How to find suitable jobs? I know not so easy when you do not know in which direction it should go. When I started my job search, I had not even a vague idea of how my future will actually look like. A graduate of studies it has (almost) all possibilities.

Well, doctor or architect, I can not as a psychology graduate, but are open to an incredible and unexpected many other ways.

For example: insurance, pharmaceutical company, tech, etc. I did different jobs and internships while studying and have previously also studied law a section. Focus during study was Methodology / Statistics.

And yet, I had no idea where my professional journey should go. Many interests do not make it easier. So I have one year before completion started to plunge in the job search and get my bearings.

The following tricks have helped me get started. If you do not yet know exactly to what profession or job you choose, try it yet with this.

4 Job search tricks

1. explorer mode Google: Type in Google “Job” “Location xy” and your studies

So you discover various job boards and job search engines. Maybe a specific job board is that specializes in jobs for your education. Click you come by and look at you, which pages you cope best. Note: Some search results is called “landing pages”.

Based on the input to Google Keywords, a job search engine searches quasi itself and the link to the search results appear as a Google result. Often these searches yield no results or no matching results. It is in these “landing pages” just about to lure you to their site, so that you continue looking for.

At detection of job boards and job search engines you might help my blogpost  30 pages to your job to fill.

2. explorer mode Job Market: cabinets not to little one

Have you decided for a first job board or job search engine, you cabinets at the beginning a little as possible. You can specify any location, industry, category, field of activity, profession, occupation, type of contract, level of education and keywords in a free search field.

To get an overview of what is possible, it is best to enter only the place or Contract or if you can take the time and want to, you can see the results unfiltered.

I have often wanted to “Psychology”, which, however, greatly restricts the results. Most studies are indicated not so concrete in the job ad or various studies are summarized under a different preamble. In addition, you can do many jobs in which it is not important what you studied.

My tip therefore: Just looking to roam Job ads jungle, be inspired and get a feel for what jobs there are or will be offered

Note: After a while you realize that the “classic” job boards, the same types of jobs, and thus only a part of the actual possible jobs is always offered. (I’m also a post on the topic “How and where to find other jobs (challenges)” write.)

3. What do you like? Search your interests

Often one knows what one likes to do and what makes a fun. But you have no idea that you can do the same thing as a job or job in which you can do it.

For me it would be: text, video, web, digital, design, travel, statistics, research, psychology and more. Think about what you love to do (leisure time) and add these words to the free search box (eg monster  or again in Google “job xyz”).

4. Note the difference between job – task –  Occupation – Industry – Category – Job Title – Company

In a job (graphic designer) you have to perform different tasks (eg Flyers).If you exert a given profession (eg doctor) from, you may have different jobs (eg emergency) and tasks (eg vaccination) have.

One can in the same professional field (eg marketing, human resources) but operate in different sectors (eg textile or entertainment). For example, you can be a lawyer / marketing manager in the financial services industry or shipping industry.

And you can have different job titles (eg Junior Support Service Engineer) for the same or different jobs in different companies. Sigh, this sounds more complicated than intended, sorry! Sometimes these terms are unfortunately mixed or used otherwise. The important thing is that it is borne in mind again that there are differences.

My tip: cabinets do not from the outset on an industry or professional field.There are extremely cool jobs in boring sounding industries or professions. Conversely, there are companies with very exciting vision, where one would like to participate with less spectacular Jobs himself.

Let find you – 7 Ways to never having to manually search for jobs

leave and find Reclining the dream job, that’s it but! It is possible, but like everything, it has advantages and disadvantages. I tried during my job search The first 3 options. Viere newer or other approaches I’ve added below yet.

Lean back and let yourself find – 7 Ways

1. Creating a search profile and be found

Simply enter your resume and specify search criteria and already looking someone else for you ! That sounds lovely and there are such services even! I have it on ,  and  tried.

Uniport has suggested to me only one job that has not fitted to my wishes. I have pointed out in an email, but never received a response. was already better. I was contacted by a super matching to my ideas job offer.Unfortunately, more than a year after I created my profile. About I have unfortunately found nothing suitable. Perhaps was not the right portal for my wishes. (Search Profiles I’ve created almost 2 years ago)

Advantage: Lehn ‘you back and wait that you will find and you will be offered a suitable job! Drawback: you have to their profile from scratch filling on each of the platforms. After the second platform has somehow enough and would like to see that once is enough filling and the details will be taken for all other platforms. Sorry, that is not possible. And I was not found.

