Writing up a resume for human resources positions is one of the most difficult personal applications to write about. The reasoning for this rationale: many times, seasoned members of a company’s human resources department will be the ones reading you resume. They will already have suppositions about what their job should entail, based on their experience, whether their beliefs are valid or not. You will have to prove your merit to these people without deviating too far away from their personal beliefs about human resources positions.

There are many responsibilities for those who are involved in human resources within a company. As alluded to above, many human resources employees are involved in or even put in charge of the hiring (and sometimes the firing) process. Human resources folks are also often put in the midst of labor disputes within a company (either management versus the employees, or employee-employee conflict). HR folks help in the training of new programs and they often educate employees on the various aspects of new company, benefits, or compensation programs. Human resources people also play a large role in labor negotiations. Also, human resources employees must be an open ear for various employee problems around the workplace. This combination of savvy business and management skills as well as personal skills makes a human resources employee a rare breed.

Human Resources Resumes

A human resources resume, then, must contain the information necessary to prove that you are up to the task in all of these departments, but it must be fairly concise as mountains of text may seem unprofessional to many application reviewers. Keep off-topic information to a minimum; outside of the specifics, mention nothing that is irrelevant to human resources. Some helpful hints on filling out your HR resume can be found below.

  1. Resume Template
  2. Contact Information
  3. Full Name
  4. Campus and Permanent Addresses
  5. Telephone Number(s)
  6. E-Mail Address


Human Resources Resumes

You need to list any amount of learning that you have received in the past. Begin with your most recent degree and continue down the line, using the format that is provided below:

Name of Institution, City, and State
Degree, Major, and Year Awarded
Grade Point Average of Degree

To bolster your chances of being selected for the potential position, include some insight into how you might handle specific problems and situations as a member of the human resources team. For example:

  • How would you initiate or develop new programs in the HR department?
  • How would you go about improving employee morale?
  • What ways would you seek to improve the current employee benefits program? Or, is the program faulty and in need of replacement; if so, what do you propose?
  • What would you recommend for enhancing company efficiency?
  • Any new methods that might aid in the hiring process?
    Do you possess any insight in overhauling employee training? Especially in the event of training two sides after a merger?
  • Would you spearhead any new projects or shoulder responsibility in existing ones?

Human Resources Resumes

Focusing on this information, or anything similar or relevant to it, will put you on the right track with your human resources resume.