How to write CV: To formulate it properly

With the resume, it is important to stand out from the crowd. That is to say: Stay away from standard formulations.

The CV is your business card from the stack of application documents should just pop off your dossier, otherwise it ends up in the waste paper. So, how to write CV correctly – read here

Attracting attention – but not at any price

You need to recruiters surprise, smile and amaze. To be remembered – and getting the chance to be invited for an interview. Attracting attention but you should not at any price – especially not negative. It is especially important to stay in the division the standard is. For the better overview of the personnel responsible. An appropriate template for a resume can be found here.

CV adapt the company – three examples

So how do you press the resume on a personal stamp? The most important rule is: always adjust your resume to the company in which you are applying. Set priorities. In short: Lift internships, leisure activities , school performance or foreign experience shows that seem particularly important for the intended job. We present three examples before:


1. Application in the field of horticulture
How to write CVIf you go, for example, in horticulture looking for a job: Proceed with the hobbies on one that you do voluntary work as part of reforestation projects in Ghana.Indication in CV: 2/2009 – todayVolunteering in favor of reforestation in Ghana in Musterberg Tree Foundation. Since February 2008, Foundation President.



2. Applying for a bank clerk
How to write CV: Tips and recommendationsApply contrast, a bank clerk, it is worthwhile to note mathematics at the details of forming your final grade in the subject. Indication in CV: 1/2001 – 3/2007 Mathematics School of Natural Sciences Musterstadt, final grade mathematics: 6.0



3. Application for a leadership position
Application for a leadership positionIf it is a leader, you should mention prominently that you have already trained Soccer Teams. Indication in CV: 3/2007 – 8/2009 coach at FC model village, Promoted to 3. Liga in October 2008



How to write CV correctly –  No standard phrases

It is also important: Forget standard phrases like “leadership”. Thus HR managers are inundated every day. Instead, write specifically that you were a team leader of 15 employees. Something like this: 4/2001 – 4/2006 Project Manager at Doe IT Solutions in a team of 15 specialists.

Bring Pepp in the resume

Brush up on your resume. Finally, it should at least do something fun to read it. Here is an example: language skills are added to usually short and sweet, and in tabular form.

So Most write: English: fluent French: fluent in speaking and writing Make it differently: Include that through your excellent Spanish- and English skills are well positioned to correspond with foreign customers.

References in resume

Although giving references in your resume or cover letter is not mandatory, they can, used correctly, yet caring for extras. In addition to other qualification certificates, such as labor, education and school certificates, references can underpin the qualifications and skills of candidates with additional emphasis.

therefore giving references in your resume can be particularly strong tool for candidates because reference encoder vouch certain extent voluntarily and with your own name for the respective candidates and to declare their willingness addition, the new potential employer a candidate also appropriate information when needed to give and to convey a positive impression of the person.

What references are suitable for the resume?

First, you should make sure that the people you mentioned as reference also are actually able to evaluate your work professionally. Do the persons referred to itself does not have a relevant professional background, this can lead, at the latest on telephone inquiries, an undesirable impression arise.

Also, you should have worked directly with the people as possible over time, so that the reference encoder can make authentic statements regarding your personality and on your part existing soft skills. Give only to those people as references on your resume further, from which you have obtained the prior express permission.

Should you decide to refer to some of your previous work as a reference (for example, as a web developer or graphic designer), so you should select the respective work wisely: Quality beats quantity often at this point.

Below you will find now several categories of references for the listing in the CV may be useful.

Letters of reference / recommendation letters

A reference or recommendation letters can still make something more of an impression on the recruiters compared to a mere indication of a reference person. Because in this case, is the person, not only as a reference transmitter is available, but has furthermore still voluntarily taken the time for it to submit this additional document.

A reference letter contains a rule the following information:

  • Contact, location and business of the reference sensor
  • Date on which the letter was issued
  • Period and the context in which the reference sensor had to do with you
  • Concrete representation of the activities carried out within the cooperation activities and outlined qualifications and skills (professional qualifications and social skills)
  • A record of success
  • Recommendation for a specific position or a specific activity
  • Signature of the reference sensor

Basically, a reference letter / letter of recommendation from persons should be issued, which are located at a higher hierarchical level than yourself.

