For interview worth an intensive preparation for the issues of human resource managers. So do not be surprised by any questions and can stay calm in conversation.

You should be prepared that you personal questions are asked in the interview. After all, so the company wants the person to know behind the application file.

Top 10 interview questions

In an interview are asked questions about:
… Yourself
… Your recent activities
… Your current activity
… Your expectations from the new job
… For your working style
… Your skills
… Your strengths and weaknesses
… Your dealings with colleagues
… Your motivation why you want to change
… In your opinion, why you are the right choice for the job

Good preparation helps

You will surely be asked to tell something about themselves in general and your professional career and your practical experience. Also available on your strengths and weaknesses, you must be able to provide information.

Justify your arguments

Pick this while preparing three to five points that you can justify all. Your skills you can prove, for example, with professional successes.

Think about how you behave in difficult situations and prepare examples. This also applies to the question whether you see yourself more as a team player or a lone soldier and how to organize your work.

Questions about recent activities

The recruiter wants to know why you want to change it, what activities do you currently at work concretely. This also includes the question of the relationship to the current superiors and colleagues.

Think about before also what was the most difficult professional task for you and how you have gemistert this. You might be asked to describe your previous locations and to judge.

Why should we just take?

The interested potential new employer, whether you would choose your profession again and what are your long-term professional and personal goals. You must, without thinking, can tell something about the company and know why you raised the ad. And ultimately you should keep a good answer to the question prepared why you want to work for the company.However, the better response you need to have the killer question simply: Why should we hire you?

Ask questions during the interview

to ask questions during the interview is a must! Demonstrate with thoughtful and intelligent questions interest in the company and at the vacancy.

Ask questions during the interviewAn applicant who does not ask questions during the interview and thus acts uninterested in personnel responsible has no chance. So Think about before the interview , a number of questions that would like to ask you.

It is best to have the questions in mind. Should you so excited but forgot your question, do advance a few notes. So you can easily take the questions during the interview.

Consider at least five questions

Very important: Think about not just one or two questions. If these questions are already answered during the interview, you sit there at the end and have no further questions at hand. Worse still make your (previously answered) questions.

In order to catapult themselves directly to the sidelines because the recruiter will interpret this as a lack of understanding or inattentive listening. And who likes to tell it all twice?

What questions you provide during the interview?

Consider using the job title from the beginning, which activities could include the job. It also questions can be derived. For example, you can still quite specifically ask how exactly one working day will look like.

Questions you can ask during the interview:
Exactly how a workday will look like?
What tasks await me specifically?
How many people work with me on the team?
What is my job?
As will be made to incorporate?
What training opportunities are available?
Who is my future boss?
What are the working hours in the company?
What is the organization of the company?
Which leadership style is practiced in business?

Who will be my boss?

Inquire what expectations are placed on you. This can be both technical and personal. It is very important to know who is the direct supervisor, with whom you will work concretely and who is an optionally regulated. Of course, the question, if your new boss with sitting in the interview unnecessary.

What is the job?

Perhaps you can even inspect the workplace and at the same time to get to know your future colleagues. Ask questions on the form of incorporation, the lived leadership style and the organizational hierarchy in the company.

Advancement in the company

Among the possibilities of your personal development, you should also ask questions: What training opportunities are there? How these are handled?And ultimately there remains the question which will have the greatest impact on the daily work: What about the working hours like?

Interview questions you should be prepared – classic and unusual

I have here a collection of interview questions together, which can be placed in a job interview . First, the classic that should make a not speechless. And then a couple of questions that can quite a surprise when one has these types of questions are not expected and not prepared for it.

But do not worry, there are mainly the classic demand (except you are applying to Google, Amazon or other tech giants). On the one can be well prepared and you should also.

Actually, I think it is a pity that always made just the same (boring because anyway known and prepared) interview questions. It is especially monotonous and tiring when you have to go through many job interviews in succession and only repeatedly hear the same questions.

Particularly unpleasant I found it when recruiters have read the questions only from their piece of paper and have made during a response hooks and crosses , It comes as no living interaction, no real knowledge and radiates the applicants against little interest from.

One feels like goods caused by a standard checking process needs.

If you hinunterscrollst you can see which extraordinary interview questions have come up with very creative companies on the other hand .

Collection of interview questions that you have been thinking before a job interview should

The classics:

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  2. What would you consider your greatest weakness denote?
  3. Describe your greatest professional success?
  4. Describe your greatest professional failure?
  5. Why you want to work in our company?
  6. Why did you apply for this job with us?
  7. Why should we accept you and not another candidate?
  8. Do you work better in a team or independently?
  9. What salary do you have?
  10. Do you still have questions? (Even if you do not have one – make SURE Questions shows interest in the company and the location!)

Interesting questions that were put to me also:

  1. If you could choose quite freely, which range in our company would send you the most?
  2. Do you have a professional model?
  3. What is your time horizon for this job? Would you stay with us long?

