Infantile onset: What to do if you are not taken seriously?

People who have a very fine, “squeaky” voice and also still are particularly small, struggling against a particular problem. They act very childish to the people around them and have a hard time in the course of which, to prevail. When having to purchase alcohol constantly show the identity card, is there still the lesser evil. Women in particular (but also some men) are affected by the problem of the child’s appearance. We want to tell you in this post, what you can do to be taken seriously by probable and and give some valuable tips along the way.

Perception factor voice

A small body size is one thing, a voice that has a childlike, another. Women who very quiet, highly and possibly speak uncertain are stamped quickly and are considered weak. Here is particularly clear what influence on the perception on the other our voice. we speak very clearly and in a reasonable volume, we gain automatically heard.

Who reports very passionate about a topic, is generally regarded as passionate.Swings in our voice with uncertainty, it is difficult to convince our opposite from our standpoint.

The good news is that the voice can be trained. In addition to speech , which deal primarily with language errors (for example, stuttering and lisping), there are now specially trained voice coaches that help the voice to take their childishness.

During training, you learn how to optimize your voice with regard to the following points:

  • volume
  • key
  • speed
  • Intelligibility / quality

The aim is to train the voice so that you gives the person concerned authority, competence and assertiveness. Or in other words: The coaching helps to be serious and perceived.

Tip: The voice has long been regarded as an important success factor. Therefore, not only take people with a childlike appearance the training to complete. Even executives, professionals, speakers and people who can pursue a successful career coached in this direction.

Clothes make the man

Now we come to a completely different point, which is likely to be improved when they act very childish to your superiors and colleagues. It’s about the optics. As already mentioned above, especially very small and slim people are fast as “childish”. It is logical that you have little (or rather: nothing) to your body size can change and a visit to the fast food restaurant is not the solution to your problem.

However, you can replace your optical appearance otherwise influence and ensure to act adult. The answer is: clothing. A serious look , of certain items of clothing and / or accessories into the center of attention, can work wonders and make sure that you at least take a part of your child’s appearance.

Garments that are considered particularly “grown up” and benefit you, are:

  • Blazers and Jackets
  • Blouses and Shirts
  • Sales and dress shoes
  • Trousers
  • (Be careful, they must not “playful”) skirts and dresses

If you work in a company with a clear business dress code, it will of course easily go out of hand, create an adult outfit. Somewhat more difficult it is, however, if it is more casual things are in your office. There is a danger, thanks jacket, blazer and Co. to act quickly overdressed. To avoid this faux pas, it makes sense, so to combine reputable garments like those mentioned above with various basics such as jeans, white shirts,.

Note: Dear women to dress adult does not necessarily mean to dress sexy. Nobody is asking you to show cleavage or wear uncomfortable high heels to be erstgenommen. If you have pitches, such a design means just the opposite.

Very helpful if you use color sparingly and very specifically is. An outfit that mixes several colorful tones with each other is not conducive when you try to seem less childish. It is better to resort to a thick color and to put only a few colorful accents is.

One last tip about clothing: Avoid shirts with cartoon prints and sneakers – even if they are allowed in the office.

A strengthened confidence

If the child’s appearance has nothing to do with the voice with the look, then it may be that you just seems shy and have low self-esteem. Luckily, there are also different ways of optimization.

Tip: How to Make Your strengthen self-confidence can we have already explained in detail in a previous article: Shy? Self confidence in the profession can be learned

In this paper, we want to limit ourselves to you summarize the most important aspects and to give on the way:

  • Confidence manifested by external values such as appearance, body language and rhetoric
  • To be confident, you have to accept yourself and love
  • A mere adjunct to self-confidence is unmasked quickly
  • Confidence may be affected by clothing, and vocal coaching (positive)
  • Self-confidence is an important prerequisite for a successful career
  • Confidence means strength

Time for reflection

reflect things, situations and problems is always a good way to make the search for a solution. This is also true if you suffer from a childlike appearance and want to change anything. In order here to celebrate success as quickly as possible, it is helpful if you ask yourself these three questions and answer:

  • How do I perceive myself?
  • How do I want to be perceived?
  • As others perceive me?

Tip: Do not be afraid not to pull your colleagues to rate, to answer the third question sufficiently.How do you finally want to know what others think about you and how you are perceived by them?

The aim of this “exercise” is to grasp how far apart going internal and external perception in some cases.Your own assessment must cover with the other is not necessarily. Although findings of this kind are not always pleasant, you will help you find out at what points you still need to file – be it a firm voice, an adult outfit or a strong and self-assured appearance.

make childishness to advantage

Of course, is to emerge from this post that childlike appearance is usually a hindrance in the profession and should be applied whenever possible. However, Finally, it should also be noted that it may well be of advantage, not always to be on the screen of colleagues and bosses.

This means namely that the element of surprise on your side. Who is underestimated wrongly, has not it hard to convince others of his professional skills. It often happens that you can more clearly stand out from the crowd and score the employer.

What about yours? Do you know the problem of the child’s appearance in the job? What did you do to solve it? What tips and tricks you can give our readers along the way? We are very interested to hear your comments.