The following may therefore be suitable for example as a reference donor:

  • superior
  • Professors, lecturers and course director / university
  • Trainers, teachers and mentors
  • People in managerial positions voluntary work

People as a reference encoder (without reference letters / letters of recommendation)

Even without reference or recommendation letters people can be listed as a donor of reference in the resume, if they have agreed to do so. Not always such a document is issued voluntarily or on demand. This also means that the value of a reference to diminish not necessarily, although for a given reference there is no reference or recommendation letters.

Examples of possible reference sensor, see the previous section.

Previous work / work results as a reference in your CV

Also previous work can be specified as a reference in your CV. This possibility to demonstrate the skills base is suitable for example for web developers, graphic designers or freelancers. As mentioned, much emphasis should be placed on a very high quality of the listed works in this case. Ultimately, the reader sees not only your strengths – possibly also your weaknesses become apparent.

Consider therefore good if your previous works are suitable as a reference. Especially for freelancers, the indication of reference customers is a good way to compensate for job references that you do not get issued as a member of the profession naturally.

In order not to inflate very your application by specifying references with additional attachments, can be alerted, for example through the addition of a link to a website or an online portfolio on the relevant work.

What references are not suitable for the resume?

First those. On the same or a lower level, than you are not usually as a reference for your qualifications and skills are, Here quickly could give the impression that this is a well-intentioned complacency. Even people who can not or difficult to judge your professional and social skills, usually not suitable as a reference.

Next, the reference to “simple” work results, which are provided as a basis for the new location, usually not very informative for the recruiters. An exception to this work results are, indicate the good in your approaches and first knowledge, if you are applying for example to an education (for example, as a graphic designer).

However, if you create useful Excel spreadsheets or successful PowerPoint presentations, so sufficient in most cases a reference to this relevant knowledge application letter or CV in the appropriate category – as a reference but these work results should then no longer be explicitly mentioned.

How many references should I specify in the resume?

Since HR managers have a limited amount of time, which they can use for processing an application, you should be limited to the indication of a maximum of three matching and meaningful references.

The indication of more than three references, for which, where appropriate, additional reference or letter of recommendation would increase the size of your application too.

applies here as in all other areas of application and the resume: Focus on the key for the desired location, most meaningful and most relevant information.

How can I represent references in your resume?

Below conclude with some examples of how you can display the references in your resume.

In the associated station in CV

An opportunity to present references in CV, is the direct indication of the reference person in the associated station in CV. The reference person stating position and contact information is added at the end of the respective station.

10/2012 – 07/2015 Model Section
Musterfirma GmbH, 12345 City
– Pattern of activity / focus
– pattern of activity / focus
– pattern of activity / focus Reference: John Doe, Head pattern region Tel .: 01234 56789 | Email:

Separate section in your resume

Another way to specify references on your CV, is the extension of the life course to a specially designated References section. Subsequently, all references are collected in this section, including the name, the position of the company / organization and contact details.

John Doe Managing Marks OHG
Tel .: 01234 56789 | Email: max.mustermann@ bewerbung .co
Prof. Dr. Eva Musterfrau Head of Department patterns of study, University Musterstadt
Tel .: 01234 56789 | Email: eva.musterfrau@ bewerbung .co
Web Development Concept & implementation with HTML, CSS and PHP

Alternatively: Recalling references cover letter

Alternatively, you can also use the cover letter for to indicate references. This can be done for example through a complementary set at an appropriate location within the application letter. This sentence should contain the full name, the position, the company / organization and the direct telephone number of the reference person.

“Subscribe to our confirmed Mr. John Doe (Tel .: 01234 56789), head pattern area in the pattern OHG, my knowledge and skills in the field of software development.”

Gaps in your CV

Usually recruiters expect from an applicant a complete CV. Nevertheless, it may, for example due to unemployment or prolonged illness, a study discontinuation or change in orientation cause gaps in your CV. Here there are different opinions, are like those vacancies sent to hide.

