How to search a job – Tips for discrete search

How to search a job

Anyone from an existing employment relationship out looking for a new job, have to want to do it as discreetly as possible. The employer and the colleagues are best learned only of it if the signature is dry on the contract. The most important tips for discrete job search.

Anyone planning a job change can search with the smartphone and the mobile Internet anytime, anywhere for a new job nowadays. Even in the workplace.

However, it is inconvenient if you will be caught and the change is perhaps not yet been definitively settled. Who is going discreetly avoids lengthy explanations and discussions and also the possibly emerging envy of colleagues.

One of the online job portal survey shows that workers in Austria are the risks well aware and therefore also proceed very discreet when they initiate a job change. Four out of ten (40 percent) dedicate just a few colleagues in their intentions.

Almost as many (39 percent) keep their job changes intentions all to themselves, because they do not want to harm themselves. 13 per cent of honest, when they are asked. And only eight percent have no problem talking to colleagues about their job search.

“The caution is understandable: even colleagues Gossiping often quickly reaches the management and can boil the rumor mill. This in turn weakens the own position in the company, “analyzes CEO Jürgen Smid the survey found.


On the corporate side, every second will (48 percent) want to know the reasons why an

How to search a Job

employee is looking. 37 percent go aggressively on the employee if this holds a key position. Eleven percent of respondents do nothing and say: “Who wants to go to, go”. Four percent remain on the defensive and wait for a call.

“The willingness to change-savvy employees to contact and to talk about the reasons, shows that many executives want to absolutely avoid fluctuation in their own team.

Is looking for an employee so the conversation can in many cases quite open up opportunities, “said Smid.


With a little planning and care, you can go looking for a job without experience that boss and colleagues about it.

The workplace
The search for a new job can cost a lot of time and energy. Although it is tempting, should the use working in potentially unpopular job for rather not do. The workplace, the company’s internal computer and the printer are for taboo. They want to avoid that a delicate print job from a colleague or a supervisor is fished out of the printer last.

In order to always have access to documents such as the CV or a prefabricated concept of a cover letter, it is also advisable to store them in a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox.

The colleagues

Gossip spreads faster than you would think possible. And then comes fast and someone’s ears, the better would (still) have none of it should, that you look around for a new job. One should therefore think carefully about which colleagues are so trustworthy that you can tell them about the project. The fewer know about it the better.

Online Presentation

Who uses the various job portals and Internet properly and maintains, sometimes need not actively looking for a new job. A good qualifications, relevant expertise and experience required nowadays, you can also expect to be contacted by potential employers when pointing accordingly change willingly.

Request for confidentiality

For HR managers, it is actually common, not to talk about candidates for open positions. Nevertheless, the reference in a cover letter that you are in an active employment contract and therefore the letter should be kept confidential, be worth gold.

Also recommended is the preferred method of contact. Approximately a private e-mail address or a phone number by specifying a time at which you can usually talk easily accessible and also undisturbed.

Caution with calls

Calls with headhunters or recruiters are not always possible in their free time. Should a call during working hours is unavoidable and not it be possible, can take a break in order to lead it undisturbed, then it is advisable to actively offer a call back and sure to make an appointment.

As the interlocutor in any case can be expected from the application letter thus, a encountered in the workplace is the generally understood and gladly accepted.

Dress Code

At an interview you normally can not get in jeans and T-shirt. If this is however the normal wear in office, then it may be noticeable if you appear on a day in suit, tie or fine costume at work and then also a couple of hours “on a date” must.

Ideally, at least to take care of the day or half day off before or slips into the job application robe after conversation is. So one also questions of colleagues spared.

Signature and Exit

Even if you get a job commitment in the interview and the joy is about large should not still hang out loud before the new contract was not signed by both parties, because so many jobs has still battered at the last minute.

Once that has happened, it is advisable to seek the supervisor first the conversation and inform him that you want to change jobs before you speak to colleagues. In Austria also the culture of exit talks slowly but surely developed.

