Job Fair: make the right contacts

The initial contact at the job fair is almost like a little interview.Present yourself confident, friendly and above all interested!

Job Fair: make the right contactsA little nervousness is quite normal in this situation. Stroll through the exhibition stands and must approach confidently on the status of your request undertaking. Finally, you want to get in touch with your target employers and thereby make a good impression.

Almost a small interview

Every graduate is at the job fair at least as excited as you are, after all, is the first contact almost a small interview.

Conversational procedure

Walk confidently and friendly at booth staff of your desired company. Ask just before with your name and ask for your contact.


Basel, my name is John Doe. I am interested specifically for corporate communication in your company. Who would be there contact?

Vacations in corporate

It will convey to the competent interlocutor or give you information about this resource. Then, find out whether the company has ever vacancies in the department concerned.

act Congenial

In a conversation you could also reach the information can not be found on the website. For example, a site previously advertised only internally and recruiters find you likeable, he is happy to accept your application.

specific requirements

Should you have any specific area in mind: Ask for general requirements.Some corporate consultancies z. B. SAP experience is considered indispensable must-have. Other companies will inform you in detail about their trainee programs.

Which corporate culture do you prefer?

Take a look at the stand alone to and develop a sense of the corporate culture. Do you prefer the loose manners such. B. at Ikea? Or do you prefer the classic business style as consultancies and banks?

Entry into the desired sector

It is important: Are you clear about what business you want to start your career. Bring on the show in experience as the industry “ticking”, you talk to the people on the spot! Thus it will be easier later to provide an introduction to your desired industry.