They range from basic silent about positive explain to a skillful placement in the Vita.Creative courage to leave gaps but usually leads to success rather than simply concealment.

explain gaps in your CV plausible

About One you should be as clear candidates: gaps in your CV always fall on. HR are trained to detect such irregularities in their career.

Not later than the personal interview, you could therefore fall into Erklärungsnot. It is therefore advisable not to lie in any case, but aware of its relationships with the vacancies and to explain this plausible.

present gaps in your CV monthly

Not to recommend it, roughly concealing voids in CV through spongy to the individual stations in years. Better yet, the individual activities to list every month is. Fallen this individual months of the year, fill these gaps with a comprehensible explanation.

Rule of thumb: lack only one or two months, is usually not nachgehakt. An extended holiday for example after a change of position or study exchange is quite accepted. Everything that goes beyond that, where necessary, subject explanation.

Apply psychology for gaps in your CV

Psychology and intuition are in filling in gaps in your CV advantageous. They signal to be creative and active and contribute this property in your new job. So you should choose terms like “career change” or “application phase” and not described as “holiday”, but as an opportunity to get to know other cultures extended trips instead of “unemployment”.

conceal Under no circumstances should you handle longer outages due to illness, but you should make it clear and to show that you have overcome these.

First Resumes after intershipl

Does your resume longer periods of unemployment or one or more study changes, you should these gaps positively interpreted as an opportunity for a fresh start. These include training courses as well as internships (unpaid) or temporary jobs and sideline.

Under no circumstances should you give the impression to have lain during prolonged breaks from the career being lazy.

conceal gaps in your CV through the anti chronological variant

Gaps are usually the more insignificant, the farther they have occurred in the past of your resume. Therefore recommend some application experts for psychological reasons the so-called ” anti-chronological resume “. In this variant, the last or current stations of career can be placed at the beginning.

Besides the classic chronological resume is the anti chronological CV, which is also designated as an American resume, now quite common and accepted.

Interests in CV

Basically a resume is content mainly from the representation of your professional qualifications. These are not only the core of your resume, but also the focus of your complete application. Finally, it is precisely these skills that will enable them to exercise the future activity and can thus stimulate the interest of recruiters in your person.

But often it comes in the selection of candidates for a post to be filled not only on their professional qualifications ( “hard skills”), but also to the existing soft skills of which complement the applicant’s profile to other skills in the field of social competence and thus can round.

For applicants specifying’s interests in the life one possibility, to indicate additional advantages.

Below is an overview of the opportunities that the representation of interests in the life offers, and what risks you should handle it.

Opportunities in the indication of interest in CV

As already mentioned in the introduction above, has the representation of interests in the life a way to alert the reader to the application for the presence of relevant soft skills and to inform him of complementary skills.

Optionally, you can also make use this part in your resume to emphasize the earlier you mentioned professional qualifications for the reader and to emphasize the commitment that you will bring to the pursuit of desired activities.

Which soft skills and abilities You could therefore underline concretely by the interests on your resume?

The following list contains the answer to this question Examples of soft skills and abilities that will in turn be arguments for your person in the exercise of your future activities of benefit and therefore for human resource managers.

Based on your personal interests and leisure activities you can cover some of the following points through their representation in your resume, if necessary.

Useful soft skills & abilities

  • independent and responsible work
  • load-bearing capacity
  • Motivation
  • capacity
  • organizational skills
  • solving skills
  • cooperation
  • adaptability
  • empathy
  • Conflict and criticism
  • teamwork
  • communication skills
  • Intercultural Competence
  • helpfulness
  • leadership skills

 Risks in the reporting of interests in CV

Although you can improve the chances of success of your application by specifying interests in your resume, there are also risks that should be considered when selecting the respective interests. For this reason, you should consider that not all interests will provide exclusively for positive associations in the reader of your application.

Given below is an example which should serve in the indication of a specific recreational activity for clarification of the risk:

Suppose you are interested in rugby and practice this sport in your spare time and as an active member of a local association of. Since it is a team sport in rugby, you could thus provide in terms of teamwork, efficiency and resilience, for example arguments.

Also, your commitment to sport in this case could indicate assertiveness. In addition, you drive by regularly and have a balance to your potential office job. Go one step further and put yourself in the position of the personnel responsible reader of your application.