These talks between leaving employees and supervisors can be quite enlightening for the future career, as the existing supervisors also can it speak openly about the advantages and the existing potential for improvement.

Watch video How to search a Job with Ramit Sethi

The search for the job with meaning

The search for the job with meaning

Dennis Hoenig-Ohnsorg (31) is a qualified career coach, organized Un-conferences for graduates to search for meaning and works for the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs.
At Ashoka, he is responsible, inter alia, the activities around the theme of career paths for world changer. Dennis writes for us about the special opportunities the maligned “Generation Maybe”, a vocation to join and on their entitlement to jobs with meaning.

The search for the job with meaning

Does not say our generation after all. When it comes to the media, stumble politikverdrossene Coach Potatoes from one internship to the next.


Lost with many dreams and even more possibilities. We are apparently all the doors open. We are “lost in opportunities”, not bring our PS alleged but on the street.

Did we set ourselves earlier by our parents in drawers, do we do it even with fondness even handicapped will be us -. We will – so not.

We need more creative thinkers, status quo challenger

But some of us have stopped hiding behind labels. They complain not, but just start ever to make to. Goes Nothing’s impossible. I do not fully speak pathos of a “Changemaker generation”. It is probably only a minority, maybe they do not even describes a trend.

But show some “other” that our generation is not the future, but designers of the present. Whether trend or not; it is good that they exist, the world changer, the maverick and Statuquo challenger .

Bring – while studying – eg alternative Nobel Prize winner with hundreds youths together, start mentoring programs or create local spaces for networking. Maybe I put some of them at this point in the future even more detail before.

But what does that have to do with the great mass? With those who have no concrete idea or do not want to plunge into the business risk? Most people that I know, parted always clear between its social involvement in voluntary work and their careers in the job. Why? Why distinguish between sense and job, or between vocation and profession?

What does a good job of?

Many people wished professions and career paths in which they can experience their social impact directly. This shows at least one study of Ashoka and the consulting firm McKinsey. One of the results: 39% of people would not want to work in a job that does not make-stiftend. No majority yet. No movement yet. But an interesting beginning.

What are the criteria you choose your job? How much social impact is important to you? Such questions do you imagine certainly now and again. Similar questions we asked nearly 1,800 people in the study.

Especially attractive appeared to them in particular jobs the characteristics of social sector and entrepreneurship combine. The jobs of the future are designed to provide self-directed, autonomous work in varied themes, be intellectually demanding and the staff offer the opportunity to quickly assume responsibility.

Jobs as they offer many social entrepreneurs, selbige looking incidentally also increasingly to spread their effect to the right collaborators.

A deeper insight into the results of the study provides a summary paper to which you here can find free access. Enjoy reading – I welcome your feedback!

3 alternatives to traditional job boards and job search engines

Every day, new ideas and possibilities, how to bring together job seekers and employers. Trends are on the one hand, as everywhere social media, professional tests and also the mediation of jobs on recommendations .


I have 3 tools picked . There are countless more, but they are not found so easily, since Google first spits the major portals and you already have to know exactly what to look for to find them. Many exciting approaches are especially in English-speaking, but unfortunately deliver clearly (still) no jobs for us here in Central Europe.

three alternatives to traditional job sites and job search engines

Silp – Let see you from your dream job

You are his interests (eg design, psychology, marketing, web, statistics) can Silp on his Facebook account access. This is important for the so-called ” network effect ” to obtain jobs through friends. There are thenjobs with the interests and the social network compared and obtained matching jobs.

 That is the theory. I wanted to see what Silp place for me, but unfortunately I had to give up because Silp never finished the stage of loading. If anyone’s tried, I would be very happy about a review!

Mercury Rising – to find a professional test at the appropriate career path and job

You start with a science-based professional test to find out which jobs might best fit a. One can also upload his resume yet and then by recruiters / company can find .

Takes a long time to create their profile, but is nicely done and something new.

Whizper – Let you recommend

One could also simply his blank Find friends and acquaintances , and when they find something they recommend for the post. Or so works Whizper. There it comes recommended for vacancies suitable candidates from the personal environment.