2. Allow New Jobs Email send

Various job boards and job search engines provide (sometimes a bit pushy in a pop-up) the opportunity to have it sent new Jobs by email .This is especially useful when it is found, returning keyword an interesting jobs. I have it on  and  tried. You can also set how often you want to receive such emails.

Advantage:  If you know exactly what you’re looking for, you have to not click through daily job boards, but just wait until a suitable jobs are sent. Drawback: You have so an email notification for each job board enable them individually. That means: time consuming and obtained many individual emails.

Also: Are the keywords selected very far, it is often littered  me inappropriate results. I find these emails often gone on my nerves, because they were the same jobs and a lot of inappropriate jobs again.

3. Scroll to the candidate pool of a company

If you would like to work in certain companies can join with his profile the applicant pool. Such pools of applicants there are, especially in large enterprises. One registered on the company’s side (usually under “career”) and fills data from the professional experience and job performance.

The personnel in charge of the company can then pick candidates that could be suitable for vacancies. At that time I here atRewe tries.

Advantage: It shows the company that you very like to work exactly want, even if perhaps no vacancies open. And it remains so to speak “in evidence” , as the company can always looking at its applicant pool for candidates.

Drawback: Man goes down, only one fish is among many others, and can not stand out. We know not what the recruiters are looking for exactly, if they want to occupy a new position and can not adapt to the requirements of their profile (except you are applying specifically for a job).

Tip: you really Will necessarily in a particular business people working, one should try to the company otherwise known to make (eg, in person at a job fair or other events where the company is present.)

4. Silp : Let see you from your dream job (using Facebook)

Silp is a tool that promises to find a suitable job with the help of Facebook. You are his interests (eg programming, photography, statistics) and linked with the Silp Facebook account. There are then  jobs with the interests and the social network compared  and obtained matching jobs.

Advantage: Quite new approach. If it finds me my dream job, that would be super. (In my case it did not work Silp could not be connected to Facebook.). Disadvantage: Silp accesses for job search on their own Facebook data to. This is necessary to search for the perfect job, but we need to know if you want to.

5. Let yourself using  Mercury Rising find

Here, you do a science-based professional test to find out which jobs might best fit a. In addition, you can upload his resume and can then be found by recruiters / company.

Advantage : You do not simply transmits only his resume. No, it also makes a professional test to a career path to find that suits their own interests and abilities. Drawback: Takes a long time to create a profile.It also saves a again not still apply on other sites, a search profile.

6. Capture the career network Xing or Linkedin to be found

Here you can put your career profile and linked up with other. Both platforms serve as a professional social network. You can specify what kind of training, skills and interests you have. So almost like a resume, which you can constantly update and is always accessible for others.

If HR managers are looking for new employees, they may by “Keywords” suitable candidates looking on the platforms and find. So think well, want to be under what terms you found. You can also join groups and there are also jobs advertised on these platforms.

Advantage : An always current resume, the personnel seekers can access at any time. Disadvantage: It takes time to keep up to date their profile, but can pay off!

7. platforms like Dribbble, Behance and Github – for design and software development

On these platforms as Dribbble and Behance can be upload portfolioand Github software developers can show what they can do.

If used, inter alia in the would like to work areas Design or Software winding , it is useful to create a profile there. It is an alternative to the traditional CV and staff seekers can make reference to the hergezeigten projects immediately an idea of what the person can do.

Advantage: Man shows his skills through projects rather than to list on a resume. Disadvantage: Only for specific areas.

Online resume – let employers find From

Ask her resume an online and let yourself find interesting employers and career opportunities

Meanwhile, there are a variety of career networks and job boards that will not only allow to actively seek candidates for a new job, but also open up the possibility of setting an online CV to be found passively by employers and recruiters.

As more employers make use of this possibility of recruiting, online can resume for candidates to be a promising way to get interesting job.

But not only for candidates may be the publication and maintenance of an online CV of interest: For people who are already in an employment relationship, the presence in a career network can help to bring about the next career move.

