Any employer looking to higher someone in sales is looking for your contributions and achievements that will help their organization succeed. In your sales resume, you must capitalize on your sales capabilities, area of expertise, and industry knowledge.

How to Write a Sales Resume

You should include information like your sales track record in your sales resume when you write your experience section. It is also a good idea to emphasize some of your prior job responsibilities like budget or supervisory responsibilities.

Also include your top achievements. Be careful not to share sales strategies and actual performance information from previous employers – you don’t want to include confidential information.

How to Write a Sales Resume

When trying to decide what achievements you should include in your sales resume, think of some of the following questions:

  1. How did the company or organization benefit because you were there?
  2. In comparison to your peers, how did you perform?
  3. Did you have specific sales figures?
  4. Did you meet your sales quotas?
  5. Did you win any sales awards?
  6. Because of your performance, were you rewarded with a promotion?
  7. Did you gain any difficult accounts or manage to save any that were struggling?
  8. Did you help develop any products or help launch them?
  9. Did you ever reach great outcomes in poor conditions, such as a poor market or new market?
  10. Were you even involved in professional development, or help others to improve their performances?
  11. Did your quality service lead to additional leads and referrals?
  12. Did you have any positive business deals through contract negotiations?
  13. Did you ever negotiate locked, approving pricing with vendors or suppliers?
  14. Did you ever write any publications, or spoke at company events?
  15. Did you serve on any boards, committees, or special projects?

How to Write a Sales Resume

There are also buzzwords or keywords that you should use in your sales resume. If you are applying for a specific job position, know the buzzwords.

For example, if you are applying to be a sales representative, you should also know words like, regional sales manager, VP of sales, account executive, account manager, customer relations, or director of sales. There are many more keywords that you should familiarize yourself with if you are applying for a sales position.