An objective consideration of the interests on your resume that you may recognize the supportive arguments, possibly he will however scrutinize this sport in relation to a possible risk of injury.

The sport of rugby is merely exemplary at this point for sports and activities, who have an increased risk of injury and therefore possibly may lead to increased absenteeism or a reduced efficiency at work. Specifying interests which could make sure they feel uneasy with the recruiters, so may well also be a risk to the success of your application. Therefore, you should examine the interests in your resume, whether these

  • have an increased risk of injury
  • can affect your performance negatively
  • may limit your flexibility
  • or principle can lead to negative connotations associations.

Even if you specify on your resume exactly those interests, the consequence must it not necessarily be a rejection, because ultimately there are other factors that influence the success of an application.

So Think about whether the disclosure of certain interests is the good job, the company and the industry – and whether your interests you may also be able to continue to bring the workplace.

Placement and extent of interests in the CV

Interests are usually placed at the end of the resume. As mentioned above, interests can round out the overall picture on your resume and provide indications of additional capabilities, but these have on your CV a lower priority. Therefore, your interests should not take too much space and be formulated as close as possible. There are different ways to build the corresponding block in your CV and label.

For example, you could have your interests again in the categories “commitment” and ” Hobbies divide”. Alternatively, you could represent your interests in note form without further categorization. The templates 50, 57 and Modern can it serve you as an example.

Example  how to write cv – interests for the CV

Below conclude with some concrete example interests. These are intended to illustrate how certain interests can round out their profile.

Exercise a team sport: With team sports can be associated, among other characteristics such as teamwork and cooperation.

Involvement in an association or an organization: Depending on the organization may indicate the involvement of an association among others responsible and helpfulness.Depending on the type of exposure that can optionally include also organizational skills, leadership skills or intercultural competence.

Photography: To apply as a photographer / in or for a more creative profession, for example, both underpin the interest in photography, the motivation for the pursuit of new activities, as attention on existing experience make (for example when applying for a corresponding configuration.) ,

Web Development: interest in the development of web pages can also underpin the motivation of a candidate for a future activity in the relevant sector and point to corresponding “hard skills”.

Auto tuning: Interest in the topic “auto-tuning” can both underpin the motivation for a career in the automotive industry, as also indicate craftsmanship. Therefore, the interest in this subject can possibly suitable to trades workers for placement in your resume even in applications.

Volunteerism in CV

The application is the first card that presents a candidate to the potential employer. The cover letter, the resume, references and possibly a letter of motivation are essential components. What many job seekers do not know: Very often Personaler first look at the pre-selection of the CV and then decide whether to continue at all, or if it comes to a job interview.

The CV is therefore of fundamental significance: What has the candidate been done professionally, what skills and abilities he has? The eye wanders the possibility to category “volunteer activities”, but can be disadvantageous in the specific case of advantages also.

How it behaves with volunteer activities? Should these be mentioned and if so, when? If dropped, the decision to call this, of course, also raises the question of how they can be optimally integrated into the curriculum vitae.

Should I mention volunteer work on my resume?

Writing applications is a science in itself and here are the ghosts, because every recruiter to some extent has different preferences. Basically we can say that the resume is an indispensable element and also the naming of volunteer activities may be useful, however – but not always. But when is it useful?

Generally put volunteering witness to the fact that the person is a committed and socially integrated person. An honorary post in a club, for example, shows that the candidate is willing to take responsibility. This is a plus in the eyes of potential employers.

Especially advantageous is the mention of such commitment, if it fits the profile of the future employer.Those who apply for such a job with the workers’ welfare, the benefit is a voluntary commitment in a party like the SPD, because both organizations are politically and ideologically close.

Conversely, a member of the council not advantageous when applying for a management position, since conflicts of loyalty can be suspected. It is therefore necessary to weigh each to what a point is and whether volunteering ideologically and politically fits among other things.

What can I do volunteer work in the life for me?

From what has been said infers how volunteer work can be used in your resume for this job.Neutral honorary positions, such as participation in sport clubs, are always beneficial and should be named accordingly because they demonstrate responsibility and social integration.