If the person proposed set, the person who has recommended them a premium. The advantage is that the referrer can assess the ability of the candidate and if he is working in the same company, also knows if he fits into the team.

Other interesting tools:

A search engine that lets you search Twitter for jobs can (I have not really found much that idea but find interesting) and a website that a all about a job titleprovides (What he means, content, …).

And who has a has a job title that sounds too bland one , can indeed times the here try 😉

Free job posting sites

Many job boards you can not free Job Set. We show our provider comparison, however, that employment exchanges also allow free ads and how do they differ providers.

Matching receive job applications by e-mail:

Free job posting sites

In You can download a free job posting switch.For that you only need to register on the website.

  • Your jobs are straightforward to adjust and manage. This is free to logged in members. Furthermore, look registered candidates and can per month Connect with up to ten of them. However, you may contact only one candidate per day.
  • Search orders You can also make free and create specific pinboards. Also, you will be notified by e-mail notification when a job application is entered that matches your ad.
  • Each job will also receive a statistical analysis. To see exactly how your advertisement on other matters.
  • In see mainly jobs that revolve around full and part time employment. From time to time there are also internships and apprenticeships. Set Search engine optimized Job

online job sites

With you have the opportunity to find a suitable employee for your business. Advertising is free and offers several advantages.

  • As a registered user you create at your job announcement according to standard templates. Select one of the templates and fill them with text and your company logo. You can then display regionally, in Germany or world unlock.
  • All shared items, you can also update or lock. Furthermore, can be set up a company profile and build according to your wishes. Also Keywords play a major role in what you especially in the field of search engine optimized job announcement helps.
  • The job market is aimed at all those who want to advertise vacancies for full- and part-time employment, internships and apprenticeships. hosting ads for side jobs

free job sites

Unlike the other two job sites, is directed Gelegenheitsjobs.deto special wishes: Find predominantly sideline.

  • To set free jobs, you must first register on the site.However, this is completely free. In the login area, you can set your ads and manage individually.
  • The job market provides you with a variety of current applications. Publish an ad, it will automatically appear on the portals “” and “”. So your ads will be found safe.
  • aimed primarily at all, have to forgive the student, summer jobs, weekend activities or homework. You can also find more and more items for people aged 50 years, mini-jobs or full and part time offers. Listing at the Federal Employment Agency

free job sites for employers

The offer of is also free. Do you have a job offer, you can enjoy the following advantages.

  • In order to turn a free ad, you must first register. Then you create then the tab “Free Job Ads” offer.
  • Post your job on this page, you benefit from your job posting is listed on different portals. The remarkable thing is that your job can also be found on the side of the Employment Agency. This allows you a much higher range.
  • On the site you can post quite different displays. So the regular jobs are required, but also offers for internships or mini-jobs are welcome on the page.

Conclusion: The job search sites compared

The job boards could not be more different – and yet it combines one: you are free.

  • The job exchange is suitable for those who are looking for a free job board. As a registered user you will receive many benefits. So you will definitely find the right employees.
  • is especially attractive if you want to make your job ad on Google and Co. visible. Thanks to the many keywords find potential candidates your ads directly to Google.Your chances, you can further improve by designing your ad color and create a company profile.
  • is a straightforward job market, thanks to the partner sites have a long reach. Have you offers that are more suitable as a sideline, you will certainly find the right candidates.
  • The site guarantees thanks to the collaboration with the Employment Agency a greater range. On top of that – unlike – also vacancies for full-time positions are desired.
CHIP Stellenmarkt

Another, but chargeable option of setting jobs, our CHIP job market . The platform is based on the StepStone offers the following advantages:

  • For 920 euros you get the starter pack. This includes a period of 30 days, a personal advisor and a company portrait. In addition, the date your ad be renewed after 15 days, to place it back on top in the search results.
  • The Professional package for 1195 Euro including full advantage of the starter package. You will also receive an individual layout and once per week an ad Boost, your ads are displayed better placed with.
  • With the premium package you get all the benefits of the Professional package for 1,695 euros. In addition, your ad will be highlighted in the search results to increase visibility. On top of your ad by e-mail sent to up to 500 StepStone users in your target group and reviewed by the StepStone experts before publication on error.

