Permanent position after the internship

Permanent position after the internship

Many interns a dream: On the last day of their mini-training the boss stands in front of them, with shining eyes and quivering voice, and says: “You are the one to which we have been waiting for you have to necessarily remain as a student!. And when you are finished with the study, please sign up as soon as possible – then we have of course a permanent position for you “! The dream of a permanent position may be true. Tips.


There are many graduates who after graduation once a placement make and it hoped a permanent job afterwards. But even a successful internship rarely takes such a poignant end. But as it provide interns whether students or graduates to keep in touch with the company and get a shot at future employment?

show good performance

The nuts and bolts on the way of an internship on a permanent basis are good achievements, commitment. This includes tasks conscientiously to do, offering help to introduce own ideas to spare no responsibility and sometimes to make one or another overtime. So you can make almost indispensable.

But that does not mean that one should be able to exploit and every night is only at 22 o’clock home. It should move everything in a healthy frame.

Participation in the company’s recruiting program

For beginning students, there is the opportunity to participate in the company’s own recruitment programs. Whoever is able to be received for an internship in the student loyalty program his company, is lucky.

Filter large enterprises with such “Membership” programs from the young graduates the best out and bind the “Preferred Candidate” with different qualification courses until graduation and beyond itself. Inquire In the final week of the internship for prospects

But not every company offers such programs, especially small and medium not. In industries in which many professionals are generally employed, an internship could instead directly into afreelancer open.

Most comes an offer from employers already in the course of the internship, if the services are good. The trainees themselves should at least in their final discussion to emphasize that they would like to continue working as a freelancer. Students may be able to additionally or alternatively create a practical thesis in cooperation with the company and the university.

And graduates prevent a freelancer that in their resume large gaps gape until they (elsewhere) find permanent employment. In any case increase (ex-) interns their chances when they themselves are active and friendly but clearly, to prospects in the company to inquire. Socialize in internship contacts

Dream destination Permanent: Who completed his internship just before the end of study or after graduation, wants but often no longer operate freely – a permanent job to her! Now is the internship, to keep eyes and ears open and socialize. The magic word is networking .

Loose email inquiries à la “Have you something for me?” are not recommended – even when working already in place as an intern, one should seek reputable contact with the person in charge and finally a classic application write.

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Internship: Global Intern EF

Global Intern EF

1 INTERNSHIP – 3 MONTHS – 3 WORLD CITIES! The Courses provider EF (Education First) provides for the summer of 2014 the most exclusive placement in the world.The three-month internship takes you for one month in three different world cities.In the first month it comes to Zurich, Boston, Shanghai and London. In the second month you work at a location of your choice. The third location should open and then directed the project of AIESEC. On each day are exciting projects to you.

International internship with EF - The chance of an unforgettable adventure

The Courses provider EF (Education First) provides for the summer of 2014 the most exclusive placement in the world.

The three-month internship takes you for one month in three different world cities. In the first month it comes to Zurich, Boston, Shanghai and London. In the second month you work at a location of your choice. The third location should open and then directed the project of AIESEC.Every day exciting projects waiting for you.

In the international internship You are part of the international EF team. Through your participation in the areas of marketing, operations and community development you contribute to the fact that thousands of young people with EF can experience an unforgettable adventure abroad.

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College graduation, and then?

College graduation, and then?

Many students wonder until the end of their studies, which career goals are and what specific jobs they want to apply. Even some graduates have after graduation is no clear idea of possible career paths. This affects not only scholars but also BWLer.

College graduation

Universities have a universal claim

Those who study at a university, should be aware from the outset that the academic mission of these facilities is a general.

It’s all about targeted professional training, but also to a general professional qualifications.Universities teach about the actual “learning material” also traditionally methodological skills and critical thinking.

At least that’s the theory.Nevertheless, a university to remain stuck to the universal claim. To what extent each university can fulfill this, once remains unanswered. The fact remains, whether methodology, expertise or scholastic system, professional goals give none of these aspects by themselves before.

How can I find my career goal?

Before students and graduates can articulate their own professional goals, they must first find it yourself. Many students do not have solid professional image in mind and even fewer know how they can already prepare the study itself.

Certain career choice seminars (such as the analysis of potential GPOP ) are a viable way to be clear about its strengths and possible career paths.Relevant Guides also provide an overview of career opportunities for the various courses and the career pages of companies also draw before professional fields.

Inform selectively about career opportunities

In particular, business studies, law and humanities offers a wide range of professional task fields.Therefore particularly important to early information on entry-level opportunities, eg on career portals or preferably directly to the career pages of companies.

In addition to the professional fields the websites also provide information on requirements for the candidates and provide information on which lay HR value. The same goes for job fairs , looking at those companies for skilled junior staff.

Internships while studying form the best guidance. There one makes professional contacts and learn from their own experience, whether a certain tasks and activities are or not. With the knowledge you can select its teaching content for the rest of the studies targeted.

Conclusion: to promote and Clear

The University does not provide any solid professional image, but it allows for self-discovery, students and graduates can lay the foundations for their careers largely even with the. And this is also part of the power that should have yielded a graduate at graduation. And if you find a for you suitable career field, then there is only one och: advertise, advertise, advertise!


Between studies and career

Between studies and career

After the game is before the game. And after graduation is before the first steady job. In the joy of the university degree, the anxiety mixed to the uncertain future.What, for whom and where I’m going to work anyway?
The good news: graduates can almost always find a job. The unemployment rate of graduates has traditionally been below five percent, even graduates of so-called. Orchids subjects will find it in the labor market. The bad news, depending on field of study and wish Region may take job hunting for weeks, months or even a year. So what to do in this often involuntary leisure betwixt and between?


