What does human resource? HR and Management

What does human resource?

As human resource, the company’s resources are known, which include the knowledge and motivation of employees. 

As human resource is referred to the resources that a company has with its employees on knowledge, skills and motivation. These resources will take care of enterprise human resource management and it focuses on all activities in the company, related to the personnel related.Synonymous with human resource and the concept of human capital or even more colloquially Manpower is often used.

Human Resource and Management

We know the human resource management under the terms human resources management or human resources. In general, this department manages So everything has to do with the labor and personnel. The core task of human resource management is to assure the staff and targeted manner.


The main tasks to be fulfilled, inter alia by means of action on workforce planning, human resource management or HR development and communications. In addition to purely organizational tasks the Human Resource Management is also responsible for a good working environment and what is becoming increasingly important for sustainable social acceptability in Human Resources.


The Discipline Human Resource Management is abbreviated in most cases with HR, but in itself is not to be confused with the term human resource.

When we speak of is human resource moreover also to note that employees not only “resources” are, as the term suggests human resource. In this context, there have also been discussions on the choice of the word.

Of course there is also the staff of a company of people with individual needs and desires. In optimal case, the human resource manager tries to address this and to connect with the company’s goals. So the company can increase with motivated employees competitive.

For these reasons, one could also observe that in recent years the term human resource, which is often used in German also human capital, is quite strong fall into criticism. In 2004, the term was even voted “human capital” for the word of the year, since it generally degrading the workers to a purely economically interesting size.

founder community at HRM: Work in Focus

Photos taken from the exhibition HRM Expo in Cologne for HR and HR, Europe's biggest exhibition for HR management see photos from the Fotostudio Franz Pfluegl on behalf of spring Messe Management GmbH & Co KG

The digitalization of the workplace relates startups in two ways: With its growing amongst employers a willingness to engage in new, innovative solutions in terms of staff – whether in recruitment, the health management or organizational development.

Thus, the personnel management is fertile ground for innovation. At the same time, all companies, whether established or startup operation, the challenge in times of “4.0 work” to find suitable staff to bind and hold.

No wonder, then, that come together at Europe’s largest trade fair for Human Resource Management, HRM, increasingly get involved also the founder and the so-called Startup Village for pitching and networking.

Movement in the HR Startup Scene

Total present at the HRM more than 650 exhibitors in four halls their products and services for all kinds of personal questions. This year, including more than 40 startups (for comparison: Last year there were only 25).

The innovations that come out of the think tanks of HR Gründerszene are diverse: Included are among others, the online payment solution Optiopay, the personal data management Personio that telephone interview platform JabaTalks that interim professionals that training systems of Evalea and Mex IT and the job portals and Fapool Business4HR.

Especially trendy are employee feedback tools (represented by MT Honestly, HRintruments and Teambay) and deals the mobile job search (about with Hokify, mobile job and Heyjobs). From the area of health management comes as the Startup 7Mind which specializes in professional mindfulness via smartphone.

An innovative software is also Mystery Lunch: The tool networked employees randomly at lunch. Last but not least is with talent miracle an award-winning Active sourcing solution from the start-up scene at the start.

The startups appreciate the HRM primarily because of contacts with potential customers, startup veterans and investors. But the show is also a great opportunity to share in the HR-founder community, about the Startup Brunch at the beginning of the second day of the fair.

Own stage for the founder

On a private Startup Stage founders heard three days the stage. Instead of long-winded presentations here entertaining pitches are offered, for example, the “Founders Fight” under the moderation of “referee” Jan C. Sexton.

Without PowerPoint, canvas and Co. pits two opponents against each other with words, put their inventions and defend them against hard-hitting objections.

Visitors can also international startup air sniff: Stephanie Cherrin, which is as an investment and Program Manager of Deutsche Telekom in Tel Aviv responsible for identifying new IT business, reported first hand from the start-up scene in Israel.

In recent years, there is a huge network of entrepreneurs developed that the community continues to advance drives. Since the personnel management and corporate culture the most important success factors for businesses include, founders have good opportunities to find financially strong business angels and investors and to establish business contacts.

Of these founders can learn in this country for its own startup hubs lot.

Top-Act: The founder, who renounced his million salary

The Startup Stage is one of more than ten stages. However, not only in terms of scale, but also in terms of quality speakers, the program each Congress in the shadows. A highlight is the appearance of Dan Price, founder and CEO of Gravity Payments.

He sparked a worldwide controversy surrounding the (some say crazy) idea to give up his own million salary to each employee to pay at least $ 70,000 salary (lecture in English with live translation).

Another Special Keynote comes from Judith Williams: the only woman in the ranks of investors startup show “The Cave Lion” on VOX. As Germany’s most successful TV businesswoman – Williams sells on the shopping channel HSE24 their own cosmetic products and has an annual turnover of around three million euros – it has the know-how and the right nose for millions of ideas. She speaks at the fair about what you can learn from entrepreneurs in terms of motivation.

It will be exciting way, already equal to the exhibition opening: During the official opening ceremony of innovative products and services will be awarded in personnel management – also in the category startups. The substantive impetus coming from Anette Kramme, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS), and Frank Riemensperger, Bitkom Main Board and CEO of Accenture.

HRM Overview

When? 18th to 20 October 2016 daily from 9 to 17:30 (registration from 8:30)Where? Koelnmesse, Halls 2.1, 2.2., 3.1, 3.2, Messeplatz 1, 50679 Köln (South Entrance) How? Tickets are available either online for 60 euros (1 day) or 100 euros (3 days). Also available on site, the tickets for 75 euros purchase (1 day) or 120 euros (3 days). Reduced admission there about the exhibitors at the fair.

The Federal Association of German Startups eV is supporting the event as a cooperation partner and offers guided tours of the exhibition at.