Since career networks, as described, are a great way to further advance their careers, can be found below two such portals where your resume should not be missed.

2 job sites where your online resume should not be ignored

The two portals, which are presented below, are suitable both for job seekers, as well as for workers who want to gain access to new opportunities.


XING is one of the leading in Germany, if not the leading career network. XING offers its users free after registration, the opportunity to create a meaningful profile, which can be provided with an online resume.

In addition, the profile of a profile image and qualifications and skills can be supplemented. Disclosure of this information allows employers to find headhunters and recruiters matching employees for vacancies. Meticulous maintenance of this data therefore so is advisable.

To extend the reach of your profile and can be found in order of new career opportunities, it is recommended to connect with other users. This may for example be colleagues, business contacts or even old school or fellow students.

Note that your profile should make a professional impression. Compared to other social networks such as Facebook, XING in the professional, business aspect clearly highlighted.

2. JobScout24

JobScout24 is a great job market. Candidates will have the opportunity to add your resume an applicant database.

Companies, headhunters and recruiters can search through this database of candidates and find suitable candidates for vacancies. Additionally JobScout24 offers the possibility to send applications directly online, when a job has been found.

As mentioned above, this possibility of passive job search is likely to be particularly suitable for job seekers to improve the chances of an exciting new job.

How should I choose a job area?

Only few people know at school what they want to be or what job they want to do later. Many know it is not as a student. And still many knownot even after graduation. Or are uncertain even during the first adopted jobs which direction really suits them and what would make them fun.

During the school years I wanted a lawyer be. While psychology studies I knew I on classical clinical psychologist Never wanted to be. But I had no haze, what to do instead. Spezialisierendes master program abroad attach perhaps?

Or a distance learning make way? Or after the completion of an additional trainingdranhängen? So many choices and no specifications, help or anything tangible on which one would be able to stop.

I have stacks of info and brochures of different universities send, especially from abroad. I visited site to site. I just have to advise semesters abroad, abroad years abroad and Master studies.

Neuroscience in Cardiff , wow, sounds exciting! Or business psychology in Germany ? Or at the Charité Berlin as a researcher? I could but alsoArabic to accept or BWL? Me Maybe would Statistics study further bring?

The job of a Smell Research Technician I found totally interesting!One wonders how businesses and their departments (eg Keksregale) to smell. Or how can smell the product when you unpack it. (In stores is often a certain artificial odor sprayed – You’ve never asked yourself why it is so smell in the meat department well by Bacon, though all the goods are sealed ;-))

I have career fairs and trade shows for Studieninfo visited. As. themselves. there. decide? Everything has super sounded, but nothing has felt right. How was I to know in advance what makes me happy later?

Because During college I still have no decision taken. I was by no way convincing enough. Then, even before conclusion I wanted to be a scientist or analyst Market researcher or in any way. Data mining, also sounds cool, right? In addition there is also a great way to study in Scotland!

And by the way: people who deal well with data, most juggling, may be desperately looking everywhere and are well paid! (We constantly produce so vast amounts of data and the need to analyze anybody! Alone on youtube are 60 hours of video every minute uploaded! For more information to to data created what amounts every minute can be found here.)

Then it was studying finished and I still did not know where I’m going.Oh great.
I have begun to search job boards , perhaps would give me so simple a job eye-catching suits (it is not!).
And I’ve been working on my own ideas and thought she eventually entrepreneurial implement. I have to run multiple blogs started to develop business plans and to design mockups and prototypes. To make it short:

It is this second route took me to my current job performed as product developers / Product Manager. In the time of the job search I have all the acquired knowledge and skills, which I then used.

Just because I’ve done what I enjoyed. At that time I did not yet, of course, where would lead me this way. Or that it would lead me at all anywhere. Ispend hours every day searching for jobs and applied for a job.

And in my “spare time” I have my own little projects busy (which I can only advise! Instructions on how to successfully survive the period of job search).

Big changes (and decisions that) do not happen overnight , but you start with small steps and slowly it develops!
If you have the time and energy, try a feel for developing what you love to do and what you do do not want to make.

Try as much as possible outto exclude some things. Especially: Act now! Thinking Too much does not bring you further. Only when you actually do things you feel, what you like and what not. Incidentally, I have noticed very quickly that I’ll no data Juggler, even if I so much money let me slip through our fingers.