On the Internet there are in addition to the three-party additional portals that are not always free.We provide the three largest job boards before in another practical tip.

Watch video The Top 10 Best Online Job Search Websites – Popular Job Board Sites List

Who thinks of a job search on Facebook?

Who thinks of a job search on FacebookAs? Job Search on Facebook? Until a few days I had not come to the idea that you can actually find jobs using Facebook.


Until my two friends from their successes so told. Yes, on  Linkedin or Xing  , I expect that I could find a job. But on Facebook? In this post I want to tell you how to search for jobs on Facebook, is found for jobs and give you a few tips on.And of course I will tell you, as my friends have managed with Facebook to get a job! Here we go:

3 ways to Facebook to search for jobs:

  • Follow companies that interest you. You may post advertised jobs.
  • Occurs in groups, post the jobs that interest you (eg here or just “job” in the search enter)
  • Add a status update with key data what you are looking / what you can offer (try ‘just not to sound desperate;) – it can work .
  • (There is even a separate page where you can search on Facebook for jobs (although I never received results !?))

to be 3 ways found on Facebook for Jobs:

  • Poste your key data and what you offer can in a suitable group(Attention, lies precisely in advance what must be posted in a group!)
  • Let your CV / portfolio from a friend Send in a group where this is an active member. This has the advantage that members of the group look at your CV rather when it is posted by someone they know and of which they can assume that he / she wishes to recommend only good people.
  • Update your profile and put posts that are to be found in “public”. So you can be found with the Facebook search (eg HR managers).

How did two friends using Facebook to find a job:

A friend let her resume (which already some hergibt, she completed her studies and 2 years experience) to post in a Facebook group . And from a friend who is active in this community. Since him know the group members and assume that he recommends only good people, she quickly received some invitations for talks. She was also contacted by a very well-known and reputable people and companies.
In the second case it was so, that a friend his projects in his chronicle (and a private group of fellow students) posted has, after having addressed it, him former colleagues and even a Lecturer , They were impressed by his projects and knew of jobs where their skills can be used.

I can only stress again that it is important to work on his own projects to educate about its capabilities and to expand, even if one is looking for a job (or just then). AND then to make these projects available to others by showing them off or told about it!

What makes the job search on the Internet so hard – my Top 25 reasons

Who does not know – open laptop, open pages of the major job sites, typing requirements and go through lists of job ads. One page after another. Always open more tabs next to each other. Read Much text.Most close tabs again. So until one eye and back hurt.


I have my top 25 reasons (at 25 I had to finally stop! ;-)) Collected together, why I find the job search on the Internet difficult. What do you find it most annoying? What could improve it?  If you want to get rid of your frustration, I have an anonymous survey here started.