(I also had times mental arithmetic (Percentage). Again a little practice before a job interview does not hurt ;-))

On extraordinary, absurd and funny questions:

And now the refreshing questions that let the adrenalin through your veins, or can even make you laugh.
You always hear of it, that the all-time greats such as Google, Apple or Amazon come up with specific questions for their job interviews.
They want to but creativity, spontaneity, intelligence, quick wit, ability to solve problems also test to meet and consider whether it fits into the corporate culture the candidate better . There are different questions for different destinations. I have the most amazing questions picked for you:

  1. You get a box of pencils. Count on 10 things that you could do with it, other than use on the intended way (to write).
  2. As you test a lift?
  3. If you were a road sign, what would you be?
  4. Tell ‘a joke
  5. Why should we prefer you not adjust?
  6. If you were a product of xy, what would you be?
  7. You get money to put your best idea: What would it be?
  8. What song best fits your work setting?
  9. How many cows there are in Canada?
  10. Which superhero you like to be?
  11. What are you thinking when you go alone in the car?
  12. A penguin with a sombrero enters. What would he say and why is he here?
  13. My wife and I want to go on holiday: What would you recommend?
  14. Treasures: there How many windows in New York?
  15. Which animal you would like to be and why?
  16. How many golf balls fit in a school bus?
  17. Why are manhole covers round? (We are not all around, right?)
  18. How often the hand of a clock overlap in a day?
  19. How you make sure that someone has your correct phone number?
  20. Someone has shrunk yourself, what would you most like to do?

It was an even book written, which helps you prepare for the interview questions at Google can: amzn. to/1l1trPj   😉
Google leaving now announce that his famous interview questions a complete waste of time were.

So I would not mind a bit more creative in inventing of job interview questions ! Are you also feel then? Comment with a “Yes!” With this blog post!

Preparation for job interview

Who well prepared to the interview, experienced no nasty surprises and can the meeting look forward calmly.

Preparation for job interviewFor most part of the preparation for a job interview is certainly one, focusing on collecting information about the company.

research information about the company

Use the internet, and obtain information so that you can give on the possible future employer information. So you must, for example, to know how the company is organized, how glad the supervisor where and in which areas the company operates and what the main products.

These basic data not know about would be an embarrassment, and the conversation would hardly end successfully ,

Prepare for the interview with their own questions before

Prepare your part questions for the interview , z. B. the company before.Intelligent questions about the company and its environment can impress a human resources managers and might tip the scales in your favor.

Stay naturally in conversation

At the same time you have to be able to answer questions about yourself and your career immediately and without problems. Here you can introduce yourself and move in a good light. Stick with it but honest and true to yourself.

A classic in the interview: Where do you see yourself in five years?

The recruiter wants to know you well, which career goals you have and where you see yourself in a few years. Surely you are also asked about your strengths and weaknesses. Think about how the company can benefit from it. The strengths and weaknesses of an intense preparation pays off especially. Read here all the interview questions .

Topic wage in job interview

A part of the conversation always turns to the wage . Find out what is paid for the position in question today. Similarly, you also need to know your own market value.

Interview questions – strengths

The interview questions according to your strengths are at least as sensitive as the questions about the weaknesses. Concrete examples and what you should avoid.

Interview questions - strengths

Assign. Your strengths do not necessarily represent sporting success

The interview questions about the strengths, would estimate how do you rate yourself the recruiters. With an “I’m good at everything” you expose easily as an arrogant braggart. This question is not about to mention something. There must be a connection to the advertised positionarise.

Interview questions: What are the strengths?

Whoever simply enumerates: “Organization and communication”, does not work particularly credible. The best way to combine your talents equal with one practical example from your everyday working life. This affects not only vivid, but mainly relies.

organizational skills

“I can very well organized. This I proved during my last project with Asian customers. Actually, those cultural differences that communication barriers and time differences were a challenge that we mastered perfectly with the successful completion of the project.”


“At our last team event I was responsible for planning and booking our activities. In order not to commit myself to something that only some, or rather I enjoy, I have previously spoken with everyone. I got a sense of what everyone wants in would make the team.

We were ultimately boil all together and each found the evening succeeded. Our cooking event was ultimately a good team consensus. ” Especially with the team spirit you can additionally also refer to a sport that is only possible in a team , z. B. They play for eight years handball or volleyball or basketball etc. in the team.

There is no starches or weaknesses per se, which are easy to perform on the interview questions like this. Study the job description exactly and Derive from what in this job particularly valued. But beware: Do you sell any strengths that you do not have! Your employer can tell this by the latest in the trial period. Then you have nothing clever and start finding a job from the beginning.

The language test in interview

Many companies are looking specifically for employees with foreign languages in the repertoire. These are often put to the test.Not fibbing, but prepare is the motto.

How embarrassing: In your resume you have indicated that you are fluent in French. And even worse: You have indicated that your English “fluent” is. Now the recruiter enters the middle of the interview the language; And you are completely overwhelmed. This need not be.

not prevaricate in the Application

The first rule in languages and applications is this: Do not overdo it.Because it turns out that you have a fib when specifying your language skills, the rejection is almost inevitable. In our overview you will find information on how your language level best judge.

Preparation is the key to success

The language test in interviewThe second rule is: Preparing. Practice in advance to present your CV in English and French. This is best done with friends who you ask.