In other cases it is necessary to consider whether the reference is useful. The questions that arise are the following: What kind of an employer / to what a point is? What skills and social skills are expected for this job? What kind of volunteer work fit in?

Who has taken over management functions, for example in a club and is applying for a leadership position, is well advised to mention this. Has anyone worked on a voluntary basis a lot with children and want to professional education work in the field, then also the naming is very beneficial.

It is necessary to consider whether the voluntary work and the desired location correspond and whether volunteering reveals skills that could be interesting for the potential employer.

How can I present my volunteer activities in your CV?

A resume is basically structured in tabular form with the exact naming of periods. Links are the times, right naming of activities and a brief description thereof. Just one should proceed even when it comes to the heading “volunteer work”.

Links are the data and the right is listed, in which the organization has taken that volunteering. In addition, a brief description of what the activity has involved or still contains. In this case (for example, the performance of voluntary work, for example, for the names of the careers, the school career and study / education, training and special qualifications languages or computer skills ) follow.

In practice, this may look like this:

Since June 2005: cashier at home club Pfullendorf; Supervision of the inputs and outputs of the association, preparation of annual accounts for the Tax Office and the annual report for the club AGM, engage in remittances and Tracking Earnings in consultation with the board, cooperation with club officials

Such voluntary work is, for example, ideal, if the candidate is interested in a job in a financial institution, as it reveals expertise, experience, interest in the subject and social skills. The long period also proves that also have other confidence in the ability of the candidate and then select it in regular intervals as Treasurer.

Who works as a banker and in his spare time, spent much time in the topic of finance, seems to be heart and soul into his profession. What can an employer expect more? Of course, the embodiments should not be too long-winded, because a resume is always a brief presentation, which is deepened until the interview.

However, you should let the prospective employer specifically know which skills and experience you have and are confident in her ability – if they are suitable for the job profile.

Parental leave in CV

Mothers and fathers make by drawing the children not only a valuable contribution to the future of society – even to the personal development of parents can deposit parenting positive.

Parental leave provides mothers and fathers the opportunity to seize this valuable task considering their future careers. But how to deal with their parents’ time in CV anyway?

Convert in the indication of parental leave in your CV with reservations

First, you should consider in your considerations that parental leave is not seen consistently positive over the life of all companies. Although it is increasingly the view through that also this change does not have to stand in the way of life of a candidate’s career – yet some hiring managers but do with it heavy.

Proceed as mother or father therefore initially not assume that you will serve the vacancy on a silver platter. Rather, you should be prepared for any questions about your parental leave and also highlight when applying the positive aspects of parental leave according to your personal development.

not silence the parents time in CV

Refrain to allow parents time in CV unmentioned. The rearing of children is for you personally is an important step in life and aging – you play this card so courageously.

Or people who are shy and unresponsive this experience, risking optionally gaps in your CV , which should be then optionally closed creative. Hiring managers could see a kind of breach of trust in it but, in particular when these parental leave face open.

Run in your application therefore more of that you have chosen deliberately and considering the possibilities for personal development for parental leave.

Parental leave is for fathers Option

Not alone mothers have the privilege of leading the parental leave in your CV. Even dads can use this option for themselves. As mothers and fathers should run more detail, the reasons why they have decided on this step and how this time has a positive effect on their personal development.

Parental leave should the resume be briefly mentioned and are formulated in the cover letter where appropriate. Again: The information should be coherent and understandable in itself, but it should not be exaggerated. If the parental leave time is already slightly longer back, can be dispensed to the remarks in letter of application, but the parental leave should be listed in your resume in order to avoid gaps.

But Prepare yourself yet a precaution to further information on the Parents ago.

Using the parental leave for training

A positive effect can furthermore be achieved if you also explain beside the parental leave in your CV, how could you use the corresponding period for from private and professional perspective.

What training and education you may have visited, how could you possibly improve the existing technical skills and soft skills? Parental leave is the view of many employers a free ride to idleness represents Again:. Draw a realistic picture of this period without artificial exaggeration and show you that you have not lost their career in parental leave from his eyes.

Show possible also that you have the “red thread” is not lost despite the parental leave in your CV.