One could call the free time between study and career enjoy relaxed, if you do not apply stress and have an exact date would have when it comes to professional life going to occur. But that is not usually the case. Either way, it comes to use the free time between studies and professional sense.

Contrasting situations

Full-Time Job Apply vs. conscious break. The starting positions among the graduates could not be more. While some financial difficulties plaguing because they want to pay back their student loan fast and jump right into the job, it attracts other once on Papas costs for several months backpackers out to Australia.

In between, there are dozens of other starting positions after graduation. But common all graduates that they go earlier or later in the profession, and then for decades part of the labor market. The phase between studies and work for most graduates thus the last time out before a long career in which holidays will be few and far between.

If it is during the studies is not clear about what kind of job you actually want to exercise, you should use the time after studying intensively for it. Although workers in the course of their working life have some variety in section ten of their employment or the employer provides you with his first career steps the course for the future career.

Spend time between studies and professional sense

What do you mean “useful”? What is useful for one, it must not be long for the other. Here are suggestions on how to use the time between their studies and the professional active and of itself.

Part-time job

with a part-time job you can earn some money between accounts and the first real job and gain practical experience. If the part-time job also is related to the desired job, it kills two birds with one stone. Examples include: fair jobs, office activities, catering, call center , product testers 


honorary offices and social engagement do well in any resume. This is in regard to the required labor market soft skills considerably more convincing than in the cover letter to describe himself as a team player, conscientious and socially competent, without being able to prove this with concrete examples.  Examples include: standalone homework of children, visiting service in homes for the elderly seniors, employees at the blackboard


A course is a sensible thing to improve one’s qualifications. This may be several weeks or Courses eg courses at the community college.

Create your own homepage

The reputation on the Internet is becoming increasingly important. I offer the people who search the Internet for information about yourself, to your own homepage. The cost of running a website move-digit euro range, the homepage can however turn out in the application process to be very valuable. So you can give an impression of you google ends HR managers. Moreover, the evidenceown homepage of expertise in dealing with computer and Internet.

Getting Around

There must indeed be an expensive trip around the world is not always the same. Even within Germany you can travel around, make cultural trips and visit friends. Thanks to carpool and CouchSurfing is that too at a low price. When embarking on collecting guarantees many interesting and valuable experience.

Whatever make ever you wanted?

Did you ever want to learn a few moves or chords on the guitar, and cookery classes or finally learning to drive? What things are left lying in the examination time and can finally catch up on you now? Not long to think about it, make it easy! If not now then when?

Apply yourself

Nothing comes from nothing. Those seeking to start a career after graduation, must it do something. These include:
• the Internet and newspapers for suitable vacancies search
• Business Directories to scour for matching employers
• yourself ask around everywhere without prior “Vitamin B” to have false modesty
• create excellent application documents
• Appealing Bewerbungsfotos can make of yourself
• For each application a new, individualized letters to write what fits exactly to the desired position and the company
• yourself intensively on interviews prepare It helps if you set goals determined and agreed with himself to send at least three applications every day.

Small untruths in the CV is allowed

The longer the time between study and work, the more skeptical eyeing many recruiters that period – is at least as long not been shown in the application what the candidate has done in that time (meaningful). If you question time in the interview to the “unemployed”, you have to have at hand a better answer than “nothing”, “Party made” or “relaxed” to not take itself from thecompetition catapult.

If you have, for example, made an approximately six-week overseas trip from 23:06:12 to 07:08:12, you must make it look on your CV with a clear conscience, as if one has been there for three months (06/12 – 08/12). Similarly, one can part-time jobs, internships etc. time stretch something in which case it is legitimate, well presented in the application to his chances of invitation to an interview to enlarge.

Phase between studies and careers no lost time

The time between studies and work should not be regarded as lost time or make a lost era you. As a student one is coming for a long time without a lot of money, because it should not arrive in a few months more or less, especially as it is expected to earn an academic later than average.

While looking for a job you may sometimes sleep in good conscience until eleven o’clock, but should not be too much to get used, because next week you can have a job. And then there is the morning to get up early. So unsatisfactory may be beginning their careers and the time; you are usually in the job, like one remembers the free time back and annoyed when you do not have this put to good use. Mach so ‘something out of it!


Cover letter for internship, training or job


The letter opens the door for further application course. Given the large number of applications received for a job or for a training place today decides the first impression of the candidate on reading the cover letter.

The letter, also cover letter or application letter referred to, provides the motivation and qualifications of a candidate at the center and formulated the answer to the imaginary question why anyone the right person for the internship, training or the job is.

The art in the design and formulation lies in this question is affirmative for the decision makers to answer in very few sentences, thus achieving in the application process and the screening of the applications on the stack with interesting applications.

Because in practice, there are two stacks of applications, on a land refusals and the other pile goes into the second round. In this second round, then already the resume comes into play .

A cover letter as an employee always serves only one purpose – in-house advertising! Many candidates drops the extremely difficult and self-promotion in the cover letter for the job turns out very low. Here often attacks the modesty and restraint, which is why the formulations do not turn out right, but motivation and qualifications are more circumscribed.

Admittedly, it is for most people difficult to praise himself in glowing terms and quasi formulate: I’m the best! But that is exactly what the companies are looking for, they want to find the best simple! In our secondary sides to resume and cover letter we free templates available, the examples give an introductory overview and can thus serve as a good template for the first steps.