In my first internship after graduation I could have a lot to do with data. But you realize in their daily work, as may be frightening Excel and how tiring it is to permanently see only rows and columns and figures.

I can only recommend again: Become a specialist in your area and then make up the search for a suitable job or going so even found (Manual, Use your network.)!

Do stuff and tell people And if you find anything suitable, you can easily also become self-employed with your skills.Offering your “product” or your “service” first friends and acquaintances and other potential customers for free, to see if there is interest and what your customers want (If your idea interesting:

it is part of Customer Development, more here: Startup Toolkit – Rob Fitzpatrick may very well explain Methodology by Steve Blank – Steve Blank is the founder, Skill Share Course – I’ve done, vele good advice was very inspiring).

Most important: Do not be afraid to change direction your decision is not final. You can at any time another direction take if you feel like it. Try going in one direction and see if you like it. If not, then just another pick from!

11 tips how and where you can still get to jobs – except on job boards and job search engines

Many jobs are landed via personal connections. I have to start my job search but firmly made that I do not want to see on relationships my job, but all alone and independently.

I applied and I applied and applied (see my post about my rejections ) and other than a few interviews (and an internship, after all!) Was not much out there. Then’ve even added a new council: Do stuff and tell people!

I have started my own little project, went to a conference where people have met with the same interests and there I met her, my current employer.

Important : Finding a job on relationships is not a bad thing. In addition, “using a job to find its network” does not equal “My dad knows the boss and now I work there.” I found my job alone and independently and via my contacts.

I have some tips gathered together how and where you can still get to jobs, other than to respond to job ads to job sites or job search engines:

My 11 tips on how to use its network of Jobs comes

1. Meetups – meeting with people who have the same interests

It is not only fun, but can also be for a job to pay to go to Meetups. So to with other meet, who have the same interests.

You can do sports together, to teach each other something (eg sewing, programming) or you exchange opinions on the latest trends in social media marketing. On Facebook (groups / pages) or on  find dates for such meetings.

I have visited several marketing and programming Meetups and could meet new and interesting people again. Usually there knows someone who who who knows of someone searches. Or sometimes it works and direct!

2. Former colleagues (or even employers)

One should keep in touch with former colleagues. Maybe they can a later help if one is looking for a job. I know not only a story where formerworkmates or even employers, the key to a new job were!

3. career networks such as  Xing  and  Linkedin

Create a profile, so to speak, a career profile on the career network Xing and / or Linkedin and networked you. Your profile is quasi your CV , to the staff seekers, but also acquaintances and interested parties, to access at any time to. With “Keywords” you can be found.

For example, you have completed a degree in psychology and have the, in addition to other training, skills and interests, stated. If now a psychology graduate is wanted for a job, the “Keyword” “studied psychology” in the search of all members at Xing / Linkedin is entered and as a result we see that people who have studied psychology.

And if the profile fits sounds or exciting, it may be that you will be contacted. In addition, jobs are advertised on these platforms (there are a also repeatedly suggested jobs). You can also join groups and there interact with other like-minded people (similar to Facebook, only on a professional level).

HR-V. Join raussuchen same group and write as your resume, be found

Tip 1: If you want to apply yourself for a particular location, you can see who is / the staff responsible for the company on Xing / Linkedin. So you know not only the name and can build your resume to a specific individual judge, but you can also read about what interests that person.You can this person even (before a written application) contact, if you are in the same group! 🙂

Tip 2 Search Just looking for people who have a career behind him that you like would also go or the same training who like you a result you see the possibilities of your training there is AND. They see you on their were profile and perhaps they also come to your profile and contact you! (Is this happening to me again!)

4. Friends and colleagues

Especially as professionals you think most do not believe that friends also may be in the job search very useful or can be. Either they know knows someone who and someone searches. Or they themselves once a hold position in which they can recommend people for vacancies.

5. Subject-specific events and Events in general

In order to make new contacts also visit specialized events, if you already know the area in which you want to work again. Such events to get either – wiedermal – over contacts or events where everyone can go to.

With specialist events I mean, for example, awarding prizes for example advertising industry or high technology or startups. And of course you can get to know great people in all other events.

