no Pauschallob but concretize your praise. The Promised person should know exactly for how much power it is praised.
  6. Say the praise as soon as possible , not until weeks later.
  7. Praise must not be connected to criticism .

Consider these points, you have created fertile ground for motivated employees and a good working environment

10 tips for motivated and satisfied staff

Motivated and satisfied employees are a company invaluable.

How to reach but motivated and satisfied staff?

Every employee is different and every business has its own style of leadership. This needs to consider in employee motivation.

What are, for example, reasons why an employee prefers to work in your business than your competitors?

Below I have listed 10 reasons that can be used as tips for achieving motivated employees simultaneously:

  1. Maintain as supervisors (r) a friendly and respectful relationship with your employees.
  2. The people in your organization are required, not overwhelmed.
  3. They are used in areas where they can use their strengths and talents. This requires a considered selection in recruitment.
  4. The merits of staff are recognized and appreciated, for example, by a sincere, personal praise.
  5. The employees get a fair salary. If possible, even an above-average salary or bonuses.
  6. Staff are, as far as possible, involved in the decision-making processes.
  7. They receive support in case of problems, be left with difficulties alone.
  8. For employees, there are opportunities to develop in the company, educate yourself.
  9. You get concrete targets.
  10. The employee shall be charged extra “extras” available, such as company cars, mobile etc.

These are the grounds on which directly affects the supervisor


With these 3 filters, see dedicated and motivated employees

Competent and motivated employees form the reinforcing steel in the foundation slab of a company. Without reinforcement the foundation lacks stability for it constructed building. Cracks and damages Quick may arise. And there is great danger that the building coincides with a stronger storm in itself.

On an enterprise success or failure of the staff are so instrumental – that’s nothing new.Nevertheless, this awareness seems to have not yet taken root in many companies.

There are employees hired, which meet the technical requirements, but the view of motivation and commitment is in the recruitment process – if at all – rather neglected treated.

Of course, the conditions must exist in the company in order to gain the motivation and the loyalty of employees and to maintain. Here is the management level required .

But if new employees already unmotivated come into the company, are therefore adjusted, yet so ideal conditions in the company may prevail – from unmotivated are not motivated staff generally.

Misappointments cost time and money!

In my opinion, should the recruitment process much more emphasis on the motivation of potential employees are placed, as is often the case in practice. Misappointments are for the company with associated significant cost and time . As an an example:

After setting turns out that the new employees’ professional and / or social skills are not met. Even if you still win this knowledge in the probation period, which has already cost some resources , eg. As training time.

Therefore, is structured approach in the recruitment process so important.

But how to find motivated employees?

That is anything but easy! The challenge lies in the recruiting process a kind of motivated / unmotivated filter installed. At an advertised position, at best, only motivated applicants should report. How can you achieve that?

Suppose I search for my company a new, highly qualified staff member. (Of course, it could also be an employee.) Let’s go on the assumption that the labor market has enough potential candidates with the required skills and qualifications.

First step: Create a detailed possible requirements. So what should my new employee can?What goals they want to achieve and by when?

Based on this requirement profile I formulate the vacancy . And this is an essential step. On the one hand, the idea is a possible attractive job description to formulate, on the other hand the high demands must be clearly communicated – for example in the form of required objectives.

The more precise the bid, the higher the probability that notify applicants who actually thedesired corresponding profile.

The challenge is to provide a balance between benefits and claims in the description.

Where is the motivated / unmotivated filter?

Although I have formulated the vacancy optimally, from among the candidates still is relatively high proportion – are those, which do have the technical and social skills, but – depending on the current labor market situation is no real motivation for the job and the work bring.

Because many jobseekers those (perforce) downright attend a job Marathon .

Well, now for motivated / unmotivated filter:

The difficulty is therefore in avoiding that apply unmotivated people for the job in the first place. And that is possible: for example, with an extensive survey or list of tasks .

The work requires a kind is gratuitous wholesale demanded and only that which they met satisfactorily in addition to other requirements, will be invited to an interview.

So this extensive intermediate forms the motivated / unmotivated filter.

And so could run the whole thing:

1. Filter: ask Initiative

Based on the requirement profile, an extensive questionnaire and / or list of tasks is to examine the technical, but also social skills created. Is in the job description then informed that the candidates this catalog only have to ask the company -. Eg email – and them this is then delivered.

This is demanded by the candidates in advance initiative – the first filter.

And believe me: Only these “small” demand in advance filters out a large proportion of applicants who apply on spec on numerous jobs and usually do not meet the profile .

2. Filter Order of application documents

We come to the second filter. Now there are certainly some who have taken the trouble and have requested the catalog. Throwing these potential candidates have a look in the catalog, are among them  emerge three groups:

  1. Those for answering the questions too costly , and therefore can be the application.
  2. Then those candidates receiving the questions / tasks answer is incomplete or superficial .
  3. Finally, the highly motivated applicants who viewed very hard to give a comprehensive answer.

Two filter criteria for the application documents

The received with the application documents filled out questionnaires can quickly sort :

  • completed satisfactorily
  • Not filled satisfactorily

This sorting also allows conclusions as to the motivation of the individual candidates.

Even if “cheating” when completing the questionnaire was, the evidence still of intense interest for the post .

3. Remove: the interview

Well, now are only those applications on the table, the already large in the run initiative and actions show interest in the position.

Depending on the number of remaining candidates they can be loaded to a job interview or a phone call in advance to be performed.

This call can be closer to the individual answers in the questionnaire are received and nachgehakt. This allows a further gain important impression to rauszufiltern any “cheaters”.

Of course, such an application procedure is also something connected more effort . But this effort, you should be a value in any case, if you not only qualified but also motivated employees want to win. Because with this 3-stage filter the chances are good to get to dedicated, highly motivated and qualified employees. Of course, these must again be offered something – otherwise they adopt very quickly.

To perform an application process in this way, the current situation in the labor market have to admit it. And if the post is not very attractive for numerous potent essential candidates just attractive conditions must be created.

Every company should place maximum emphasis on the recruitment of qualified, but above all motivated employees who provide the company represent sustainable profit in every way .