My Top 25

  1. It is a little exuberant flood of job ads. There are so many companies and sites where you could find jobs. Where should you look? If one tries to consider all (you do not want to miss the “dream job”!), You can talk to it verzweifeln.Jobtitel are inconclusive (what really is behind it? What tasks?)
  2. Job title act arbitrarily. When you think “Wow, Happiness Engineer. That sounds exciting times. “, You will be disappointed in the description. It is still all call center staff in a boring software product and the customer must thus help with their problems. There are often neologisms to draw attention to the ad or just beautiful painting.
  3. Job titles are not comparable. In a company makes a “social media manager” quite different things than in another. One has the impression it is clapped on a pile tasks just any sufficiently apt title, just so there is a title. I have a post found the advocates abolishing job title and instead use “skill clouds”.
  4. The texts of the job descriptions are often so lifeless, colorless and “corporate gobbledygook” . It acts as if the PR-text description of the company reinkopiert. It could also be in a brochure about the company, which nobody reads anyway. He is boring and replaceable.
  5. You get the feeling it will be advertised only unbesetzbare jobs that nobody wants. The Coolen go under the hand away.
  6. Too much text in the description. It does not want to read everything.And if there are pictures, they are not saying. Boring catalog photos of smiling, pretty people.
  7. The descriptions are replete with corporate-words that can not understand External. For example, Internal names of the departments or software products.
  8. Are you a Ninja Rockstar and want to save the world? Some terms act simply as a deterrent.
  9. Requirements are formulated much too high. The one can not be able erfülen everything, right? 10 years of experience, design and programming experience, international stays, management experience, young, at least 3 tracks and for little content. Almost as if they were looking for a panacea.(High demands also often serve as an obstacle, so that no violation tons of applicants. The personnel departments would otherwise be completely overwhelmed.)
  10. There are raised repeatedly the same ads on – you will be suspicious. Is the company too picky? Pay so bad? Keep it new employees as short there that the body must constantly be re-tendered again?
  11. After some time, you know the kind of deals already , there is nothing new. How frustrating is that?
  12. Is difficulty when the company behind it is not visible and recruiters / headhunters looking. So you can not inform you where to get it to do with whom. The preparation for the interview is a way not easily made.
  13. Poor websites of companies to which not even the team on it.
  14. If it is unclear which tasks you will have. If it is not, either in the display or is cryptic or formulated into generally. I want to know just what I’ll do there day after day. And if that is not yet clear, may be called sample projects (or former projects). That would be something!
  15. From the display is not clear how it is to work in the company.  In The Muse or Glassdoor example you can look a bit behind the scenes and watch office and team.
  16. It has been could no idea which company / team match one and finds out at the earliest at the interview, if you fit the company culture.
  17. Descriptions are so dry and bland, I can only stress again! Do you agree? What bothers you most, tell me here (anonymous survey):
  18. You sit for hours in front of an infinite number of tabs and has after looking through countless displays the feeling that one has progressed a single step. ( There is another way : collect Rausgehen and jobs on the go)
  19. If you have the empty search box or a couple of checkboxes in front of him, you can also only type in what you believe, that might fit. It has no idea what comes out and if another field or area would spit better results. One would have to read all the ads in order to get a feeling for what could fit into one.
  20. If you put a Job Alert on , you get a daily flood of emails . Mostly nothing suitable is. At some point one has no desire to read it. Eh always the same.
  21. It seems as if all the other very easily a cool job get , only one does not.Only I have to dig my way through a mountain of anonymous ads, that just do not suit me. ‘
  22. You have the computer search, because you can not well serve the mobile websites of most job portals. And even if one could (or there is an app), you have to zoom into the job ads around the mountain of text to read well. In a word: tedious. Job Search on the go: None.
  23. The descriptive texts of the ads read often as wound from a generator. And not as if they would have someone motivated and written with heart. (I have just been reading too many ads that you have but can do better, right?)
  24. With very few job ads you get the feeling that they were written by candidates really to address. They do not, as if a good employee with all its capabilities and potentials to make the team, where he can make a difference.
  25. It has often been in the descriptions of the impression that someone is needed, which makes the hoe, the remains are and no one else wants to do. Or that holding a job ad had to be switched to a position which is in the annual plan.

10 new reasons why the job search process is cumbersome – directly from the survey

10 new reasons why the job search process is cumbersome - directly from the survey

