The simple definition for this is, study, development, implementation, design and management of computer based information system. This is based on software applications and computer hardware. The term information and data can be used in this with equal ease. The IT professionals undertake a variety of functions starting from installing applications to an absolute computer net work and data base of information like for example:

  1. Data management
  2. System management
  3. Design of soft ware
  4. Information system
  5. Network
  6. Data base system design

Information Technology Resumes

As the above subjects are highly specialised in nature, there are qualifications directly getting into this and also as subsidiary specialisation, for example an arts graduate can also obtain a specialised qualification in computer application. In nutshell since as the computers have already entered into our daily life in a very great way and also there are unlimited scope in this field, the specialised qualification is the only thing which make a resume really outstanding. The IT software services give extensive coverage to many fields.

Now let us examine how a resume for IT profession is worked out.

The broad heading of a resume goes like this:

  1. Name and communication details
  2. A title/heading/objective
  3. Qualification
  4. Experience and
  5. Any special points.

Information Technology Resumes

It is accepted that a resume will be made if we simply fill in the blanks after each of the above heads. But we have to make it as special one to make a bold first impression without any unwanted frills. Because of the unlimited scope for an IT professional, a concerned qualification is the first impression and can make the resume as a unique one. But still we have to make an extra effort because our resume is our own marketing aspect, the marketing of our skill. Some experts advocate highlighting the respective skills with colourful underlining and with special bullet fonts, but I am of the view that our resume need not be of any multicolour document, but it has to be a matter of fact and in direct approach.

So the first paragraph of name and communication details needs not any special consideration as you are aware. But the only recommendation here I am giving is to give the same details in each page at the top left hand. This is only to facilitate the evaluator.

The second paragraph i.e. the heading/title/objective has to be very selective and careful. This is where the evaluators get their attention to keep the resume as a special one. We may examine some of the heading/title/objective examples as follows:


These are some of the examples of a heading/title/objective. You can select as per exposure and liking. But it has to make sure that this is really one which is going to make your resume outstanding.

Information Technology Resumes

In the next paragraph of qualification is also going to make your resume really outstanding. For an IT professional a good qualification is as good as an excellent work experience. So start from the latest qualification and downwards toward the initial one. If you have an excellent track record by all means take that additional bonus. After all any good IT company will prefer a diligent mind and when you are having the good track record it is for sure that you are a diligent one. Sometimes you might have slipped some where in your educational career for a mediocre level, even then you need not have to worry, after all your final qualification is in IT related.

Yes, for the next paragraph by all means go for exposure. While mentioning about the exposure please make sure how it has developed the specialised skill in the concerned field and how it has quantitatively improved the organisation. Make sure to enter the period and the details of the organisation you have worked for.

Finally if you have any special achievement, please make sure to express it. If it is any thing connected with IT related, all the more best.

A point to be mentioned here that, once your prepare your resume it is advisable to get it critically examined by one or two. Let them evaluate whether you have your information flows accurately and it expressed in right sequence. In fact one of them is preferably one who is not aware of your skill and expertise personally but at the same time having sufficient exposure in the management field.

So I think you can go ahead, the vast arena of IT field is waiting for you.