Good educational qualifications. Top percentage in all subjects. Thorough knowledge on present day topics. But sometimes candidates with these qualifications fail to get jobs even after attending interviews. Very less aspirants think about where they went wrong? And what did they do to fail in the interview. This is because of the mistakes they do unknowingly during the interview. Here are some suggestions and explanations about the mistakes that are usually committed by the candidates and their defects.

Friends resume: Some aspirants don’t know what to write and how to write resume. Often they either take suggestions of their friends or just copy that of others. They simply change only the name, address, date of birth etc and ignore other points in their friend’s resume, not caring enough to check whether their friend’s (whose resume he/she is copying) qualifications are same as his. When the interviewer questions about their qualifications and skills mentioned in the resume, they will remain silent. Even there are instances where the candidates wondered whether they have mentioned all these in their resume. So don’t do copy and paste. Create your own resume based on your qualifications and skills.

Job Interview Tips: Be Yourself and Don’t Exaggerate Things

About the organization: Candidates often attend interviews without knowing about the organization. But this is most important that candidates must have prior knowledge about the organization or company they have applied and also about other companies in the same field. It is always better to have knowledge about the field in which the aspirants want to enter.

Good appearance: Don’t forget first impression is the best impression. Job aspirants should attend the interview neatly. Some will just go to the interview without proper dress, hair style, without a neat shave. Though there are no fixed dress sense rules, candidates should be neat in their dressing and physical appearance.

Job Interview Tips: Be Yourself and Don’t Exaggerate Things

No preparation: Candidates desperate to get any job go on applying spree for jobs without checking whether they are eligible for those or not. Even they don’t know the job title. When the interviewer asks about something, they will go pale. Some others don’t prepare earlier for the job interview.

Prolonging: Some candidates will take more time even to answer simple questions. They waste time in giving lengthy answers. The answer to any question should be crisp, to the point and at the same time informative.

Job Interview Tips: Be Yourself and Don’t Exaggerate Things

Lying: Do not exaggerate or lie about your previous experiences. This may lead you to trouble. Coming to hobbies, some candidates will answer book reading is their hobby and says last book they read about five or six years back. These people even don’t the meaning of hobby. The interviewer is smart enough to understand the candidates’ qualifications and other skills with a series of questions and their replies. So it is better to provide the correct information.

It is important to “Be yourself”. Failing to get a job doesn’t mean to add qualification which you don’t have and tell lies in the interview. This may lead you to face more troubles in the future career.