  1. Only ‘traditional’ jobs.  You always find the feeling only the same type of jobs on job sites. There is the account manager, the assistant and the customer service representative. What about the Happiness Engineer or the product developers with psychological background? Hm?
  2. Jobs on the platforms seem to be anything for career changers.  It is never “for the post of project manager are also graduates of history or philosophy welcome.” Actually, you should have studied more business or IT. Here you can on the one hand also teach much self (which might not even occur in the study), and secondly to bring very different skills and new perspectives in the work!10 new reasons why the job search process is cumbersome - directly from the survey
  3. Only large companies post jobs, no idea how to get to the jobs of small firms?  Unfortunately, this is often because small companies can not afford the items a job ad. Therefore they try usually first on their own network to find a suitable candidate. (I myself have witnessed so)
  4. One has the Chill you get jobs anyway only contacts.  Is often, but need not be. It is also not a bad thing, to organize a job using its network. I have a separate post on this topic posted.
  5. One feels always either over- or under-qualified . I do not even gone either way. Many job descriptions contain extremely high demands. Since one has the feeling that one is suitable for nothing. And then believed to have finally found a suitable job and applying, comes back “you are overqualified for this job” (and thus expensive). A friend told me the exact same thing. She was so frustrated when she had to read that she’s overqualified and the job again does not get. (She has since found a really cool job. She has done something similar before then as an internship and was thus perfectly qualified for the job! :-))
  6. It was thought meets all the requirements, but invited however you will not! Obviously there is no reason not to be invited. But apparently there is a less obvious reason, eg sympathy, Job was assigned internally, accident …
  7. You get a bad conscience if you do not constantly scours the job platforms.  Who does not know? 😉 (And then there are probably still the nagging questions of friends and relatives à la “Have you found a job?”, Which does not make it better.)
  8. At the beginning we still do not even know what to look for. You may miss cool jobs!  I had early in my job search do not even know that it my job of “product manager” actually exists! How could I then should have been looking after?
  9. Standard refusals.  They are, unfortunately, job search and applications to.
  10. Exaggerated experience call but want to pay nothing at the same time. “Some of professional experience you should bring along. In return, you get a steep learning curve, a dynamic team and valuable contacts. “Some of my friends is already on the hackles, if they only” “listen unpaid internship. But it can sometimes be quite useful, and further bring a. If you would not have an incredibly huge professional experience, to get it …

Watch video 15 Steps in the Job Search Process

To start 30 pages to your job search – list job boards and job search engines

During my two-year job search I have ransacked countless portals, job boards and websites. I have a list of the pages together, which I have visited regularly (order is random). I am pleased with new tips and add them to you!

List job boards and job search engines

Metasearch engines – they collect job ads from various job boards / job portals (or websites of companies) on their side

Non-specific job boards – here different displays can be switched directly

Specific Job Boards – get to specific displays are switched directly (Jöbbörse for AkademikerInnnen) (job board for students) (Jobbörse Danube University Krems) (Job Market WU) (job for students ) market for graduates) (career service University of Vienna) (job market for designers) (job Market for Creative)

Another tip for finding specific job boards:

. Give Google “job” and your interests (eg job digital web design)
(For me that would be for example: text, Web, Digital, Design, traveling, psychology and more.)
So you can find job boards that are tailored for their own interests.

Job portals of companies – exclusively Company Jobs

Where are you looking for jobs? Do you have any (secret) tips?
Poste the links below, as a comment or send them by e-mail 🙂
Looking forward to your tips and opinions on my collection!

2 new job search tools in the test: job spotting and Talents Connect

Again and again on new job search tools that will make the job search easier last. Or that aim to bring a little fun into the whole thing. What do you think this can work? I have made myself on and tested the following two tools.


Job spotting – Personalised job matching IT and Marketing Professionals

It starts so that one’s state of knowledge and skills to. That was not easy because I did not know what there is everything to choose from. It would also be interesting to know whether the more one gives restricts the possible jobs.

So: More skills lead to a lower number of new job vacancies and only one or two skills lead to many jobs. (I have found no, it restricts the jobs no one). Practically, I find that a suggestions are made that match the skills already mentioned.
Then we suppose where you want to look for jobs . I have given Berlin and London. I also have tried Zurich and Vienna to enter, but at these locations can be apparently not (yet) looking for jobs. Then they say yet whether to internships, junior or senior positions investigated. At the end of one wears his email address a.

So. And then you see a long list of more or less matching jobs. For each job you learn place content, companies and so-called, subjects’ (eg in a job for a UX designer is a web designer, designers, etc.).

Each job can be with thumbs up or downto specify whether the job for a relevant. According to the information that you do (job is relevant or irrelevant ‘for me), the list adapts to jobs .The system learns what I like! I think that’s cool, very practical.