Simply drauflos chat and see where the conversation leads. If one is not presented, it is easiest if, for example at the bar or while waiting for the start of an event “by accident” comes from this week.

6. The part-time job as a career springboard

What also can not be underestimated is the ability to use a substance classified as unimportant part-time job as a springboard. Two of my acquaintances were able to prove in their part-time job and then had the chance to move to another area of the company (for example, from the call center into project management or from the reception in the controlling department).

Important: It is important times to get a foot in the door and to make a first step in the professional world. Rarely, the first job is the one you will make his life. Of course you should not make “any” job that does not like, a just so one has a job. But one should not wait for “the dream job”.

Just start times, start and get to know people. So you can always closer approach to the dream job.

7. colleagues in neighboring office

Also a possibility is that must come home at once colleagues from the neighboring office with a new job opportunity. Either in that company, in which they themselves work well or they know someone and hear from someone, that someone is wanted, can anything specific particularly well.And of course this can also happen with an internship, part-time job or freelance job.

8. Former school or fellow students

Here again: underestimate never what else may be out of your former school or classmates! 😉 Some are even managing editor or team leader, marketing manager or lawyer or know again someone who knows who knows whom, who is looking for someone!

9. Career

I have several visiting career fairs and indeed the BeSt  and Uni Success  (there are for the various universities and fields of study each different offers, simply googling ). In the BeSt I am mainly informed about study opportunities.

The Uni Success, which is in the courtyard of the University of Vienna (usually just before the summer holidays) also takes place at least worth a visit. At the time I threw myself in shell, clamped my resume under his arm and went from booth to booth. It was mainly very large companies represented (eg Hofer, Rewe, Deloitte).

Funnily enough, almost all visitors at the free breakfast, the goodies from Bipa or the CV check gathered. The recruiter of Hofer were five of us around without interlocutor and rejoiced when I asked which career paths are available at Hofer.

The lady wanted to introduce myself to your supervisor also equal.I felt but little prepared myself and am weggesaust again. On the one hand I had at that time more interested in research institutions (the time I had all already visited) and less on positions in sales / marketing of a group but then I should have but trust and to talk to them.

A bit of improvisation, thus natural, because you have not prepared anything had me might also furthered.

Advice for those who plan to go to a career fair: Neat dresses, CV bring printed several times, do not forget pen and notepad and necessarily inform against which companies will be there, what you want from them expected / discuss with them and: itself trust! If the conversation goes wrong, you have at least learned how not to do it the next time.Interviews can be done often enough sowieo.

10. Vitamin B – parents and acquaintances

The ever-popular vitamin B. If all else fails, it’s nice when you can rely on the contacts of the parents or acquaintances. Thus, a first step has been taken into professional life and from there you can continue to go its own way. Whereby also later good relations with influential people not hurt on the career path are! 😉

11. Social

And last, the social networks are not to be underestimated when it comes to the job search. Not only that friends post jobs, there are also different groups where jobs are posted (eg for this or this ).

Practically, these networks are also, if you want to follow a company (on Facebook or Twitter). So you see when jobs are advertised and other news. On Twitter, for example, be every minute 15 jobs tweeted and these can be done with this search engine search.

But what I really wanted to say: you can as wellget in touch with the company. Maybe you fall as particularly interested or knowledgeable on. Or if there is the possibility to be a beta tester for the product, or any other way with employees to make direct contact, then it is also certainly the best informed about the social networks.

And 3 little extra tips yet on the subject:

Business distribute yes or no?

It is handy if you have a business card with name, phone number and e-mail address on hand if there were to be a business card exchange at or after the call. When you received a business card, it is handy to write down later shortly afterwards, what one has spoken and how remaining. Indeed, if one be more business cards, it will quickly become confusing. But there’s also digital solutions: examples.

bring your resume or not?

So to always interview ! During an interview the recruiter has my CV “print forgotten” and asked me to give him my expression. Also on another occasion had the interviewer not my resume with and made notes on my expression. Otherwise, I would CV definitely still to career fairs take.

Do stuff and tell people!

Start your own little project to teach you new skills and to show what you can. About this project you can talk, especially if you “seeking work” are and would like the question of the escape “And what are you doing?” With people at events.