Examples of the indication of parental leave in CV

Below conclude with some examples of the indication of parental leave in your CV. The examples reflect not only the case of an existing employment relationship, as well as the case without an existing employment contract.

Example indication of parental leave with existing employment

since 02/2009 Industrial clerk
Musterfirma GmbH, 12345 City
Summary Activity 1
Summary 2 Activity
Summary Activity 3
since 02/2013 parental leave

Example indication of parental leave without bestehendens employment

since 02/2009 parental leave
Raising a 2-year-old son
continuing to (…)

Alternative example indication of parental leave without bestehendens employment

since 02/2009 Industrial clerk
Musterfirma GmbH, 12345 City
Summary Activity 1
Summary Activity 2
Summary of Activity 3


01/2006 – 06/2008 parental leave
Raising a 2-year-old son
training to (…)

Marital status in CV

CV – indicate marital status or not?


A few years ago it was still perfectly normal to marital status in the curriculum vitaeindicated. The General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), the situation in this regard, as among other things, the CV Photo , changed.

Accordingly, applicants should not be penalized for “reasons of race or ethnic origin, sex, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation”.Consequently, should the marital status in most cases, probably not in your resume are given.

However, another question is still how the recruiters interpret a concealment of marital status. The indication of marital status “Divorced” for example, could be interpreted by some HR managers as personal failure.

The specification of children, especially small children, could be interpreted by the HR and the effect that the candidate has incidentally continues to face a major support effort and thus may be less resilient. But at this point had enough of the speculation – the following section is intended to provide some reasons for the indication of marital status in the curriculum vitae.

Tip: Explore directly to an example of, in your resume how you can specify your marital status: CV Example

Reasons for Marital Status in CV

Marital status in CVFirst, there is in this case the question whether it is possible actually completely silent about the marital status of a candidate. This question has to be answered definitively with a “no.”The reason: the latest in the indication of the control class, required by the employer so that marital status is clear.

Really can conceal one marital status hence not – and even if one has been set as a candidate, it nevertheless has usually a trial period in which the employer may be relatively easily separated from each newcomer again.

If the marital status thus actually a thorn in the employer be, he has, even if the marital status was concealed in your resume, but the ability to draw all back into the paths he desires. Another reason for the indication of marital status in the resume is honesty towards the employer.

Ultimately, start a new job, a new relationship between employer and employee and if this is to endure longer, it might be worth considering to build this “healthy” on a foundation. Furthermore, the marital status “married” to recruiters symbolize a certain continuity.

represent critical information related to marital status in the life better

In principle, all information provided in the CV in relation to the marital status indicate something rather undesirable for the employer. In order for this not to mention a small example: A fictional candidate 26 to 30 years old, married but no children.

Basically, could the words “married” for the already mentioned (positive) continuity are – however, the applicant is then in an age in which a child wish could be realized, which in turn would result in that this candidate may soon more frequently and over a prolonged period may fail. How can we represent the marital status on your CV so better, so that any doubts the employer can have been resolved as quickly as possible?

As an example, consider again a fictitious candidate used the following Marital status: single, 1 child. This person so it is initially at first glance to a single mother. This marital status is not uncommon at this day more and immersed therefore in many CVs.

How could the mentioned marital status now but may make it more attractive for the employer with additional information? First, it is for employers in most cases of interest, that the care of the child is secured (for example, a daycare or relatives). When specifying the CV this could look like this: single, 1 child (quality supervision).

This may the employer may already anticipate the fear that our fictional candidate will be more frequent because they besides still must look after a child. Should the applicant not be married, but live in a partnership, please note that this partnership in the resume could possibly still be useful: solid partnership, 1 child (quality supervision).

This can HR managers then additionally indicate that the candidate is not put in the care of the child on your own. Moreover, a solid partnership again a certain continuity signal.

If the marital status therefore be specified in the CV?

A fundamental statement about can probably make difficult, since recruiters have varying degrees with the information in a candidate’s resume.

Ideas and discussions on the indication of marital status in the CV may be useful for candidates in individual cases so thoroughly. A fitting place for such an opinion and experience, for example, the Application Forum be.

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