One can also look at a whole city, which companies have just announced new jobs.It seems as if it is job spotting a (meta) search engine is because when you click on a job, you will be directed to another job platform.

On the one hand this has the advantage that you are looking for many many platforms can and does not have any abklappern individually. On the other hand looks back each platform different from what you have with the live different formats and the fact that one many individual tabs open has.

Right on the page you can view and customize their profile, I think that is practical. (I have a job spotting tested on my laptop, on mobile it was not possible to use the mobile optimized page – the app I could not find in the App Store).

My Conclusion: ! Definitely worth a try
Super is that you can search across many platforms and that the system learns what I like and makes me like, appropriate proposals. What is less well that the list is a bit confusing, you many tabs open simultaneously has in the search and that the side of the phone can not be operated.

Talents Connect  – So Job Search is today / in 10 minutes to the dream job

Well that’s even a great promise – in 10 minutes to your dream job .Let’s see if it works. After registering a explains the now three steps. Only thus noted: 5 Minutes + 8 minutes + 5 minutes have ever been more than 10 minutes.

The description says that this platform is to function as online dating , there are companies and candidates together according to their preferences. How to start so: It indicates whether one actively seeks when to start, what kind of jobs you’re looking for and in which areas to work want.

Then at you, how much you can work from where want (home, office, ..). However, it is not possible to specify that you want to work, for example. 100% in the office. But if I want to? Or what if it does not, workshop ‘are in a job?

Then you are at any rate, as you look at his presents daily routine . Again, you have to divide 100% to 5 areas. Are then the place to where you want to work. Thereafter you all possible information about school, study, work experience, languages and personal to.

This takes quite a long time , I hope it pays off. Experience does not specify it, but it should be noted that then gets displayed without work experience only jobs. I try. Why do I have to provide my full address?

Then come questions about how I present my job to me . Actually nice. But something I did apparently wrong, because at the end, these jobs suit you ‘and then there is no single job. I then changed my profile again, then some jobs appeared.

Each job is, how well it suits me . And I must admit that Jobs really fit very well ! (eg Project Manager Mobile Apps – pretty much what I’ve done so far). If you click on the job, opens at Talents Connect a detailed description. I must say that excites me!

My conclusion : If you put enough time (! More than 10min) in the creation of the profile, obtained offers available!

However, there is room for improvement in terms of the usability (usability, user friendliness).

Also, there could be even more jobs, I have received at the end only seven. (That reminds me, although I was warned that my only jobs are displayed with no work experience, was called for a suitable job as a project manager 3+ years of experience. As I said, there’s still a little room for improvement).

The questions of how one imagines the future job, I found a good idea and nicely done.

If you ask me now, which I liked better , I would have to honestly say said job spotting. It scores through the comprehensive search, learning the system and sophisticated technology. Even if you can hone the usability yet. Have you ever tried one of these tools? How was your experience with it?

With recruiters on job search

Looking for a new job and need to contact a recruiter? How do you go about choosing the right recruitment agencies.

With recruiters on job search

Find, has what contacts the recruiter: Look, for example, which companies it offers places..

Who in the job search would go through a recruiter office, should take time to select: Find where the headquarters are located and which contacts the recruiters office has. A recruiter who sits in Zurich, will likely have a few contacts in Bern.


Opt for a large or a small Recruitment agency?

For Agencies, a distinction between large, broad-based recruiters, such as Adecco, and small, specialized companies. The latter put on specific areas laid such. B. on “HR and Finance”.

Select multiple recruiters

An agency you would naturally prefer to communicate exclusively. Should you choose to find a new job as quickly as possible, it is of course better if you send your file to more than one recruiter.

made selection? Dossier Submit!


Have a Recruitment agency match your requirements, please send yourapplication file there. Before your dossier is forwarded to a company, the recruiter want to make a rule for yourself what the respective person: People will invite for an interview.

Why some jobs are only open on recruiters

Up to 300 applications a company receives on a commercial site. To avoid having to manage this large number of applications themselves, companies write these bodies partly not out. You can send recruiters matching application files.