In preparation also means that you become aware that the recruiter can change from one moment to another language. Do not worry, though. If you in the application have not exaggerated, nor will they expect from you that you speak like a native.

Glossary should not be able

Also technical terms are hardly ever requested. The one can finally “on the job” learning. If you remember when practicing that you are missing something in the vocabulary, for example, the words overtime or training, you should still look up and learn.

practice classics

Prepare yourself on more standard questions in the foreign language before. Classic recruiters are about: “Describe yourself in English”. Or: “Explain in French, why we should choose you.”

Of course, you are not all possible questions one can prepare for one. But you will Feel much safer in the interview if you have practiced something. Therefore, you will also come across as sovereign.

Take a deep breath

The third and final rule: Take your time. In a foreign language they tangled faster than in the mother tongue. Breathe only a deep breath before answering a question. This particularly applies to the first question. No one expects you that the answer gushes directly from you also.

Job Interviews – What to Consider?

The first hurdle is now taken when you have received an invitation for an interview, this is a sign that you have successfully presented over your competitors with your application and the potential employer is very interested in your person.

In this day and age of mass unemployment and the huge number of applications for advertised posts the invitation to an interview is a great victory on the way to the coveted job. Now you should think ahead and the expectations of your person in a personal

Confirmed this week. But Envision also the fact that you are not the only one who has delivered a successful bid and scored an invitation for an interview.

With you probably a maximum of four to five more persons are invited for an interview. Thorough preparation for the interview is for you therefore of great importance, because you should not leave anything to chance or rely only on your charm.

Your competitors are determined to prepare well. The end of a job interview is not predictable, although an interview takes place very frequently in certain paths, but can take more interesting twists, with whom you have not previously counted.

Preparing for the interview

View intensively about the company. In principle it is possible to allow sending by post by a company information. Every major company now has its own website on which anyone can retrieve information about the company.

Here are annual, but also published the history or the latest press. The Internet is therefore a good source for obtaining information.

However, the real key and moving information out of employees already working for the company and you can therefore deliver operational climate and economic success, very good information for the interview.

The problem of course is that the applicant can rarely resort to such persons and thus on these crucial skills. Meet advance the right travel planning for the arrival to the interview. It is crucial that you be on time, even if you are innocent of a delay, this is a drawback for you.

If the arrival is very far, then the proper planning is even more important. Rely not on public transport or on your route. If you know the place really important, be better an hour before the appointment on the spot, perhaps even more.

Anyone who tells you that a time window of 15 minutes, at a sufficient distance traveled over 100 km, which has apparently not often sought an interview. Unforeseen complications are not uncommon, but very often. When you get a situation in so and still provide in time are your nerves probably already the first time been overused, what you will in any case to the detriment. For Directions So we recommend a very generous scheduling.

Know yourself well

To prepare for an interview, it is important that you rehearse the presentation of yourself talking in detail. In an interview you will be given the opportunity to take a position about you and your resume.

Your counterpart wants to come with you this week and test in this way your expression and your persuasion. Put therefore already at the prompt: “Could you tell me something about yourself.”, A list of important facts on.

Show your CV based on your strengths and qualifications for the advertised position. Make already a kind of presentation ready and practice the confident presentation a thoroughly.

Even the potential negative aspects about yourself or your resume may be asked questions. Again, it is important to stick to every detail and perhaps even to accentuate the positive in it.

The invitation to an interview carried out only on the basis of your application. The application is therefore so far been the only basis for collecting information for the personnel officer.

Perhaps you have due to your application folder already an idea what questions could be asked during the interview. therefore Analyze your application letter and the complete application to such questions. Maybe a / s can / r help friend / in or acquaintances here. An unclouded view sees probably more something.

The conversation – Who you sitting opposite?

Job Interviews - What to Consider?The situation of a job interview can be very different, it is determined by the respective companies. For large companies with more than 1000 employees, you can assume that probably three people participate with you in the conversation. These people are on staff and other department.

For medium-sized companies usually perform only one or two people a job interview. For small businesses into the company, the interviews by themselves alone. It can give you also happen that they are loaded together with other candidates at the same time for an interview.Herewith a direct comparison of candidates is made possible.

The call flow in the flow

The end of the job interview is often a specific breakdown subjected, which is characterized by certain points that can be classified as follows:

  • Welcome and introduction of persons
  • Week opening performance of the company
  • Presentation and presentation of the candidate
  • Questions for the candidates with respect to motivation, qualification, personal goals, expectations, family situation and salary
  • Applicant questions regarding the activity and the company.
  • call completion

This sequence is variable in its order, but you will find these points in any job interview.

Often you get before the end of the conversation an indication of the further course of the procedure. If this is not the case, you should now ask. Many interviews end even with the indication that the candidate will be recruited.

In these statements you can rely on, however, by no means. Legally you have only a right to employment if you have a written commitment. This need not be the employment contract. Everyone has probably already heard from a friend that this has given a commitment in the interview and was finally not set. These situations are relatively frequent.

Candidates can look forward only when they have signed an employment contract. Some companies invite but also to a second interview to clarify final details, so do not let that scare. Good luck for your interview!