Despite the difficult economic climate, there are currently a number of great career and job opportunities available for enterprising graduates. Most large employers realised the damage that cutting back on their talent pipeline did in previous downturns so, by and large, they have sought to ringfence their current graduate intake programmes.

Throughout this site you’ll find lots of helpful tools and resources to help you decide your future career direction such understanding the types of roles there are available and which organisations are hiring. You’ll also find lots of helpful ideas on how to beat the ‘weapons of mass rejection’ such as online applications, tests, assessment centres and interviews that many of the bigger, and oversubscribed, employers use to decide which graduates they will eventually offer roles to.

Many people spend more time planning their summer holiday than their future career. It’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make, so invest your time and efforts wisely. It’s never to early to start evaluating your options by researching the appropriate graduate career websites, employer career microsites and by visiting the various recruitment fairs being held nationwide and making friends with your University Careers Service. We hope you’ll find the website a valuable resource to help you get on that first rung of the career ladder.